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Hi Queldorei,

I was interested in buying the theme but had one doubt.

Will I be able to add the slideshow on the CMS/Category pages also?

Streeme Purchased

Awesome graphic design, probably one of the best. Awful support, probably one of the worst.

No support since July 2014, no updates since May 2014. 4K+ customers don’t get info on anything such as technical, company programs, bug fix, new features, supporting the latest Magento version and so on.

I’m sorry to state that I won’t recommend this theme, unwillingly.

Hello, Can I make any of your shop themes multi vendor? Thank you Olga

gondu Purchased

No more new updates :crying:

sml12 Purchased

Can this theme be reported to Envato?

Hi, Could you please provide me an example of product with options using this template? I am looking for: Size & Color for dressing. Also I wonder if it can show product availability per color&size combination like this one does. And if its possible to load different product pictures for different Color option Thanks


does your theme include all the demo products as well and how do you import them once i have installed your theme.

once i install your theme i want it to look exactly the same, some themes are missing images and its hard to see how things would look and work



Hi keenfisher007,

Our theme comes with quick start package, it is a copy of our preview. We do not sell images so they are blurred.

I had purchased this theme back in Feb 2013. How to get an updated version of it.


Hi subhie,

Log in with account used for purchase and simply download it again from downloads page. http://themeforest.net/downloads


The download link is not appearing in the section.They have removed it. I purchased it earlier.


Hi Subhie,

You need to contact Envato support about your issue.

Kind regards.

palhaca Purchased

upgraded to magento 1.9.1 now the theme is working very bad!!!!! update please!!!


Hi palhaca,

There is no issue with the theme on 1.9.1. It only doesn’t have configurable swatches, that’s all. Make sure that you have made upgrade correctly. You can provide more information on our help forum. http://help.queldorei.com/

Ajax price slider wont let any other extensions which has some elements on category pages to appear in category pages. for example it conflicts with “Subcategories Grid/List” extension and when Ajax price slider is disabled it works fine and when price slider is enabled it wont shown on frontend.


Hi fathi-mohsen,

Of course it will conflict if they override the same file. WILL MY EXTENSION WORK WITH YOUR THEME?