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bbparis Purchased

Hello, I installed the theme, but before asking many question, do you have a video demo online to understand how to use it please ?


What’s your login name on the forum? I can check it only tomorrow because it is too late here.

bbparis Purchased

Thanks in advance. My name in the forum is same as here ( bbparis ), check your private messages. Regards


Got PM, will get back to you asap.

Hello, interested in purchasing your theme but couple of quick questions that I need to answer for client -

1. Can the grid that you have set up for the homepage link to Blog posts? Client wants to have the grid with no text be link to the blog.

2. Can the intro with click to enter be disabled?

Thanks in advance!


1. Only the portfolio has the grid look, but there is an option you can manually change the url of the link, but it is not automated. You can use masonry blog instead :) 2. You can disable the landing page via theme admin panel.

Have the option to “expand the image” to just click on one of the magnifying glass in the portfolio?


If you upload for example portrait format image, you will get it in the lightbox in the portrait mode, though the thumbnail image on the portfolio page will be cropped to the squared size like you see on my home page.


Perfect! I can cut specific part of the picture to make it look like capture? sorry my bad english, I’m from Peru.


It’s up to you.

This theme looks great and am thinking of buying.

One thing I noticed is when I click on the preview icon on an image in the grid the lightbox is very small and doesn’t maximize to my window size…is this because the sample images are low resolution or is that the default behavior of the theme?

The other question I have is currently when in the lightbox if I use the right and left arrow keys on the keyboard it just keeps reloading the same image over and over again. Is it possible to have left and right navigation added when in the lightbox so it goes through the images in the grid without having to click the X every time.

One last question for now. The Load More link only loads one more row. Is there an easy way to make it load a set amount of rows instead? I also noticed that the Load More button isn’t there when I click on one of the subcategories and only shows when in “All”.



1. Yes, I used small size images
2. I have a few requests for this option, will consider it.
3. You set the number of items to load via theme admin panel. The load more button appears only if there are more items than on the completed screen.

Hello, I just purchased your theme. Can you please let me know how to load pictures into the portfolio? Apparently images can be loaded as post images or post featured images, but not as portfolio images. Thanks.


Hello! Please read the documentation that comes with the template and watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqT7BdKEaPA Having more questions, please submit all of them to my support forum at http://forums.themedev.me

hey there just got this theme and have been setting up the basics, one thing I have noticed is the social icons, add “user” url before the social url making them non-functional.

got a fix?

thx -jl


Hello! Could you please be more specific, where exactly do you put the IDs, also what’s your site URL ?
Having more questions, please submit all of them to my support forum at http://forums.themedev.me

Love your theme Mad Dog! Just bought it!

I have the same question that the guy Avitovshoval asked earlier but an answer was never provided. I pasted below.

QUESTION : Is it possible to remove the small chain icon and just leave the magnifying glass icon on the portfolio items? Would love to know how. Thanks for your guidance on this.

avitovshoval SAYS and also, in the portfolio page- is it possible to cancel the link to picture post and to leave just the lightbox option when hovering?


Thanks for the purchase :)
I asked to submit this question to my support forum, I will assist right there

Hi, I’m definitely interested in buying your theme. I have a few pre-sale questions though:
1- Can the overlay (pink) color be changed/modified?

2- Can the overlay items (link and magnify glass) be modify/replace by other icons? Example add a PLAY icon that would actually be linked to an MP3 ?

3- The main page in the demo is made up with thumbnails from various pages and contents. Can that main page be build with actual specific sized images instead? Example all images would 400×400 and the whole image appear instead of thumbs where it only crops from a larger image slider?



Hi there!
1. Yes, this is a default theme color, you can change in via theme admin panel
2. The icons can be changed but not via admin panel, as for the link, do you want to link to some external .pm3 file?
3. No, it can look only in the way it does now, but any of the existing pages can be set as a home page.

Hi, I would love to use your theme that i have already purchased but i am having trouble uploading the ZIP file to wordpress.

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

This is my error messeage. I can see the style.css folder so this error is not making any sense to me.


