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Great Style, neat touches. just straight to the point. :D

Thank you JOGJAfile for the compliment :)

Thank you Gluckxxx :)

Thank you hsynorg :)

Your theme looks really perfect. Let me ask if your theme overwrite any file from the original opencart instalation or it is only add-on (new folder). I am asking because want to use your template for the multistore and any file should not affect my other stores.

Thanks a lot for your reply and hope to buy the template soon :)

Thanks david! But yes it does overwrite some original files. Because it needs some modifications for the features like product autocomplete, cloudzoom etc.

I’ll list out the files, if you have modified them, i’m sorry. But if those files are not modified by you. it’s perfectly fine to replace them as long as you choose the correct version of the opencart theme. And as you are updating, make sure you have a backup of everything though it’s well tested, you can’t take chances :)

Here’s the list of files that’ll will be replaced: /catalog/controller/common/header.php /catalog/controller/module/slideshow.php /catalog/controller/product/product.php

All the best :)

Hi David, We just wanted to notify you that we’ve made the changes to avoid replacing core files while installing Shopzone. You can now install Shopzone without replacing any of your original files. Thank you for suggesting :D

Is it possible that you also include the Layered PSD files?

Thanks! :) The PSD’s would definitely help. We’re now in a design fase for a theme for one of our clients and we think we’re going to use your theme as base. Great work!

Hi volaris, a layered PSD is now included in the package. Hope that helps. And i’m glad that you like Shopzone. Thanks! :)

Thank you! Just purchased! :)

Hi there, love the theme and the flexibility of it. I’ll be fairly new to using OpenCart, so excuse me if I ask a stupid question. In playing around with the original theme, I’ve used VQMod to add some basic features. Can you confirm this will not interfere with this?

(as an aside, main functions I used were CSV Import/Export, add information page to top nav & twitter feed)

Thanks in advance, Dan

Hi Dan,

We’re glad that you like Shopzone :). As for your question, it won’t interfere with the VQMod but we don’t think our theme will be able to display the changes made using VQMod scripts. But as long as the scripts are for Admin eg. CSV export/import, they will work fine.

If you can wait for few days (probably 2-3 days) We have Custom menu + twitter feed + facebook like box in our next update. Hope that it will do the job :)

With best regards, MyColorPencils Team

Look forward to seeing the changes & hopefully be purchasing very soon!!!!

Hi Dan, We have an update. Check it out :)

I just had a quick question, I want to disable some of the social icons I selected but when I un-check the box and click save the icons still remain. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi StaceNicolle, We have just updated the files. Can you please download it again? and update the following files or replace everything with new one. Hope it works :)

/admin/view/template/module/shopzone.tpl /admin/view/template/module/shopzone_box.tpl /admin/controller/module/shopzone_box.php /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/stylesheet/flexslider.css /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/stylesheet/stylesheet-responsive.css /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/stylesheet/stylesheet.css /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/image/glyphicons_020_home.png /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/image/glyphicons_410_facebook.png /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/image/glyphicons_411_twitter.png /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/common/header.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/product/product.tpl /catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/module/shopzone_box.tpl

Ok thanks ill give it a try and let you know if it works!

worked perfect thanks! and I love the new facebook / twitter boxes great theme!

Hi I have one more question lol. I noticed you added a custom menu option now how does that work? right now it just says NOTICE: UNDEFINED INDEX: SORT_ORDER IN /HOME/APOPE/PUBLIC_HTML/CATALOG/VIEW/THEME/SHOPZONE/TEMPLATE/COMMON/HEADER.TPL ON LINE 468 when I try to do anything .. I would like to add one static page in my top menu next to the shop pages is that something I will be able to do with this new feature if I can figure it out??

You’re always welcome. It’s just that ShopZone is evolving. We’d be glad if you could rate Shopzone. Actually, we’re asking you for a favor. :)

already rated I couldn’t figure out how to do it until today lol 5 stars!

Hi! My slideshow stopped working. I deleted all banners in the slideshow module except one because I didn’t want more than one slide in my slideshow. But now I need more slides in my slideshow. I have added a second slide but the slideshow doesn’t work! iIt only shows the first slide. Please, help!

