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Nice one as always mate, I love your work.

Will purchase soon.

Great theme fresh!

I was wondering when it will be released :)

Amazing!! This is gonna be a big seller :)

Amazing, add a pricing page and this is the theme to end all other themes


Thanks, that’s a great idea. I will make sure to implement this for the next update :)

As I said earlier, amazing work fresh:)

Great work fresh :)

Good luck with the sales!

F* awesome mate :D Good luck!

Nicely done freshface :D

Hats off mate!, excellent work! :D

Looking ridiculously good.

Awesome job :)

WOW . Awesome work man, the best theme i have seen in a while. Good luck with the sales. I see already 3 sales in few mins.

Simply amazing.

Great work, thanks.

This is beautiful and perfect! First theme I looked at and I’m pretty sure it’s the winner! Will buy very soon. :)

And purchased! :)

awesome work!

but i have a few questions before purchase:

in 3d slider mode, pics can link to actual post or category in portfolio? in demo they zoom in.

and second question, relating to my first:

does “portfolio” section support categories? id like to have my products by categories, the best would be with no post but picture, for thumbs.



1) There is integrated Slider Manager so every slide has to be made there. You can choose either opening in lightbox or going straight to any URL you want. You can customize everything on a slide basis so let’s say one slide opens lightbox and other slide goes to URL . In some other sliders you can select transitions manually too. It’s awesome you will love it.

2) Not exactly, but let me offer you a solution:

Create a page (can be fullwidth or with sidebar).

Use shortcodes for columns ( click here for demo ).

Paste any HTML you want, feel free to copy paste the source code for each portfolio item into a column.

Then just link these to each product categories. The portfolio in Showtime is made with the new custom post types. So you have to create a special portfolio category instead of blog category. Then you have to create a special portfolio post instead of blog post. This way it’s as CMS as it can be.

To give you an example, this is a portfolio category with portfolio posts inside:


Basically all you need to do is create a custom landing page for your categories via page with shortcoded columns.

Hope this helps, cheers! :)

P.S.: Each Portfolio category you create will have a special selectbox for selecting one of the 7 available portfolio layouts. Everything is really easy, you can switch it anytime.

This is beautiful! awesome work!! Bookmarked!

Mate, you are killing me. This is awesome!

Thanks guys for such nice and positive comments :D I am glad you all like it :)