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I emailed you a really long message. My email is sulastrianingsihsardi@hotmail.com

Please reply to them ASAP, need to use this for my products.


will reply to your email right now !


It’s been 11 hours after you said that, no reply yet. I thought you said you wanted to maximize customer support, I’m not getting that though. It’s reall urgent bud, please.

I’m looking at buying this theme, but I am only familiar with wordpress. Would you be able to offer some support on how to use bootstrap and this theme with wordpress?

Thanks for your help!


This template is only a HTML template it’s not a theme .. anyway you can use it and customize it having some basic skills .

Thank you for your interest .

dik Purchased

Hi! Just purchaised this theme. Have a question: is it possible to have several different modal windows on this page? For the moment there is only one – for contact link in the header. What has to be done?



Hi dik Thank you for your purchase , you should duplicate the pop-ups chandging the ID and editing the javascript part . it need some skills to do it .

hope you got it .. Thank you so much again .

jahabar Purchased


The contact form after installing on website getting a lot of spam mail. Is there a way to stop it like with a captcha code?


Is there an update for Google chrome as something going wrong with the “Check out now Button”

Just don’t Buy this shit really is a waste of money bugs and the mail box since I had this site has had over 10 SPAM emails from contact page Plus support is nothing not even a reply POOR POOR POOR Oh and SHIT

As I can edit the HTML template?

Includes a tutorial?