1. Please read the documentation that comes with the template
2. Do not upload the entire zip file, only theme folder which is “showroom”
Having more questions, please submit all of them to my support forum at http://forums.themedev.me


I am wondering about how the post attached to photo works (like how you have it on the home page of the demo). I did look at your YouTube setup video but that does not explain how it works structurally behind the scenes, if you know what I mean.

I am wondering if I could just use this same portfolio structure also for my blog posts somehow in order to have the filter… does this make sense?

All of your effort into the design is great… the child theme, masonry layout, layout builder etc… it is only the blog not having a filter to organise it is an issue for my particular needs.


1. The theme comes with the “import demo content” option which allows you to have the same look like on my demo. 2. You mean the same filter like I have for the portfolio on the home page in the masonry layout?


Thank you :)

I had asked before if I could add a filter to the blog like the portfolio but it was too much work to change that so I am trying to think of a way to still use the theme as I need it.

However, I am not quite sure how it works. The home page you have set up in the demo has pictures linked to a text page that looks like a blog page to me.

Maybe that setup is all I need but I am not sure how the linked text page is added … is it the same as making a blog entry or is it different?

I am trying to figure out a workaround because you have most everything I need except that key part, the blog filter. I know you mentioned you didn’t see why anyone would need that filter but in my case, I do. I would like my blog to have a masonry grid of photos that click to the post and your home page is just perfect except it’s not a blog…

Someone previously asked “Is it possible to add a fullscreen slideshow page?” and I would love to have that too which can also accept full screen video…. especially 360 panoramas.

I have a concept for the UI for an entire theme for people who focus on digital media and film but I’m not a programmer… wish I was.


I will think about about blog filter option, I need more requests to implement this feature to the masonry style blog.

Before I purchase the theme, is it possible to edit the Home page? For example, have a slider and event blog?



You can create a page with the slider on the top of the page or display the blog on the home page. Any page can be as a home one.

Is there any event WIDGET ?


If you do not see any even widget on the demo, then it does not included in the theme. I think there are a lot of them available on wordpress.org

can i use this theme also for a video-portfolio? Thanks!


Feel free to use it in any way. But please note that the video can be seen only within the portfolio item post.

How hard it would be to to integrate Photoswipe into theme? PrettyPhoto or similar are ok for desktop but on mobile devices they don’t offer too good user experience.


I do not know, because have no experience with photoswipe, prettyphoto is used in the theme.

t3pke Purchased

Just bought your theme! It’s great, easy to use, but I got some problems:

- With more then 12 categories the menu gets ugly on my 24” screen (got 22 categories)

- When searching, the title becomes like the first hit, but it should be something like “Seaching on: %s”

- Would be nice if you make an option in the backend settings the ‘Amount to load more’. 4 should become 16 in my opinion. Better would be auto load more when u reach bottom ofc..

Like this: http://masonry.desandro.com/demos/infinite-scroll.html

Same counts for the blog!

- Since I have 22 categories the chance is quiete big that you click a category which has no items which are loaded yet in the screen, so it becomes empty. How would you suggest to make that work? Non ajax is ok.

- Is it possible to make a ‘related portfolio posts’ widget on all portfolio pages without editing them all by hand? I got like 2000


t3pke Purchased

I found the portfolio settings and it was exactly as I expected, so nevermind that :) Thanks!


Got it, thanks :) Do not forget to watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqT7BdKEaPA

Hi there,

I created a portfolio page layout with the page builder, exactly the way i liked. It’s great. But when I create a new portfolio page, I need to do the entire work again?

There’s any way to save the layout for the next page be exaclty the same as that one that i created?



Hello! There is no option to save the layouts, but I will take your request into consideration.

Hi, Love the theme. Purchased it. Installed it. Cool. :)

Now a question: the landing page takes me to a blog entry and it should go to the home page instead. Where do I make the adjustment to correct this?


Hello and thanks for the purchase! You have to read the documentation first.


Um, yeah. Duuh! Done.



You may also visit my support forum at http://forums.themedev.me for obtaining information :)

Love the theme!!!!!!!!!!!


Is there a way I can get Pinterest and Instagram added to the social media options?

Thanks and love the theme so far!


Hello! Where exactly do you wish to add them, because for example there is a pinterest sharing button on the portfolio page.