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coax88 Purchased


nice theme, just bought it

but have a question, can it not be done so you have gallery on home page with the same layout as a portfolio ( wide) .. or can you make portfolio with lightbox slide function ?


Hi! Thanks for the purchase. You mean to slide all the portfolio items in the lightbox, or to slide only the images related the certain portfolio item?

coax88 Purchased

yes all portfolio items in lightbox so you dont have open/close every single portfolio thumbnail to enlarge it. Reason why i want to use portfolio, is that i don’t like the look of the gallery setup, because it’s not full wide and if you make the tumbnail bigger it is only 2 columns wide…?

in fact i just want the portfolio thumbnail look in gallery section. but i don’t think that is possible?


To display all the available portfolio items in the lightbox it requires the customization of it.

Amazing theme! Purchased it and tried to upload, but then the following text appeared on the dashboard:

“Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

What have I done wrong? Could you help me please…? Thank you in advance!


Yes, you do the installation in the wrong way, do not install the entire zip file you downloaded, only “showroom” folder within this one Theme_v.1.0.688

coax88 Purchased

okey thanks for the answer, have one question more, why can’t i change background color. in showroom -view options and deafult background color, if i change that to black, nothing happens ?


Hello! Can you please post this question to my support I will take a look, because weekend. Do not forget to PM your wp-admin details. Thanks.

Hello, Just purchased theme, but was also wanting to use a dark bg with light text. Is there an easy fix or custom css option for this? Love the GT3 builder! Thanks


Hello, thanks for the purchase. Please post your question here http://forums.themedev.me/showthread.php?1105-can-t-change-bacground-color same request. I will get back to you asap.

hey in the video of the gt3 builder, the background is a picture, how do i do it, and is it possible to make it like a slider (changable pics).

also this theme rtl ready? (hebrew fonts) thanks beautiful theme by the way…


This theme does not support background image.

and also, in the portfolio page- is it possible to cancel the link to picture post and to leave just the lightbox option when hovering?

HI! I think I may have found the theme I need! But first, I have a couple questions/things I need cleared up:

1. I see in the Featured Posts example of the GT3 Builder, there is this post http://demo.themedev.me/?theme=Showroom%20WP, without the sidebar and this one http://demo.themedev.me/?theme=Showroom%20WP with a sidebar. Are the both Portofolio posts, both blog posts or some combination of the two. Basically, I’d like to know where the posts are pulled from for the Featured Posts area.

2. How many featured posts can be featured? Is it possible to feature all the posts in a certain category on a page?

3. It seems that the Share options (for FB, Pinterest, and Twitter) are only available in the Masonry Blog view. Is that the case? Can the share options be enabled on the Blog posts as well as on the Portfolio posts?

4. Can more than one gallery be added to a post, Portfolio post or Blog post?

Thanks so much!


Couple more questions:

5. Can the text “My Team” for the Team widget be changed to read something else pretty easily? If so, how?

6. Can one use the GT3 Page Builder on posts as well (Portfolio and Blog)

7. I’d like to improvise an Author page as well as an Author signature at the end of the posts. Can one create a “Team” section with only one specific team member? And make it link to the their posts?

8. Are the portfolio posts taggable? Like, can the Portfolio posts be tagged and searchable/categorized by tag (as well as belonging to a category)?

Thanks again!

9. Love the FB version of this, too, by the way. Is that a fully launchable FB App or just a FB Page layout?

Awsome theme yo!

Couple of questions:

1. Is there an easy way to change the size of the images in the portfolio grid layout? I’ve got alot of CD-covers in my portfolio, and it would look a lot better with squares!

2. In the masonry blog view, is there a simple way to get the featured image to show, without making it an image-post and having to deal with the slider option?

3. I was very pleased with the easy translator in the options panel, but noticed it does not work on the blog-pages. Will this be included in the next update?

4. More layout options. I would like to change the default font without having to deal with css-files, which i had to in order to change it. I love the small font size, but on portfolio pages and blog-posts (generally in the .contentarea i think) i would like a bigger font-size for easy reading, manageable from the options panel.

5. I also support all feedback containing audio improvements.

Is there anyway i could pay you to customize the theme for me? :)


Yes, you can order the customization please contact me direct at help at themedev dot me

D3S1GN3R Purchased

Hi, How can I change sliding settings on posts ? (i.e: http://demo.themedev.me/wordpress_themes/showroom/fringilla-tortor-tincidunt/ ) Want to change speed and maybe sliding type if possible. I think this is layer slider, but cant found any settings area on settings panel ?


It is not a layer slider, it is a camera one js/script.js line 209.Having more question, please visit my support forum, you will find a lot of useful info right there.


I have one question before buying:

Is Your template contains international (I mean Polish) font? Many templates to use only English font, and the description of your template is not accurate written.




Hello Marek! What do you mean not accurate written? I use google web fonts.

I bought the theme, but why wasn’t there a XML that uploaded just like the demo?

Im having a rough time getting it situated like the demo.


I see that, thanks. The LayerSlide didn’t work when putting it in plugins.


Actually, I tried the import and it didn’t change anything at all…..


Please PM your wp-admin details to my support forum I will check what’s wrong. Everything should work properly like for other customers.

Hi, I really want to buy this theme but one of my requirements is password protected galleries for my clients to select proofs. Does this theme support this?



It is a grid portfolio, not a gallery, but I will take a look what I can do.


Is it possible to:

1] have a filter menu for the masonry blog as well? 2] add a pinterest easy share button to photos? Thank you.



Thank you for your reply.

1] It depends on how one uses the blog. If it is for posts that are only temporal no filter might work but if the posts are, for example, tutorials or are timeless articles that require frequent and quick access, then a filter is essential.

In addition it is always better to make access easy and in an organized fashion rather than depend on search etc.

Highly visual systems work best which is why I prefer masonry blog, gallery and portfolios.

Can such a filter be implemented for the blog?

2] I see the Pinterest share for the blog page but not for the individual photos? From my research it seems that many tend to look at the pictures and do not read the attached post especially if they are using a mobile device.

In my opinion, making elements visually accessible, plus providing structures that are quick and simple to use, are key factors to usability which is why I asked about these elements.


Is it possible to offer the blog filter as a customisation in a child theme perhaps?

1. I’m not available for big custom changes. 2. I added in the yesterday release “social sharing” module, you may check it here: http://demo.themedev.me/wordpress_themes/showroom/portfolio/faucibus-facilisis/

Hi there. Nice work. Does the theme support child themes? Would love to do customisation outside main theme files.


Hello! Yes, it does support child theme.

Very nice theme, i’m just about to buy it but i would have one question ; Is it possible to remove the “zoom” icon on the different images on the home ? To have only the link ?


The order is changed by the date.


Perfect. Concerning my first question (removing the zoom icon on the items), would you explain to me what file I have to modify ?


Sure, please post this question to my support forum and I will get back to you asap.

Hi, Great theme. How do i add the audio to the menu like in the demo? M


You should have an option in the theme admin panel “audio”. If you don’t, please download the latest version of the theme from TF.


On the frontpage, when mousing over the pictures I see a link to the page and a link to just the picture. Is it possible to make it so only one of these show up, just the link to the page, or would that take a lot of custom coding?



Hello! There is a way to remove it from the code, I will show you how to do that, but please note if we remove it from the code it won’t be displaying on all the portfolio items thumbs.

Audio post support, and I’m in!


Did not find a solution yet :)