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Great theme! GLWS :)

Thanks :)

Great Theme! GLWS

Thanks a lot :)

Great job, glws o7

Thanks :)

Fine Design Theme!

Thanks :)

Nice work! Good luck!

Thanks mate :)

Great work :) GLWS

Thanks :)

Hi Themeapt

May need your assist on the following issue I am facing. I am trying to reduce the page without right scrolling. However once I do that the rotating banner will have a empty column at the right bar. May I know how do I fix that.

Here is the sample page I have done.

Please advise


Thanks for prompt reply

I have made the page become smaller height to avoid scroll up and down. Without the scroll bar the rotating banner showing an empty column on the right.

I have print screen here:-

Any good news on this matter?

Sorry for late response, Can you send screenshot and problem details in email (

HI Themeapt

Hope to hear from you.


Hi, sorry for late.We were little busy with its WP version. I check it 1920-1080 screen resolution. got the problem but when I refresh it or try to inspect, it getting out. So its taking some time to fix. Hope I can get you back by tomorrow with the solution.

Thanks a lot!

Noted. Shall wait for the updates! Thanks

can you give me another link to preview template online in another server coz it’s so slow

Sorry, We have this template in one server.

Hi, I LOVE the theme, however the contact us form doesn’t seem to work. I don’t get any messages errors when either i leave it empty or type random letter as my email. Are you planning on adding a working form buddy? I’ll happily buy in an instant. Thanks

Hello, Contact form is working with downloadable version. We just show the design in demo not the application. When you buy and download package from themforest everything will work perfectly.


Ok thanks!

Hey guys, I bought the theme and contact form IS NOT working. You said it was but it is not unless you forgot to update file. Please fix, thanks!

<form action=”#” method=”post” id=”contactfrm”>

Sorry for late response. Please add a line in js/jquery.custom.js folder. add this line after e.preventDefault();

var name, email, web, msg;

example: /---------—-/ // CONTACT FORM WIDGET /---------—-/

  var name, email, web, msg;

FORM STILL DOESN’T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the form I’m using

<form method="post" action="#">
  • <label>Name</label> <input type="text" name="name">
  • <label>Email</label> <input type="text" name="subject">
  • </form>
  • <label>Project Type</label> <select class="selectpicker"> <option value="">Select your project type</option> <option value="">Magna aliquam erat</option> <option value="">Nostrud exerci tation</option> <option value="">Sed diam nonummy nibh</option> </select>
  • <label>Budget</label> <select class=”selectpicker”> <option value=””>2000 – 5000+</option> <option value=””>6000 – 10000+</option> <option value=””>1000 – 4000+</option> <option value=””>4000 – 9000+</option> </select>
  • <label>About the project</label>
    <input type="submit" value="Submit Now" class="rd-button contact_submit" />

    I made changes you pointed out at js/jquery.custom.js but to no effect. I need helping making this form work please, then I can give you better rating because as of now you get one star for lying about form from the beginning.

    I’m still waiting for a fully working contact form from you guys. The item description says it has it and you even told me in a previous response that it was working. Let me know what files you need so that I can email them to you and get this fixed. If you update theme with update log then I can update myself. I know I won’t give you access to root file, because it should be simple to fix. Thanks

    Please download last update.

    Follow this link: and try it. It’s the latest update without any changes on my part. Form STILL doesn’t work. This is the LATEST update you referred to. When you click “send” there’s no response whatsoever. I’m sure you have a server you can use to test your own code. This update still doesn’t fix the issue. Let me know if you can fix it please, I really need it. Thanks

    Sorry for this. Please make a simple modification. Open js/jquery.custom.js. Replace new lines with old one.

    old lines—>

     name = jQuery('#contact_name').val();
        email = jQuery('#contact_email').val(); 
        web = jQuery('#contact_web').val(); 
        msg = jQuery('#contact_message').val();

    new lines—>

     var name = jQuery('#contact_name').val();
        var email = jQuery('#contact_email').val(); 
        var web = jQuery('#contact_web').val(); 
        var msg = jQuery('#contact_message').val();

    Is there a way to turn off the Pulsing Orb loading screen on sub-pages?

    Need some custom query for this action.

    Would it be easier to just disable the loading page on the entire site?

    To remove form any page, remove

    <div class="spinner">
            <div class="double-bounce1" />
            <div class="double-bounce2" />

    Is there any way to disable the loading orb altogether?

    To remove loder from all page, add this css
    body .spinner{ display: none !important; }


    How do you enable auto start in the lapto_slider_content (carousel slide)? Thanks

    add this in your js file

    jQuery(”#carousel6”).carousel({ interval : 3000 });


    nk12sok Purchased Slide is doesnt work, Can u help me pls

    I checked site, its working. Please specify your problem.

    Hello, I am interested in the template, but I wonder if all HTML are included and if I can editalos directly in code, without having to go through a “Page Builder” for example.

    You can edit file using any type of editor, you must be use shortcode also.