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We have also the same problem with the twitter plugin : There was an error connecting to your Twitter account



The slideshow is showing up on home page as well as other cms pages. In configuration, i have chosen to show slideshow only on home page. Can you please help me with this ?


I have recently purchased your theme and I am trying to change the color of price font and circle from shopper theme settings. However, the changes do not show up. I checked your FAQ’s and it says- http://queldorei.com/faq.html#features_7 I followed these steps however options.css.php was already in root folder. also the step shown against that step was already correct. When I tried to edit app/design/frontend/default/shopper/template/page/html/head.phtml I couldn’t find the relevant code to be edited. Can you please help me?

Thanks and Regards, LRK

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Which files updates the twitter plugin only?

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when is the next new release??

I like your theme! Just a question: is it possible to sign with facebook? Do you think a could use some magento module manteining the design coherent?

Hello i,have purchased the theme..i ‘ve a problem with traduction on line , is impossible translate BAG (for the checkout in header) because the icon hide the button for traduction..also in other places is the same, can you help me?

Is this theme compatible with the latest Magento Community Edition v1.8.0.0 ?


Hi St80m,

Latest theme version support magento 1.8

Kind regards.

Getting an error with brands on your new version. I’ve posted on your support forum.


Hi Sliilvia,

You question answered on our help forum.


when this theme can support the magento 1.8?



Hi yangxuehai,

Latest theme version support magento 1.8 It was release few days ago.

Kind regards.

One question. Judging with your design expertise do you think this theme could fit for a food/beverage website?


Hi Queldorei, I purchased your theme and would like to use your forum for advices, but I lost my purchase code. Could you please, be so kind to help me with this. I hope, you can check my account about my purchase or to contact the site administration to check on my account. I did, but no answer, unfortunately. I hope, they will send me answer, but maybe you can help me faster. Regards Elena

How do I change the theme color to match the one used in the preview? (ie. is there a separate css etc?)



Since support is slow – I just went ahead and debug the color of the preview and changed it locally via the system settings manually.


Hi nextpulse

Please check documentation once more.

It is very important for an image to have these 3 parameters. Width and height should be equal to dimensions of an image for regular screens. Class=”retina” define that this image should be reloaded for retina When you upload a new logo you will need to upload 2 images in admin your_logo.png – normal size image for regular screens your_logo_2x.png – double size image for retina screens Please note that a retina image has a different file name – your_logo_2x – you should add this to original image name

Would you consider a Prestashop version of this great theme?

Found an issue that suggest the theme is not retina ready?

In the doc:

Select block with Identifier = shopper_logo. In content text area you will see a code similar to this one….There are 3 important parameters to support retina screens. 1. Width & Height 2. class=”retina”

But the actual content/system is missing the retina field and Width and Height ““

Please check my site http://www.agatha.co.nz/ (use your shopper theme) I would like to use Menu Creator Pro to manage the navigation, is it compatible with your theme? did any one test it?


Hi ntloi088,

Please check our FAQ regarding 3rd-party extensions – http://queldorei.com/faq.html#extensions_1

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Hi scgdev,

List of updated files and patch files can be found on our help forum – http://help.queldorei.com/discussion/3473/version-1-5-3-has-been-released


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