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In my portfolio if have slides with different imeages and that works great…BUT is it possible to have movies and images in the same slideshow ?

The theme default slider which is “Nivo slider” doesn’t support videos right now. Maybe will implement other slider options which has video support in a future update.

Will you guys be supporting Infinite scroll?

At this time, your theme, ShowyCase, doesn’t support Infinite Scroll. Unlike other Jetpack modules, Infinite Scroll needs information from your theme to function properly.

Until your theme supports Infinite Scroll, you won’t be able to activate this module.

Let me search a little bit about this, will get back to you asap.

Thank You

Cufon fonts just randomly stopped working. Have downloaded and installed the latest version, same issue. Wordpress is up to date.

What is your operating system and browser? I tested your site on Mac Chrome & Firefox and all is good.

This theme has malware in it. I uploaded it only to have viruses running through it. Thanks a bunch for making me pay for this shit.

“viruses”?!!!! What do you mean?

Every time I write text in any post or page, after I publish it, it creates links within the text that go to malware ads. I’ve added anti-virus plugins to find the issue. It keeps coming back to the timthumb,php file. However, I have replaced the timthumb file with a clean version. I can’t figure out what it is, but something is in there creating links

OK, the theme itself is absolutely clean! Maybe there’s problem with your server itself and (maybe it’s hacked) and uses the timthumb as backdoor to throw bad content. Did you try to contact your hosting provider, or di they contact you?

two problems:

my movies don’t display fullsize, they are the same size like all my other images and the images are perfect, not the movies (hosted at vimeo)

size Í added categories every gallery item has “Similar Work” category below…I don’t want that

thanks !

This problem happens when you videos hosted on Vimeo is not “HD”. The solution is to use the embed code with the prober width and height instead of using video URL.

For “similar work” question, you can turn this off by unchecking “similar work” checkbox in the theme options panel under “Portfolio settings” tab.

It would be excellent if configured for a responsive version

Hopefully soon :)

Is it possible to have the blog page without the right side bar? Are there any other display style for blog posts on the home page?

Hi, there’s an option to turn OFF the right sidebar, even better there’s another option to turn it ON on the right hand side below te navigation and social links.

Hi, is it possibly to remove the date, comments and author in the post entry display?

Hi again, I emailed you about a month back before purchasing your terrific theme to make sure it had some of the functionality the site needed. Now, I’m at the point that I need to get those items activated, and have also stumbled upon a few other needs. I understand support is up to you, and some of these go beyond that scope, so if you can let me know if they are possible but will take more time, I could probably kick you some cash to accomplish the custom edits. However, some of them are pretty straight forward and even things we talked about previously…

1) How to adjust the search on the site to search for everything?

I need the search to bringing back results for the Portfolio items including title, content, skills, etc…it should bring back results if the words searched are used in any of these.

2) On individual Portfolio pages…

a) Is there any easy way to disable the header image having a lightbox link to it on individual Portfolio item pages? Since they are static header images, or a slideshow or video, I don’t need it to include lightbox functionality. Hoping to have functionality on those as it is for header images/videos on the standard site “Pages”.

b) If you do not state a “Preview Image” (or video) it places a dead/missing image at the top of that portfolio items page. This means the preview image/video/etc. is required. Is it possible to not have a header image on those pages? Again, like the functionality on those as it is for header images/videos on the standard site “Pages”.

3) Having the “BROWSE PORTFOLIO” navigation work for sub-categories…

One of the most attractive functionalities of your theme was being able to sort the portfolio by child categories. However, once you are in a specific portfolio item page if you try to use the “BROWSER PORTFOLIO” navigation…

...the grid icon takes you back to the most top-level sorting which I am not using, all pages are broken down by child categories. So, when you click the next or previous arrows it is all by date and may not even take you to a portfolio item in the same category as what you are currently in.

I understand this is probably how it is just setup, and may not be able to be changed without a ton of work, so just let me know.

4) On the homepage as shown in your demo:

How hard is it to move the “RECENT WORK” and “RECENT POSTS” up so they are above the content they are feeding in? I was able to move them up fine, but the arrow controls wouldn’t move up and control the content of what they were next to. Here is what I’d like it to look like…


does the new update include something with the portfolio section? I find its very very slow for loading if you put a bunch of pics in.

Actually no, but it’s recommended to keep your theme always up-to-date.

What’s your current version? Could you give a link to your site to check it?


Can your WP theme accomodate for long images? Or will the images get cut off? Is it possible to put the title on the top of the post in the Blog?

Please let me know.

An example of the image I will be using will be my current website:


1. For the standard blog posts (with single image) it will not cut off, the image will be scaled down but will not be cropped. For gallery blog posts and portfolio posts (with slider) it will be cropped to fit into the slider.

2. You can achieve this by minor code modification.

Is there anyway to leave the left logo and menu to stay there when someone scrolls?

Yes, check this checkbox in the theme options panel under “General Settings” tab:

The Homeslider stopped working, please help I need to fix this immediately!! I have the updated theme, also updated wordpress, same thing, not working!

Will this take another 2 days for you to respond to me? I need this up and running like right now.

I just posted it, please can I get help immediately on you Support Forum, PLEASEE!!

I messaged you before buying the theme to confirm this, and have tried to get in contact with you since, but haven heard anything back. I really, really need to get the search on the site working to search for everything also I can launch the site…

I need the search to bringing back results for the Portfolio items including title, content, skills, etc…it should bring back results if the words searched are used in any of these.

