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When are you going to provide all your customers with an update to fix the many bugs? If you don’t intend on providing regular updates (like you did a couple of years ago) then please remove the theme from Envato, this will save many people headaches. :tired:

Hello, I’ve got a notification like this; “Your theme has bundled outdated copies of WooCommerce template files. “

Do you have any idea ?

Any news ?

venedor/woocommerce/myaccount/my-orders.php version 2.2.0 is out of date. The core version is 2.3.10,

Hi Viewzusa,

You’ve posted to wrong theme comments section. Our Shopper is Magento theme and you got an error from WordPress.

Kind regards.

Oops…my mistake, i pose wrong comment …sorry : )


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Dont bother buying this theme. The developer is not interesting in updating it.

HI, we have some troubles with sharing an URL on Facebook. The website is using your template but when we paste the Url on the Facebook Timeline we have this message : “Free coming soon template with jQuery countdown” Can you help us ?

Dear AUTHOR who is the best software for large size shopping website ? Magento ,woo commerce, opencart

Hello, do you have instructions on how to install this theme to Magento 1.9.1?

The guide that is included with the download looks confusing because it is made for all the versions.

I just installed a fresh copy of Magento with new database. I’m on bluehost and I used “1 click install”. The site works perfectly, just need to add the theme.

The download included following files:

Documentation patch_1_8 patch_1_8_1 patch_1_9 Psd Theme quick_start_package_v1_5_4_1

What do I have to do with patch files? Do I need to use just patch_1_9 ? What files have to uploaded to website root ?


Thank you about to buy this theme – nice looking but its stopped me and its not update after 2013- Thats very bad -Evnto should block the sale – at least

The Best Theme… but missing updates!

Hi, any news about updates for Shopper theme? There are a lot of bugs (graphics, automatic basket mail, payment, etc.) with last Magento updates. Is something coming?

Hello mktgPOLO ,

Please, register and post details regarding bugs you are faced with, so we will be able to check and fix them in case they are related to our theme and not to extensions you use or customizations you made: http://help.queldorei.com/categories/shopper-magento-theme-responsive-retina-ready

Also we are currently working on a new theme update.

Kind Regards

Waiting for updates, I’m pretty sure the frameworks / code they used have had security / bug / updates since Nov 2014 and since every other theme I use for magento has had them. Being one of the highest magento themes of all time shouldn’t they at least schedule some hours every month for updates?

Features were added in like support for configurable product swatches and they added updates and new features to I know it’s still not compatible with some of the most popular plugins when it comes to the admin side.

Hopefully they snap back or sell it to a studio that does maintenance on their themes.

Hi, thanks for the amazing template! I have some questions:

1. Has the theme been developed using a CSS preprocessor like LESS or (better) SASS? (It means that sources are available, otherwise it is worse rather than better)

2. The Frontend scripts have been developed using modern libraries or frameworks? (Angular, Backbone, React etc.)

3. Are the assets compiled by a task runner as Grunt or Gulp?

4. Is the template divided according to the BEM Convention?

Thanks in advance for your kind reply.

Regards, Stefano


we are experiencing some bugs with your Shopper Theme:

- stock errors (stock ok in CMS, totally wrong in frontend); - automatic abandoned cart emails don’t work with Mandrill; - the purchase of configurable products often stops at the payment gate; - email order confirmations sometimes arrive only if the payment is made through paypal

When will you release the update? Thank you!

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Hello, how can I put the Share Buttons on the Product Pages like in the demo? I can’t find in the documentation any information to this topic. Best regards Nicolaj


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Hello, my Sign up page does not working. I’m not using any register module, only the magento itself. look at www.vicdias.com.br

Hello we purchased this theme on a different account. We get this message when we click the checkout link after adding a product to the cart. “The simple checkout is disabled.” How do we enable that? Thanks!


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Hello, i will uninstall The Template. Do you have a Documentation?

Hello how are you ?

I wonder if the theme supports the translation. Would I like to translate it to another language.

Thank you, I’ll wait.

I have a question about the buttons (compare, search and shopping cart) next to the menu in the header. Is it possible to align them more to the left? When I translate “BAG (0)” to my own language, the word goes out of view because it’s longer than the word “BAG” and doesn’t fit anymore. Can’t find anywhere to edit it. Can you give me some help please to make it fit? :-)