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Hi, I upgraded shopsy yesterday since I had updated to Woocommerce 2.3.5 I still have issues with the layout, the sections on the right like top rated products appear below the product description and the tabs for reviews and comments do not work right, they appear below the product description.


Sorry, where did you send it? haven´t received a PM or a reply in the comments, thanks


I just replied to your email address. Maybe it was filtered to junk mail? It basically said to upgrade the theme to v1.8.1 to fix the forms. The sidebar issue is caused by an extra tag somewhere – maybe in the content on that page. I would need to login to know more. You can post to the support forum. http://pixelgrapes.com/support/forums


The upgrade to 1.8.1 was done already, thanks. I have identified that if you add a category to a product then the widgets of the sidebar appear below the product description. Also if you use the theme´s template system into the product´s description by adding for instance [template id=”679”] in the product´s text description, then the tabs for asking or reviewing will mess up the page. Can this be fixed?

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Hi, recently i find bug – main shop page doesn`t load properly. Could you fix it ? removing folder woocommerce/loop partially solve the problem.


Hi. You should’t remove any files/folders. Can you post in the support forum and include a link. http://pixelgrapes.com/support/forums

Hi friend.

how can i change the size of the header image. you know the one that scrools down with u .

Its not the picture size who is wrong but the header size.


You can increase the padding by adding this to the bottom of style .css:

.parallax div.box {padding:70px 0;}

Increase the number 70 as needed.


Thanks alot.

Question #1: I love the format of this theme but when I use the search widget, I do not like the way the results are formatted. It currently pops up as a single column of very large photos.

Is there a way to format the search page to look like the rest of the theme?

ie: This is what you see when you search for “pink” on my site: http://puparazzipets.com/?s=pink

Question #1: The title on category pages even when you provide an image has a dark filter over the top. Is it possible to remove this as the feel of my setup is much brighter in general?



1 – That looks like your own customized search field? The search widget returns products in the proper format. If you search a term like ‘test’ in the footer search on the demo you will see an example.

2 – You can edit css/style.php. Remove the ‘radial-gradient’ from .bgimage


I used the generic search widget, I just used a plugin to place it on the nav menu as well as the sidebar. Works the same giving me large single row of images with or without the plugin. Any thoughts?


Ahhh. Found it, I had used the ‘search’ not the ‘woocommerce search’. All taken care of. Thanks!

hi i send u an email.

dont know if you helped me or i did it by it self but its working now.

either way thanks.

hi again.

u help me early last week with the header size

can u tell me how to remove the dark filter thats over the image. i hope u know what i mean. its like theres a darker layer untop of the header??


Under .bgimage theres 4 radial-gradient? If i remove them all my header image is gone?

Is there a way to make the header image auto rezise so its fits all screen resolution?

i mean if im on my laptob vs my 24* screen. the header should auto rezise.


The header image should auto rezise*


NVM Delete this.


A couple of questions about this theme if I may:

1. Is it possible to resize/reshape the main slider? 2. Is the product grid on the main page randomized? Which products does it display by default? Random, latest, featured, all? 3. How customizable is the theme overall? A good fit for any regular store or a specific type?

Thank you.


Hi. 1- Yes. 2- Same order as listed/entered in admin. 3- Any type of store. Because of the ajax sorting, I wouldn’t recommend it if you have thousands of products. – Cheers

goodnight, I updated the theme and when I test buy any items, buying is left wondering and hence fails, ud could help me please my page is www.comprasdobleclic.com


It looks like it works fine until the payment page when it tries to switch to https. Try disabling zopim on the payment page. Also, you can try disabling the Payu payment option temporarily to see if there is a problem there.


And disable two plugins you said but still the same page, what should I do to make it working again?

hello… back again. how do I get pagination for products view and category view?


I’m using shop-block



You would need to go into admin/page-builder/blocks/shop-block.php and change this line:

‘posts_per_page’ => 100,

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Hi, check this: http://pixelgrapes.com/demo/shopsy/?s=dolor+ there is which is no neeeded if post thumbnail is set.


I haven’t been able to reproduce that – even when searching the same term. I’ll test it some more.

Hi,Does the theme support the plugin Aqua Page Builder ?Why doesn’t v1.7 theme work with them plugin ? Do you fixed it in the lastest theme version?


Hi. Download theme version 1.8.2 It has been updated for WooCommerce 2.3 + Let me know if that fixes your issue.

I’m running the latest version of Shopsy with Woocommerce 2.3.7 and having the exact same problem as mauriciocordova. If a product has NO categories, the product information displays well and the sidebar sits in the correct position to the right.

If you add a category to the product, the nesting of the DIVs breaks and the sidebar appears inside the product box, below the product information.

Has there been a fix for this yet? It’s a showstopper as far as I’m concerned.

Eg of sidebar under the listing: http://popbot.com.au/?product=adventure-time-jmo-pop-vinyl-figure

Eg of product without category with sidebar displaying correctly: http://popbot.com.au/?product=adventure-time-jmo-pop-vinyl-figure-copy

Note: if I add tags to the second item listed above it adds a “related products” section below the product listing, and this also breaks the sidebar forcing it underneath.


Sorry, for the delay on this one. In the demo there are many products with categories. Do you have more products to add? I think the issue may resolve once ‘related items’ are displayed below products.


Multiple related products removes the issue, but I guess it comes down to whether we want related products showing up where a product may have none? Might have to live with it.


WooCommerce shows the related products based on products that share categories and/or tags. So if a product has categories or tags it should display related items. If you come across an instance where it is a problem let us know.

We will look at including an additional fix for this in the next theme update.

Hi, I’m Aslam Hasib, my profile: https://studio.envato.com/users/AslamHasib

One of my client bought your theme. In case of sort product option, how can I show “Top Rated” instead of “Top Liked” Screenshot: http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/156296/793e29404e7eacc9cd364a69b5b02df8

Also, when top liked product will be shown, because at preset it’s showing no products.


In ajax.php you can change the top liked section to product loop for top selling using these args:

'post_type' => 'product',
'meta_key' => 'total_sales',
'orderby' => 'meta_value_num'

This is the only report of the top-liked not working. It’s difficult to say why – there could be a conflict or something with the setup.


Hi, Thanks for your great help, can you please tell me, How can I show only 50 products on home page or shop page?


If you go to admin/page-builder/blocks/shop-block.php you can adjust this line:

'posts_per_page' => 100,
hello , This is my support question , please help me as fast as u can http://pixelgrapes.com/support/forums/topic/i-need-some-customization/

Hi I am having issues with the reviews section no one can leave reviews on products. Can you assist what is wrong.


The tabs script isn’t working. There could be a conflict. Try disabling any extra plugins to see if it resolves the issue.

Pre sale question:

1. Can we have multiple layer category filter? Meaning I can select a location and a category at the same time?

2. Does it have a portfolio function/page? If not i would assume i have to add on plugin for that?

3. Has this been tested with any multi vendor plugins like dokan?

4. Can the blog be masonry style as well?



Hi. The multiple layer filter only works on archive pages. This theme uses a full width shop page. So the widget can only be placed in the footer. A portfolio plugin would be required. Sorry, it has not been tested with Dokan. No masonry blog layout, although masonry is used for the shop pages so it would be an easy customization. – Cheers