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I cant login support either!

What is going on with support, I have emailed 3 times on the UFOthemes website, no response, and there is clearly NO response here!

Hellllooooooooooooo UFO, are you there at all??

Thought I would just ask anyone who looks at this page… :)

Does anyone know how I can disable that feature where you hover over featured images and it changes to say the back of a jacket…..


I was goig to buy this theme again since I was so in love with it, but I see the support is still shitty, so Ill pass and go somewhere else! ^^


I am interested in this theme but would like to find out if it will suit my purpose. I am working a project to manage digital products (flipbook for newspapers) and would like to display thumbnails in catalog form (grid style) in the front page. This thumbnail should be sortable by category and date. Click on the thumbnail will redirect to that particular product page. Meanwhile, I do not intend to attach price to each product because access to them will be based on monthly subscription.

1. Can your theme suit my requirement?

2. Which subscription / membership management plugin can work with theme?

Thank you.

Hello, I have just bought this theme but am having couple of issues to resolve:

1. How do I remove comment field from the home page? 2. How do I activate shortcodes? For instance, I wanted to put social icons on the top menu. 3. How do I remove page title from homepage? For instance, “Home” is showing in the homepage. 4. Do you have any sample xml file for the sliders?

Thank you.

iBone Purchased

:crying: No support! Themes not working!

neonskies Purchased

Does this theme still receive support at all? Interested in a purchase but after the revolution slider issue I’d like to see that the developers are still active and answer support queries first…


Yes, but do not provide support here. You can access our support system at: http://support.ufothemes.com. Please register here first: http://ufothemes.com/register-for-support-fd/