Hi Kasparpakuli, First off, thanks for the purchase. We tried to reproduce the problem you just mentioned. It works perfectly fine without any problem. Can you make sure you have successfully added banners? OR if the problem persists, you can mail us your login details from contact form in our profile page. We will try to figure out where you went wrong :)

Hi Im having two issues I was hopign you coudl help me with :)

1. The slide show image seems to load really slow, after all aother images are loaded. I was wondering if there was anything I could do to speed that up Ive tried shrinking the photo size, changing to a different slider nothing seems to work .

2. On the Order info page i get these errors: Notice: Undefined variable: error_warning in /home/apope/public_html/catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/account/order_info.tpl on line 34 and Notice: Undefined index: selected in /home/apope/public_html/catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/account/order_info.tpl on line 90

I have noticed the same kind of errors in other themes by lookign on google but I cant seem to figure out the fix..

Thanks again!

Thanks so much for your response, you are great with support :) I will try those things and let you know! cheers!

works perfect! thank you so much those two things were driving me crazy! lol ..

Glad to hear that it worked! don’t hesitate to ask for help. we are always there to help you :)

Hi there, ME again! is there anyway to show more than the two sub categories it if I want CLOTHES>Bottoms>Skirts only bottoms shows up. I was looking to buy an extension but it looks like they are only good for the default theme so I just though id ask if you recommend anything or have an easy solution.. its okay if you don’t I just thought id ask here first before I try to do anything crazy lol. Thanks

Hi Nicole,

You just reminded us of something we wanted to add. But we’re quite busy right now. Can you wait for few more days (May be a week) because we will sure update that thing. You want that in top menu right ? :)

With regards, MyColorPencils

Hey ! that sounds perfect no rush i’ll just check back in a week or so :) and yes in the top menu :)

A nice theme (I have looked at a few!)

A few questions:

Is it possible to add a Manufacturer and Category block (just like in Opencart default theme)

I have Vqmods to disable compare, review – will these to the icons that appear in middle of Featured, Latest etc ? I could not see any settings in Buttons and Icons admin

Is it possible to reduce gaps between sections ? for example below featured there is large white gap

Regards David

Hi David,

We do have manufactures in the demo site. If that is what you meant. I didn’t get what you mean by category block. If it’s Information / customer service menus. We have those at the bottom of our design. http://shopzone.mycolorpencils.com/fashion/

I don’t think Vqmods will work with the theme. And unfortunately we cannot disable any of those buttons in Shopzone.

And the extra space can be removed if you like to by inserting custom CSS. We’ll do that for you.

with regards, MyColorPencils

Hello, nice themes.

I just have one problem. The category on level 3 didnt show. If i create for example category : ball -> big -> round, then only until big that will show. The round category is not showing.

Please help me to fix this.

Thank you for your support

Hi keph,

First off, thank you for the purchase. We’re glad you like it.

Initially we don’t have multi-level menu. But we are now thinking to add one. Can you please wait for few more days (about 3-4 days) ? We’ll let you know about the update.

With regards, MyColorPencils.com

hi – Any idea why on the product detail page i get this text right by the product name: “There are no reviews for this product.”

This appears both when reviews are ON or OFF in the store settings. thanks – A

Hi, First off thanks for the purchase. It works fine when we just tested. Make sure you have disabled the reviews in product.

Go to System > settings > edit store > option tab > disable allow reviews in product section.

with regards, MyColorPencils

Hi Mycolorpencils,

First of all great work! I would love buy that theme if you could do the following: 1/ Fix error display on Ipad tablet when vertical ( 2/ Add custom block html to menu

Please let me know thanks,

Hi venturenet,

We’re glad that you like it. And thank you for all your suggestions, we’d love to fix them. But the idea to have tab menu for bottom links, HTML block in menu and option to center logo doesn’t seem to fit the design. We’ll let you know if we ever add these features (we’d love to do that) but for now this is all we have so far, sorry. Thanks again.

With regards, MyColorPencils

... I just realized that on my cellphone htc one x android i got the featured and latest slideshow to display one and half products! would be great to see one or two but not one and half.

Please advice. thanks

and last suggestion: on cellphone will be great to have a tab menu at bottom instead of all those links.


oops… forgot one: I you could pls add instagram in footer. thanks

and last: option to add logo left/center and may be right. thanks again!

ok Got it, but what about the display issue on cellphone or worst on Ipad in vertical mod?


will fix that soon.