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I have a problem with the Module “Specials. Featured” etc been displayed on the left or right column of any page such as “information” pages and category page. I am using boxed layout and the header for specials etc breaks the layout. I have a screen grab that I can send you if you provide me with an email. Thanks

Hi niallbyrne,

First off, Thank you for the purchase. And sorry for the inconvenience. You can mail us at mycolorpencils@gmail.com. Hope to fix it soon. :)

With regards, MyColorPencils

Thank you for the update :) I have the drop down menu enabled now www.alexapope.ca but when i go to say CLOTHES>BOTTOMS>PANTS it just goes below the other categories and blocks DRESSES and TOPS is there any way to make it float to the side? Also on the left menu once you click on a category the sub menus do not show on the side is there something i need to enable to show them? Thanks for all your hard work!

I think I found the problem, I tried to resize and center the logo and that’s what threw off the other menus. Is there a different way other than altering the Header section in the stylesheet to make the logo bigger and centered without messing with the new sub category menu?

Yep me again lol.. So I just made the Clothes category three columns for now so that the sub categories didnt block anything and then none of the sub categories actually go to the category ie if i clicked skirts it just went to the parent category bottoms… sorry to be a pain in the butt.. I disabled them all for now but maybe you could let me know what im doing wrong? I might try just re loading the new update and see if that does anything

Hi Nicole,

:) Feel free to ask us for help. It’s our pleasure.

it seems that you forgot to upload


If you have made some changes in stylesheet.css make sure you have a back of the file. And add your codes to new stylesheet.css.

it will look something like this http://shopzone.mycolorpencils.com/fashion/

go to components > monitors

All the best MyColorPencils

ah omg thank you.. I think it was a filezilla thing I was copying over the wrong version of the stylesheet.. haha geeze! got it now! thanks!

Great Theme – Great Work! We are having an issue: When adjusting screen size, Shopzone wraps end menu items, makes them invisible and causes drop-down collisions with main Nav submenu items. Please see details in this screen-cast: http://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cIhOYLVUjN

Any help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated – Thanks CRS

Hi wisr,

First off, thanks for the purchase. We’re glad you like it.

We have made some changes. Have a look. http://shopzone.mycolorpencils.com/kids/

1. Make sure if it is what you need.

2. then download the following file. http://shopzone.mycolorpencils.com/kids/catalog/view/theme/shopzone/stylesheet/stylesheet-responsive.css

3. Keep a back up of the original and replace it with the dowloaded file.

Hope it works :)

With regards, MyColorPencils

hi, I was hoping by then you would have fixed the display issue where in mobile format one and half product display instead of one or two.

Any plan on fixing it? and if yes when?


Hi venturenet,

We have an update. Sorry it took a little more than we expected. We have now fixed the IPAD issues along with the one and half display of products. Check it out if you’re still interested :D.


With regards, MyColorPencils

Also there is still some display issues on Ipad… Any plan on fixing it?


Can you please wait for two more days. We will fix it and let you know.

thanks for the update… will test it soon. Would be great if you could add custom html box to menu as seen in the other opencart tpl. and touch responsive to the roundabout slider.


also… be able to deactivate the mouse other add to cart and so as I believe customer would rather see more about the product. may be those icons could appear at the bottom instead?


Hi venturenet,

sorry but that will not be according design. And the other options you’ve asked for, we might add those in our next update but not very soon.

With regards, Mycolorpencils

well it would have been very useful in my case and I believe it could have been good to give the option to the buyer as the template.

Anyhow, I will pass then as I need that option…

Take care.

I am getting this error when I go to check my return status page any idea how I can fix it? Thanks :) Notice: Undefined variable: text_products in /home4/apope/public_html/catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/account/return_list.tpl on line 44 Notice: Undefined index: products in /home4/apope/public_html/catalog/view/theme/shopzone/template/account/return_list.tpl on line 44

also, it seems the twitter part of the like box is not working? has been like that for two days now? I dont think ive changed anything. I havent had time to do the update yet but i dont think those files were changed anyway.

ah nevermind.. i see there was bug fix a while ago.. ill try to fix that myself :)

Hi, For now can you create a widget and add the code to custom text or add it to shopzone_box.tpl?

