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I feel like they released new version (2.0) of this theme in rush. download package is misssing sliders as shown in demo of the product. even if u follow 100% installation instructions, there is no bloody way to get it same as shown in demo. if you do any changes in theme , for example in homepage, then blocks will show up on places where they shouldn’t. maybe it has bugs . support is ridiculous. i sent them email because i wanted sliders demo data which is not included in download package and after 5 days i haven’t heard anything except auto replies. i do not recommend buying this product due to lack of support and bugs which show up without any reason.

Hi jibrailkhan,

Our theme comes with quick start package which is complete copy of our preview. If you install clean theme ity only comes with basic content. There are no bugs you just need to understand the structure. I’m sorry to hear that yuo are dissapoined with our support. I will check what support team replied to you.

Your team replied to me today after 7 days when i was about to lodge my moneyback claim . I’ll disagree with the idea that clean theme only has basic content. And as far as documentation is concerned, you have focused on creating a child theme in half of the documentation. Who the heck is so skilled to do all that ? If people were so skilled then they had not bought your theme but modified and created own theme from magento base theme . You didn’t mention a single word about block permissions in documentation while you do know that theme can not work if blocks are not allowed. Your problem in documentation is that you have written it for developers and not for end users .

Hi jibrailkhan,

I’ve checked your posts and emails and there are really was a delay and I apologise for it. However the delay was 5 days with 2 weekends, so it is 3 working days. This happen because our support staff was confused with your post and email because they had different issues. You’ve asked for sideshow but then described problem with product sliders so it get in the loop. But of course it is our problem that support staff did not asked you to clarify the issue. Please try to be more informative in your posts so we can understand the problem right away. And after all your product sliders doesn’t show anything, because you don’t have any products. With all respect, but seriously, how do you expect it to work?

Regarding clean theme, you have a choice. If you want to have full content, same as on preview, then you can install quick start package. Not everyone need it, that is why there are clean theme and quick start package.

Yes exactly, we focus on creating child themes. Because if you want to edit theme files, then you should be skilled enough to place them in a separate folder, this is all what required to make a child theme. Copy files to a specific location instead of editing original theme files. If you are not familiar with Magento, then you should not modify any files, unless you want to have issues on our store. Simply hire a developer to help you setup and maintain your store. Even if people are skilled enough to make this theme, it will take at least a several months of work for a few persons and you get it for $89. I guess it is a good deal, isn’t it? Try to order a custom Magento theme to see the difference.

Yes, we do not mention anything about Magento in our theme documentation. It is theme documentation and has only theme related information. Block permissions is Magento new security feature, presented in version You can learn Magento basics in Magento official documentation, all useful links are presented at the top of our documentation. http://merch.docs.magento.com/ce/user_guide/Magento_Community_Edition_User_Guide.html

Please note, that Magento is one of the most complicated CMS and requires some specific knowledge. What I see right know is that you are blaming our theme for Magento functionality. And I feel really sad about it :( I hope that you’ll find out the difference between Magento default functionality and our theme and will see how much effort we have put in our theme.

Warmest wishes for a happy holiday season! Queldorei Team.

Hi, I have a big problem whan i want to add produt in cart : “Requested JSON parse failed” magento version is and the template is the last version. Can you help me to find an issue please ?

Hello LesImageurs,

Our staff has replied you via forum: http://help.queldorei.com/discussion/6022/add-to-cart-json-error#Item_11

Kind Regards

Thank you but this not solve my problem :-(

Nobody helps me find a solution to my problem. Even on the forum. It’s sad

We have upgraded theme to v2.1.2 and it’s broken into Mobile Menu. It doesnt show Menu Lables with + / – for dropdown.

Any fixes for this?

Hello hardik18882,

Our staff has replied you via the forum: http://help.queldorei.com/discussion/6027/mobile-menu-broken-after-update-to-v2-1-2#Item_2


Hi, I’ve installed the quick start package, which installed fine, but it is Magento version 1.9. Can you tell me where the quick start package for Magento 2 is please?

Hello fertilefrog,

Please, register and check this thread at our help forum: http://help.queldorei.com/discussion/6031/magento-2-compatible#Item_2

Kind Regards

Theme support with magento 2?

Hi dtscrip,

No it is not.

Hello, will this theme support Magento 2?

