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Holy smokes this is a stunning template! I wish you all the best!!!!

- Bryce Wisekal

Thank you!

Really nice work :)

thanks a lot :)

Just want to let you know that the menu color animation doesn’t respect the dark style. Once an item is hovered, it fades to white, making them unreadable.

Apart from that, this theme is absolutely beautiful.

Hi, this is just for the demo, because the color switcher doesn’t change container element class name which is needed for proper effect. So, when you select the color skin from the theme options panel, it work perfectly :)

Thank you for the clarification.

Looks Good :)

Thank you! :)

Hey mate!

Thanks for a great template! Im having some issues with the blog page. I cant remove the: ARCHIVES , META from the Blog page. Im not sure what it is. I’ve created two similar pages. One called blog and one called test page. When i have them both on default page, the blog page shows Archives & Meta while the test page also is default page, shows the widget i have chosen. Same thing goes when i have full width page. Feels like the Archive & Meta are there by default and cant be removed by the user. Any clue to this?


Thanks for purchasing!

ARCHIVES & META widgets is the default widgets if you didn’t choose one(s), and you have 3 sidebar (General, Single and Page). Do you select the page that called “blog” as your posts page from Settings -> Reading as stated in the documentation? If yes, so there is no issues, just drag the desired widget to (General Sidebar), it doesn’t matter what is the template for the page called “blog”. Since you see the widget that you selected in “test” page which is non-posts page, so I think you selected the widget in “Page Sidebar”.

Please let me know if you need more clarification. I also encourage you to read “Sidebars & Widgets” section in the documentation.

Enjoy your new theme ;)

You are right if you drag a widget to the general sidebar, archives and meta widgets will not been shown but I would like to have no sidebar on the blog page, is that possible? I would like to apply the full width template to the blog page.


The theme doesn’t support full width layout for blog for now, but I’m planning to include multiple blog layouts in an update in the near future since some buyers asked for portfolio-like layout for the blog (3 columns).

my god! this might finally be what i’ve been looking for… i’ve been looking / waiting for the perfect portfolio template for 2 months.. almost went for many others.. but this one might be the one! does it use Cufon for the fonts? can I easily customize the header fonts with my own cufon file?

thanks, ~s

Oh, I do have one more question, I’m interested in using the home page option with the portfolio grid rather than the slider…

are the options to customize the home page beyond what is shown on the preview?

curious if i can put in text boxes or more introduction / text info in the area where the Blog Posts are located and totally nix the blog posts…

thanks ~s

Sorry! I reported your comment instead of replying :)

I was saying, of course you can use any custom content. The demo shows only the fixed content blocks (however you can turn off the recent posts section from the theme options panel) but you can insert any kind of content, text, images, shortcodes and even custom HTML code blocks in the page editor like any other page. The custom content will be shown between the slider/grid and the recent posts block.

Just wanted to report that I noticed a very minor CSS issue with the home page with grid (just needs 3px of margin to be added in bottom) and will be fixed within 24-48 hours.


wow. you’ve got me excited about this one. thank you.

Looking foward to the update

Its a awesome theme, love it already


Thank you! maybe I will release sooner update for minor fixes before a major update with major features which needs more time of work.

Any way I will not be late, I made this theme with love and want everyone love it a s well :)

wow beautiful theme


Greets. Just purchased the theme. I have one initial question for you. The Contact page, when you visit it, the page tells me the website’s google maps api key needs to be updated. How do I do that?

Ooh, my fault. You need to apply for Google API code but I dropped this part from the options panel by fault.

An update with fix for this issue and other minor fixes will be released within 24 hours. And will let you know how to apply for API code. Also will include this in the documentation.

Sorry for that!

You’ve got a bug with your slider – when you open a new browser window or tab, then come back to your demo, the slide title starts blinking repeatedly regardless of what slide is appearing. It won’t stop unless you refresh the page.

I noticed this issue as well. I’m trying to discover what causing it. Apparently it’s “Nivo” plugin itself needs the latest update, or the jQuery version. Will update you.

3 Failed attempts to install.


Be sure that you don’t upload the zip “” file that you download directly. You need to unzip this file and upload “showycase” folder inside it to your “themes” folder. There is a documentation explaining how to install your theme in the downloaded package.

Let me know how things is going with you.


Dnn Purchased

Simple, beautiful, fast. Congratulations. But… On IE 9 menus do not appear.

You mean the navigation menu? It’s tested on IE9 & IE8 and working! I’m going to recheck it. Please send me a link to your site to check it a s well.

Weird, I got your message but when I visit your site I works perfectly, here is a screenshot

The screenshot that you sent me shows that site didn’t load completely, the font doesn’t load and there is no footer. Are you sure it finished loading or if you has any problems with your IE9 .

FOR EVERYBODY if you faced any problem with IE9 let me know.


Dnn Purchased

Another question: I have 4 registered items in the category “fanpage.” By using the filter of the portfolio is only showing one item, others are on separate pages. Is this normal? Thank’s

Yes, it’s normal. This is a normal downside of using filtering and pagination together. If you don’t use pagination the all 4 items will be shown in the same page.

Hi there,

I’m looking to buy this theme but I’ve noticed one problem with z-indexing on the slide out navigation menu. It seems to only happen on a page with a video at the top.

Screenshot here:

Using Chrome by the way on Windows 7.

Thanks for reporting this, it’s chrome/youtube issue. Going to fix this within 1 or 2 hours.

I figured out what is causing the problem. Finding a good fix now.


UPDATE v1.1 is in review process and will be available within few hours.

Bug fixes and updates:
1. Added: RSS feed support for portfolio items with the ability to turn it off.
2. Updated: Nivo Slider Plugin to the latest version (2.7).
3.Updated: jQuery to v1.6.4) (1.7 has some issues with Nivo slider).
4. Fixed: Minor CSS issue in Home Template 2.
5. Fixed: Recent work Thumbnails hover effect in Home Template 1.
6. Fixed: Google map in the contact template. Now you can add your unique Google API key in the Options Panel. Instruction in the updated documentation.
7. Updated the documentation.

Update v 1.1 is available!

Hi, Is there an xml available that will allow me to start with a duplicate of the demo.


fresh work man…

I would like an option to add multiple images to each portfolio postimage on top…

have you thought about a slideshow option on each portfolio item?


Can you clarify your idea? are you mean something like that?

hehe… yea thats it

I just haven’t opened this portfolio item before ;)

thank you, will purchase in the next few days.

you’re welcome :)

nice job mate

Thanks! :)