Go to twitter > settings > widgets > create widget. You’ll get a code snippet. Paste it in catalog\view\theme\shopzone\template\module\shopzone_box.tpl where you have javascript for twitter feed. Remove or comment the javascript for a while.

We may have some better solution available soon. Hope it works for now :). We’ve used the twitter widget here : http://shopzone.mycolorpencils.com/fashion/

Have a back up before you edit the file.

All the best, MyColorPencils

Hi again, Try pressing ctrl + f5 as well. It may be that your browser is loading old files. Just a wild guess. :)

thanks ill give it a go :) great support as always :)

Hi there,

Is there any way to move the custom menu in the header.php file so that the custom menu items display before the categories in the navigation? Great theme by the way!

Hi peterson,

First off, thanks for the purchase. We’re glad that you like it. There is no easy way to do that yet. But if you’re familiar with PHP, you can make simple change in code to achieve that. But make sure you keep the back up of your file :)

1. OPEN the following file in any text editor: catalog\view\theme\shopzone\template\common\header.tpl file

2. CUT code from line no. 476 <!- Custom menu -> to line no. 528 <!- / Custom menu ->

3. PASTE the code after line no. 438

    Hope it works. All the best :)

    With regards, MyColorPencils

Worked perfectly. Thanks so much!

Hi! I love this theme. I’m using it for the store (www.klosetenvy.com) We had the theme switched and the product layout keeps messing up. Am I supposed to go to the Design tab and use a specific layout so that it looks like how it should in the theme preview?

HI EAferi,

Thanks for the purchase. For the theme to look like in the preview you should go through some step. Please go through our documentation. You’ll have to set image sizes, add modules etc.

With regards, MyColorPencils

How to I remove the powered by Open Cart on the button of the page?

I have an image that I manually added to my header that when clicked needs to display in a lightbox. I see that you already have colorbox installed. Can you please tell me what I need to do to have the image link show up in the color box? Also I am having trouble getting any mods to appear in the “content bottom” section of the products page. They always display on the right column. Please advise. Thanks.

I did not see anything special about the link you added other than the “nofollow.” This is what I have:

a href=”Large_Image” rel=”nofollow”>img src=”Small_Image” title=”Size Chart” />/a>... Please note I took off the opening brackets so the code would display here in comments.

Hi didierdesign,

extremely sorry, didn’t notice that it was removed in the comment actually add a class “colorbox” to the link :


Hope that it works for you. You can mail us at mycolorpencils@gmail.com ...that’d be more convenient. thanks


I am trying to get the menu and everything above it (except for the header bar) to be centered. I am trying to get the font of the menu to be bigger as well, but which file(s) must I edit to achieve this? Also, I sort of would like the quick links that pop up when I hover over a product to actually be little icons at the bottom of the product rather than over it if that’s possible?

Your help would be much appreciated!

Hi pinkypro,

First off thanks for the purchase. We don’t recommend to modify any of the template files. But if you want it that way, make sure you have some basic PHP/HTML idea.

File to edit for moving menu: catalog\view\theme\shopzone\template\common\header.tpl

you can increase the font size through our shopzone settings module > font settings

For popup you have an option in “shopzone settings” module > settings > Disable Cloud zoom.

Hope it works for you. All the best. You have plenty of other options there hope you go through all of them at least once :D

With regards, MyColorPencils Team

Just wanted to know if this is compatible with 1.5.6 or if not when will it be?


it’s not yet and we’re not planning any update any time soon for this template. sorry


I having a problem. when i check the system show no shipping option, msg show as below.

Warning: No Shipping options are available. Please contact us for assistance!

my website is http://advanceeyewear.com

please assist. TQ.

Hi yhlai,

thank you for the purchase. For the payment options to show up. you have to install payment options.

go to > Modules > payments > install payment options you need.

Good luck :) MyColorpencils team