Hi printfast_cl,

Can’t say yet. Maybe in future.

Dear support,

I tried to upgrade to magento but had many problems. So I deleted my Magento and did a brand new Magento installation using Softaculus. I followed documentation and copied file and folder in magento root folder.

After that i get the following error: Error in file: ”/home/website/public_html/app/code/local/Queldorei/ShopperSettings/sql/shoppersettings_setup/mysql4-upgrade-1.5.3-1.6.0.php” – SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘tastshir_mage649.permission_block’ doesn’t exist, query was: select * from `permission_block` where `block_name`=’cms/block’

I tried to remove again and reinstall magento and upload again themes files… getting always same error.

What shell i try to do?


Hi 2messeservice,

Make sure that Magento version is Double check that you have copied all files.

Check this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyLjnfpOkrs

Please post a topic on our help forum and describe in more details your installation process and when you get the error. Have you tried to add cms/block to permission?


Hi, I liked your theme and would like to buy it but I have a couple of questions. I would be using Magento for the first time after buying your theme. So pl;ease consider me a complete newbie. Here are my questions:

Does your theme has - 1. Shipping system according to pincodes/ zip codes to calculate the shipping charge automatically. 2. The product vanishes from the display once it’s sold out or the quantity is 0. 3. We provide multiple offers to our client – How can we achieve the following Buy 2 T-shirts and get 3rd with $30 off Buy pants and get a belt $15 off Buy a coat and get a hat with the 30% discount Add a pair of jeans to the cart and choose any belt you like just for the fixed price of 25$ Buy 2 shirts and get any tie for just $10 Category tier pricing: buy one for 100, two for 90 each! Get any 4 items from category “Accessory” for 50$ Get each 3-rd cheapest (or most expensive) item with 20% discount Get 10% off two most expensive products Buy 3 and get 1 cheapest (or most expensive) free, get 6 and get 2 cheapest (or most expensive) free All contact lens (bags, shirts, etc) for $10 Buy 2 books and get the 3rd one for free (or for 40%, 50% etc. off) Get $5 discount from each $500 spent’

4. Multiple currency support especially INR with its symbol.

Please respond asap so that I can make a purchase. Thanks.

Hi bravuragraphics,

Sorry for the late answer.

What you are asking is a default Magento features. I suggest you to learn more about Magento CMS before choosing the theme, because themes does not affect such functionality as billing or shipping. Themes are mostly responsible for the appearance of the website. https://info2.magento.com/rs/magentoenterprise/images/Magento%20Full%20Features%20List%20052714.pdf 1. Magento comes with various shipping methods by default including UPS/USPS, FedEx or DHL, etc. http://www.fastcomet.com/tutorials/magento/configure-shipping-methods http://my.kualo.com/knowledgebase/?kbcat=0&article=519

2. It is default option “Display out of stock products”

3. It is default functionality, you can setup various rules for shopping cart. I suggest you to install magento CMS and explore its admin panel. http://sherodesigns.com/magento-how-to-apply-shopping-cartcheckout-discounts/

4. It is default functionality. Magento is a very powerful CMS and of course it is support various currencies and languages.

For further assistance please use our help forum http://help.queldorei.com/

Hi, please help me , i install it , when i uploaded image, it not show in back end , end show text : “Image type and information need to be specified for each store view” , i dont know how to fix it , please

Hi ledung901,

This is not theme related question, try to google your problem.

What I can suggest:

1. First off all make sure that you have flash installed https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html 2. Check permissions http://devdocs.magento.com/guides/m1x/install/installer-privileges_after.html

3. Test it on a clean installation without any 3rd party extensions.

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19690402/magento-1-7-0-2-image-type-and-information-need-to-be-specified-for-each-store http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3512624/magento-image-type-and-information-need-to-be-specified-for-each-store-view For further assistance please use our help forum http://help.queldorei.com/

Hi, I am freelancer on studio.Envato.

One of my clients has purchased this Theme. I found a few bugs while working on this Theme. I can send you the details.

One thing I can’t figure out still is the Prev/Next on product pages. It does not show up.

see for example here: http://www.e-cix.com/index.php/liquid/liquids-243.html

It is turned on from the backend settings.

There was another issue with overlapping Sidebar on the Main content area on the Frontpage. I fixed that myself. There was also an error in the CSS.

Please advise how to fix the prev/next issue.