Your responded to this three months ago with…

Yes this was turned off initially but there’s a simple way to turn it on. I’m going to release an update in the next week and will make sure to turn this on by default. Actually the demo site doesn’t run the latest WP & theme version and need to be updated as well.

...rather than a full update, can you just let me know the quick way to edit this to get it searching for everything?

Thank you, I really appreciate it!

Thanks for getting back to me on this. Bummer, it’s not built in, but I understand. The one search you sent isn’t compatible with 3.5+ but Relevanssi <> seems to be working great.

Any chance you can get back to me on some of my previous inquiries…I know they might go beyond what you support, so maybe if a little custom code is needed I could provide some additional compensation. Thank you.

Of course I will make some research on this, and if there’s any enhancements could be added to the core WP functionality I will be happy to add this to future update.

Oh I figured out that you have another comment which I didn’t reply to. I will read it asap (it’s too long ;D) and respond.

For such long topics like this, it’s better to use the support forum in the future. I may ask you to post it again on the support forum if the capabilities of this comments system doesn’t allow me to respond perfectly (posting images, code … etc).

Quick question regarding footer widgets.

I added a text (html) widget to one of my footer widget areas. entering html code for 4 social media buttons. Everytime i do instead of displaying them on the same line it puts each on a new line. even if i put text next to the button it places it on new line. I have not selected the autoparagraph an it is still the same. I would like then to display on one row. I even tried to put them in a table or use another html plugin. no luck.

any idea? there must be someplace in your code to change the display options of a widget text

This is a $40 headache :mad: I appreciate the hard work, and how cool this theme looks, but it’s just such a time waster. If you’re like me, you purchased a theme because you don’t want to invest the time learning php. Instead of creating great content you’ll get the luxury of trying to sort out things like, why my Home Slider doesn’t work right. UGHHH! I have used a few themes before, and never had these issues. No disrespect to the creator, seems like a decent guy. This product is not worth $40 to me.

Hi, sorry that you have issues with the theme, since you said that you have “issues”, is there are other things than the slider issue? The slider issue mostly is a matter of permissions setting, it’s simple part of the theme setup, and hopefully the next update will remove this requirement, we can discuss this further in the support forum (if you don’t already posted your issue there, sorry I didn’t log in for a while, just finishing my new theme). And you shouldn’t need to learn PHP to deal with the theme unless if you want to modify/customize something beyond the theme built-in customization options, then you clearly will need to edit the code.

I would like to hear your detailed feedback. I implemented a lot of features and enhancements according to buyers feedback. Without your feedback things will never get beter :)


I emailed about a week ago and am hoping for a solution. On the portfolio page, when I add the 2 column shortcode, the text or image does not wrap or properly space. Just overlaps, or both images(if small enough) push to the left. I would like to showcase my image portfolio in two columns with lightbox photos as displayed on your preview page.

Please help. Thank you, Beth

Here is the link. Although after messing with it for a bit I think I understand the problem. I can only have columns if the photos are 200px wide or less so they don’t interfere with the “Skills” column. I can live with that but a wider option would be nice. Oh well.

(Here is the link if you want to see what I mean:

2nd question: When people go to my website ( they land on the blog page, which I don’t want. I want it to go to my Home page (which is How do I fix that? Can I change the blog permalink?

Two more things: The Twitter feed doesn’t work and the auto size doesn’t populate in the image shortcode if you add desired px width as it says it will.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply. Overall, I think the theme is really great.


If you only answer one question, please just tell me if there is a way to not make the blog page the landing page. This is marketed as a portfolio theme, not a blog. I don’t want the blog the first thing people see when they visit my site.

For the blog and home page issue, it’s just a matter of WP setting. This is clearly explained in the documentation which comes in the downloaded package. Open “documentation” folder, then “index.html” and find A-3 sub-section under “Getting Started” section.

For the first issue, the dropbox link directs to the wrong file, please correct it. For the last to things, could you confirm which theme version you’re using and could you post a live link to your site? Will check the the auto height issue for image shortcode.

Hello: i like this theme very much. but I have some question:

a) I have a troble in my website, suddenly the homepage dont show the slider, i try to different form to see the problem but i cant to solve this.

My website is:

b) I would like dont appear in the main menu the color move in roll over… i would like in roll over only the change color of the font, please see my website

I would be grateful if you can help me with this problem

Thank you very much

Cant find the bloody “Purchase Key” to sign up and be able to write in the support forum… For me also this has so far been a $40 headache and I really miss a easy way to get support, like at woothemes…

Im using ShowyCase, and are now adding items to my portfolio.

How ever when I add pictures to “Preview Image(s)” they will not show! How ever if I click on the EMPTY WHITE space the pictures will show in a preview box. Ive tried different browsers and its all the same. No pictures.

Pls help me. Whats going on?!

It’s the same problem with the SLIDER. No pictures showing.

I also would like you to help me to “redirect” the home page. As it is now the is showing some creepy blog page I dont even want. I want the HOME page to be the first page showing. How?

Hope you can help me. Maybe send me an email:

Thanks a lot.

Good afternoon

Pre-sale question. In this theme is possible to user see the portfolio created to him, and select images that he wants? In this way I can show to him all photos and him choose some of them and I will work only in selected photos in high resolution.

Is that possible?

Thank you