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Hi May I know the progress of the update, or if we can help you in debuging with a recent version of template or beta, which later can be updated.

Yes, almost done. Its final release date will be Monday, 21th October. I salute your patients.

Updated submitted.

I was wondering… In virtuemart the categories and products which have, say, 3 items in one row will not move to the row below when shrinking a browser or when browsing on a iphone. Is this on purpose? Or is this a bug, because it doesn’t seem to be responsive like this.
Thank you in advance
The rest of the template is neat and nice. Hopefully this can be fixed :)

In virtuemart the categories and products which have, say, 3 items in one row
Sorry, for late response. Can you please share the specific page url or screen shot.

Hi, sorry for my belated reply ;). I think it’s a css-thing, which I have to adjust myself. I have taken your site as an example: I’d like to make the categories shift down if the screen gets smaller. Do you guys know where I can adjust this? Thanks, for your wonderful template :)

Shopolo Updated (Version 1.2)

Hi I thank you for the work done in update the template is gorgeous. I would like information how can we create (in the version 3.1.x) the slide divided into three sections as we see in the preview presets? Thanks

Dear, can you please clear this issue in details.

Hi sorry my bad english, I mean when installed the quickstart zip the slider is just one and not divided like this screen

Please, see the demo : its for shopolo 2.5 not 3.1.x.

So, suggestion is if want like shopolo 2.5 you should follow the documentation. The slider comes by hippo kit module.

Hi Please need help to change some graphic stuff about shopolo template 3.1.x, 1- It is possible change color of the footer layout? I mean the background part only of the footer. 2- Is possible that the grid art slide ( the one down the 3 big images ) to be automatic moved and not just with the 2 botton arrow in the right ? 3- I tried to delete the module the one blue (gktabs1 -gktabs2) but seem to be some bugs also if delete or disactivate this module always appear, there is some way to delete or at last change this blue color with a other ? Thanks for all the help have a nice day.

1. For bottom the html selector is : #rt-bottom{ background: YOUR_COLOR; } for footer #rt-footer-surround{ background: YOUR_COLOR; }

2. I think you asked about SAMPLE SALE, CUSTOMIZE IT & BY ECO FRIENDLY grid. They are not slider, just css animation.

3. You can delete it easily or mail me your admin access. Now change the blue color from the follwing path (templates/th_shopolo/less/shopolo.less) line # 1130, 1148, 1158.

Please, use firebug to consume your time. 1. Youtube link. 2. Another on CSS Tricks

Hello. I can’t install the template. In the archives of the fast start, but I already have a website. As all install on it. Thank you.

Please share your error on installation and url to us. Support ticket: Thanks

I can’t top menu at position top implement because the button menu is … reflected vertically but not horizontally. what suffix apply?

Please open a ticket, our support team will help you

Hello, I can check the DEMO of the Shopolo on your website. Does purchased template (for 45$) include all sliders and modules that are presented on the demo? Like those underline under the link:

Sorry for posting this here, but there is no other contact info. Thanks in advance. Maciej

yes, all sliders and modules are included as like demo and after purchase you will got 5star support from us. thanks for chose us.

Hi morning, please clan help, have a problem with smartphone view the template and ecwid look bad, it is possible and how disable de mobile view of template ?

Hello there, Please Open a ticket in

Is it possible to add products to the cart directly from the home page? So from the home page the user has the option to select the product and add it directly to the cart or go to the product detail page and add it there if they wish.

Yes, please hover on product, there two icon is appear 1st one for product details and 2nd one for direct add to card.


Dear themehippo, I really like your template Shopolo and I would like to buy it for my website but, I will need to know if is it compatible with Virtuemart 2.6.

Thank-you Silvano

ok, thank you very for your answer, probably I will buy it. We decide to downgrade the VM 2.6 in Virtuemart 2.0.14. Thanks

Hi, when I played with the demo site of Shopolo, I notice that the Ecwid bag icon disappears when you leave the store pages. For example, say I am shopping, add some products to the bag, then go to another section of the site like the blog. If I want to open my bag to checkout, it’s no longer available. Are you aware of this?

We will check it :)

Purchased the template, looks awesome! I am stuck at two things, how to change homepage title (it shows Hoppo Shopolo) and how to install it as a theme (not quick start), as I already have a live website

You can change it from menu title, First iinstall qs on your local pc.

Install fresh joomla and template only on another location on your pc.

Configure your theme like QS theme settings on which part you need.

Thanks, page title is changed. But sorry for my inability to understand the second part, is there any documentation on installing this just as a theme?

For any help ask support to



tanoah Purchased

hi I contacted through your support ticket portal for the free installation a couple days ago, but I have not gotten a response. I’ve tried several ways to install, and i get errors every time. I would rather take advantage of the free installation. Please respond.


tanoah Purchased

Thank you, i have. please respond


tanoah Purchased

I did not get any assistance with installation, but I was able to install the template. I am now having problems with getting the product detail pages to display using virtuemart. I am on the latest version of VM and Joomla. This template is ready to be used by virtuemart, right?

For any help ask support to