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Fantastic Theme!

hi. I want to use “featured posts” module without slider. I write my question detail to forum

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please note that you purchased HTML static template, it is not a wordpress one where you can dynamically load the blog posts content. You can display whatever you wish in the HTML.

hello thanks for reply but I think you dont understand my problem correctly.

I do not use wordpress. I do not tell you any about it. I write my own code via

I just only need to use “featured posts” or “my team” module without slider property or option. In “shortcodes.html” page we can see samples after “tabs” and “buttons” previews. you will see next and back arrow buttons and the content slides to left.

This looks great but I want to use this module without slider option. Because I want to list my team or I want to list my blog posts row by row. Not in sliders.

I do understand your needs but in your case I have to change the functionality of the modules completely.

how can I access dom elements after page load ? document ready function doesnt work ?

Hello! Thanks for the purchase. Please be more specific. The documentation is a simple html file, it works 100%


It’s possible to put this theme boxed?

Best regards

This theme does not support such layout.

hi I add links to camera_slider like that data-link=”link goes here”. It doesn’t work on phone. It works only desktop. Does it require any other extra knowledge, some code etc ??

Just tested on Iphone, the slider is clickable.

thank you for reply. I guess the slider is not clickable on windows phones. What can we do ? It’s a abit problem for me because my customer use lumia and I want to show this site on his phone. I need you to help

The problem is that I’m not a slider developer, it works fine on Iphone and Android.

hi is it possible to enable back and next arrows to the gallery when click to enlarge ? or I want to control image gallery via my keyboard next and back arrows keys. does it possible ?

No, this is not possible at the moment.

hi How do I adjust the height of image?


Hello! Please post this request to my support forum and you will be assisted

Hi , I have problem , ? put pictures on the website and its doesnt work corretly , when ? open the website it seems 2 grid or 1 grid or 4 grid , it doesnt fill to website , right side always be empty .. here you go

Hello! Please post all tech related questions to my support forum

Why you are not answer to my queistions ,

Hello , I upload picture , and everthing okay but website doesnt shown all picture correctly , when ? open the website rightside always empty . when ? click other categories than it turns normal ..

and when ? upload more picture , its not opening almost . almost it doesnt work . why ? and why you are not supporting ? people give them money to u for nothing working ?

what’s specific ? , you got answer , your request is out of our support scope… here u go link :

Before claiming that something is not working with our scripts, let’s figure out if you did any changes in the code. Please let me know what changes you did in the code.

? d?dnt change anything, ? upload pictures and it started do it , page showing only 2 grid and left side always empty .

Nice job….would be better if you could cycle through lightbox items too.

Hello! Thanks. The gallery only does it.


I’m really into buying this template.

Is there a way i can change the general Font to something else?

Yes, you can do that, we use google web fonts.

1 more question: could i change the general Pink Theme into a different color?

Yes, you can do that.

Can the size of the grid boxes be changed easily? Can you size them at any size you want or do they have to be certain sizes?

Also, is it easy to change the data that comes up when you hover over the images?

Lastly… can you make it automatically “load more” when you scroll down rather than having to hit the “Load More” button every time?


1. Yes, it is possible to do by making the changes in .js 2.Yes, you can do that. 3. No, it can’t be done.

Ok, thanks for the answers. :)

You are welcome. Have good holidays!

hello … android 4.4.2 browser and the datei sorting.js is not “working”... can we have please some help? how can we update it or soem advice? or a way to make it not aktiv for android browser beacause is not realy responce… thank you!

Hello! Can you please post this request to my support forum and you will be assisted. Thanks

ok… I did it… ty -:)

Is there any guide or tutorial to set up the Twitter posts of the Contact with sidebar page? please help, I don’t know too much about coding.

Thanks in advance. Diego

Diego! If you want to put the twitter code to the sidebar, you have to find a script that does it. The template does not come with such one

ok but what is the twitter folder for, that’s inside the HTML_v1.0.426 folder?

You can try to use that script to display the twits.

i emailed u a question also posted on the forum. i just want to change the height of the slideshow images. can i get an answer pleasE? thanks

Hello! Sure, you will be assisted. Please note that the support is limited on weekends. Thanks for understanding

There seems to be a malfunction on this theme, I change the images starting in line 179 and direct them to the thumbs directory, but nothing seems to get the thumbs to show up. The links and posts work fine, the thumbs are a big issue.


Maybe you do something wrong. Please post the link to your site and we will take a look. You have to post them on our help forum.


paujur Purchased

Hello. I am having issues installing the theme. Apparently, the zip is missing a style.css file. Any ideas?

Hello! You are getting this error because you install the HTML template into WordPress, it is not a WordPress theme