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Very nice design, congratulations, and good luck.


Hi, Thank you so much for your kindly comment infortis!

Nice theme Husyn :) good luck.

Thank you Rohith ;)

ooow great design congr…

first sale of the day get me :)

Thanks omrfrk.


I would like to ask if it is possible to have white background of the store (menus, pictures… etc) and then have a background image behind it as regular themes have? Right now all the menus and pictures are having the background pattern but I am looking for something like that: http://www.beauty-oc.any-themes.com/beautyshop2/index.php?route=product/category&path=18

As you can see the products and the menus are on white background and behind it is the background pattern which is usually some wallpaper.



Thank you for interested in my theme. Unfortunately it hasnt any option for change content background in admin module. But if you able with CSS modification I think you can change it from CSS files. If you have any more question please feel free to contact with me.


Comfortable atmosphere!

Thanks :)

Congrats hsynorg!

Thank you so much aldema!

g├╝zel tema kardes..emegine sagl?k..Allah iyi sat?slar versin.. :)

Cok tesekkurler, Allah razi olsun :)

Thank you so much!

Nice work, hsyn.
Good luck with sales :)

Thank you so much sheko! :)

Very nice, Congratulations Hsynorg, Good luck! Tiger

Thank you so much Tiger!

This looks like a great one. I am already configuring it on a client’s site. I was wondering how to activate the Maintenance page. Thank you so much.


Hi, thank you for purchasing my theme. You can set Maintenance mode from “Admin Panel>Extensions>Shoploop: Theme Options>Maintance Module (tab)”. Thanks.

Hi hsynorg! I like your theme and want to buy. I like the design, but as “bgfriend” said limited background option, 1) would you make some more available option for bg? 2) after zoom the product, I can not go to the next pic? ( I do understand auto slide in thump pic, but zoom picture also should have next option by click, what you say?) 3) side bar for cursor relatively less wide. would you make standard size? Thanks and regards

Hi nazmuljibs,

Thank you for interested in my theme. 1-) I’m working on make more options for admin panel, It will be available for next release. 2-) As my opinion its unneeded but we can do a little modification for it after purchasing for you. 3-) Did you mean cateogries? or sidebar size?

If you would like any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Merhaba Huseyin,

I have few questions regarding your good looking theme.

1 Is it possible to remove Search and Categories bar on the top right corner ?

2 I am willing to use Google Translate Plugin with your theme, do you think it will conflict with your Multi language setting ?

3 Instead of pink color, I will use different color. Can you provide me where exactly I have to make changes in CSS files?

4 I don’t need zoom at the product page, how hard does it to remove it?

Thanks, Jason Beattie

1) I am willing to add Google Translate Plugin, do you think if it might conflict with the multi-language set that you are using ?

2) How much does it easy to remove Search and Category Filter on the top right corner? If I do it, will it affect the responsive feature of your theme?

3) I would like to use different color than Pink. Can you provide me the lines that I need to change in CSS file if I buy your theme?

Hi, thank you for interested in my theme.

1-) I think, if you can add language files it will be better than google translate plugin. (you can find a lot of languages from opencart.com extensions page)

2-) I can help you for remove it.

3-) Sure, I will help you.

If you would like any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Hey hsynorg -

First off GREAT theme… I am loving it, might be one of the best i have seen for opencart…

But i do have a few questions…

  • Is it possible to reduce the image sizes for featured images and related products?
  • How did you get reviews to show up on products? I dont see it for the tabs, the review box on the right or above the add to cart button?
  • Also on the demo store i see that you have a tab for specification that is not showing up on my store where is that activated at?
  • On the check out there isnt an option to put in coupon code anywhere
  • How did you get the homepage to have the nice welcome box and the collapsible information on the right.
  • Lastly on the product page where did you activate the share and social icons?

Excellent theme thanks for the great work!

Hi travist6983, Thank you so much for your kindly comment and purchasing my theme.

  1. Yes its possible but you should change it from CSS file.
  2. If you set “Allow Reviews” as “Yes” from Admin Panel > System > Settings > Option Tab you will get too :)
  3. You should set “Attribute” for products from admin panel.
  4. You should enable it from Admin Panel > Extensions > Order Totals > Coupon.
  5. You can find it from Documentation (Welcome Module)
  6. If you set “Allow Reviews” as “Yes” from settings you will get it too :)

If you would like any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


a wonderful theme.

Thanks so much bora39!

First I want to thank you for the realization of this great Theme, recently purchased.

But I found a problem, after performing a clean install of opencart and installing the theme 1.5.4.x following the steps provided, I find that the redirect to product/category fails, showing mesaje “unexpected end of file…. category.tpl” how do I fix it. Thank you again.

Hi, thank you for purchasing my theme. Can you contact with me via contact form from my profile page and provide me your site link? Thanks

Hi ,

I am thinking about purchasing this design . One question : I would need to have it in spanish ; if I download a spanish package from www.opencart.com , will it automatically translate all the fixed phrases and words ?  thank you

Hi, Yes just you need download and install your language package. If you have any more question please feel free to contact with me.


Thanks for the reply hsynorg -

I have a few follow up questions though…

I don’t see a “log out” option after you have logged in?

Also why is that when i click some categories from the menu it opens the category on the left sidebar and some it doesn’t. Is it possible to default the sidebar to open for all categories?


Hi travist6983,

You can see “Logout” link on “My Account” page.

You should do some changes in “main.js” file and “category.tpl” file for show all categories auto.

If you would like any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks

Hi, This template - Cannot change background pattern in admin control. - Cannot change closed website in admin control. Please check your control

Hi, Thank you for your bug report. I’ll update theme as soon as possible, but can you contact with me via contact form from my profile page? So I will send you a patch for fix it. Thanks.