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See – Try – Buy :) Thanks for nice template

:) Gud luck with sales

Nice work ! )

Thank you guys :-)


Not currently but it works great in in, and

Can you give me access to your admin to see with what module the theme come? I want to buy it

Yes sure admin URL is : http://themeweaverz.com/preview/opencart/shoppers/admin/ User: demo Password : demo

You have access for Shoppers Theme Options and Itabs Module

Hi I can not access the Shoppers Theme Options You do not have permission to access this page, please refer to your system administrator.


Sorry for that, I have gave the permission. Now you can access to the Shoppers Theme Options Module.

Hello. I wanna buy your theme but i have a big problem.

Can you make the category menu to support 3 subcategories?

main>sub1>sub2>sub3 ?

If u can do that please tell me so i can buy it!



Hi, I can make 2 subcategories


for 3 subcategories you can buy opencart module. I found this module from opencart website



If u can make main>sub1>sub2 ! it is perfect, tell me when the new version with main>sub1>sub2 is ready so i can see it and buy it. I really need it as fast as possible! Thanks!


Hii, i will work on it today and will let you know when its done.. Thanks

Good Job Done !! Really interested in buying your theme, i need search by price range and search by attributes both. can u help ? either you can charge extra for that or help me get the module that goes well with your theme.


Hii Sarvesh Gupta,

Thank you for your interest. If you buy this theme, surely i can help you in integrating the price range and search by attribute module. Thanks

Thank you very much my friend. I am waiting. :)

Nice theme!!!! i have some question is this theme follows Opencart rules as i am using shoppica and i have lots of problem with third party mod not working with Shoppica like one is quick view and its nice that its built in with that. if you help me to build some extra like product page some modification etc. i will definitely buy this theme and BTW when your pop up log in click on register it should load the register page not to reload a fresh page. Thanks



I have not make much changes in core files of opencart so you will not face trouble in installing the third party modules. I will definitely help you in modifying theme if you buy this theme.



Thanks for your quick reply hopefully tomorrow ill buy this theme. your support and reply seams gr8.

Thanks again

Purchased !!

hello i have purchased this theme. but having problem to add featured products? please tell me how to products in featured ? http://www.crorepati.pk/v2

hello i am waiting for you response thanks

No Support ? i am waiting since 2 days


Hii, 3 days back i have already sent you an email to add featured products

Login to admin panel, fo to Extensions > Modules

Find Features and then click on Edit You will see Products:(Autocomplete)

Look nice!!

Just wondering if there’s zoom feature built-in?

Thanks, Andrew

Quick View? gives me errors? How to contact you id help is needed? Thanks


Hi, please send screenshot of error that you are getting on my email address : contact@webweaverz.in


thejan Purchased

Excellent job! very supportive. I would highly recommend this guys!!