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Hi everybody, sorry for being unresponsive the last few days, I’m going to answer all the pending questions by tomorrow as I’m not in front of my computer now. Dont worry, I will be answering questions during the weekend.

Thanks for your patience and sorry again for any inconvenience.

botti72 Purchased

Hi there,

first of all thanks for the fantastic theme. I playing around with it right now, but I just do not have the nice animations of the menu like in the demo?!? Also there is no mouse over effect on the preview thumbnails.


Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Cheers Torsten


Hi, checked your site but it seems like you switched to the default WP theme. Please let me know when you switch back to ShowyCase.

RezaEvol Purchased

Hi I have a quick question, I’m trying to stack images inside the body of a portfolio post instead of using the slide show gallery at the top. But unlike the blog section the photos in the body don’t open in a lightbox… any ideas for a fix? Thank You Reza.


Let me check this and get back to you.

Hi there! Beautiful theme! Is it possible to set up a video Portfolio page with Lightbox, like in your Fullscene theme? Thanks!

Howdy, this is a pre-purchase question about the ShowyCase theme. There is no mention of eCommerce on this theme’s details page, can you recommend any specific plugins that are compatible with your theme?

What is the best method for updating from 1.6 to 1.8? I think I’m on WP 3.2 or something like that.


jharrell Purchased

What is the recommended method for updating theme from 1.7 to the current theme?


1) Update the default WP themes to the latest version.

2) Activate the default WP theme (you can use one of “coming soon” WP plugins before that).

3) Update WP to the latest version if it’s not already up to date.

4) Delete the current theme (backup first if any custom code modifications have been done).

5) Unzip the downloaded .zip file from ThemeForest.

6) Use WP admin theme uploader to choose and upload “theme.zip” inside the unzipped folder resulted from step #5.

7) Activate the theme.

8) Reapply any custom code modifications if any.

midmod Purchased

Still haven’t heard from you on this, posted here and to your forum. The search system is keeping “Pages” out of the results. It’s displaying “Post” and “Portfolio” but I can’t figure out where the “Pages” restriction is coming from. It appears you have fixed it on your live demo site now <http://themes.premitheme.com/showycase/> as previously if you searched for “About” or “Shortcodes” it wouldn’t bring back results even though there are clearly “About” and “Shortcodes” pages.

Please let me know what code edit(s) were made to fix these issues. A link to download the updated version won’t cut it at this point, I need to know what the code edits were to fix the search from how it previously worked.

Thank you.


Hi, sorry for the long wait.

You just need to update your theme to the latest version.

lvandyke Purchased


Thank you for your theme.

I have a few issues I am hoping you can help with.

Here is my site : http://lindsayvandyke.com/

1. I am having an issue with the “recent work” carousel below the main image on the homepage. It works fine at first, but if you click next/previous a couple times it gets broken and disordered. Please let me know what is going on and how to fix it.

2. Can you please tell me how to CSS style the submenu (the one that animates out from the main menu)? I would like to realign the text, remove all drop shadows, change the background color and transparency, etc)?

3. Can you please tell me where to get rid of the white to grey gradient that appears when you hover over the menu items?

Thank you in advance to your help!


I have a question about the theme. I want the sub-menu to appear under the menu item. I cant figure out how to do it. Can you help me?


Hi !

I just wanted to know if it was possible to have the “portfolio – 3 columns” as the home page ?

Thanks !

Hi, the support website will be available within 24 hours, it’s offline now due to major updates. Note that the the old forums will be closed for new topics and replies (will be archived), and you can open a new topic in the new forums.

Many reasons caused my unresponsiveness lately, some of them are personal, sorry for that and hopefully the future will be better.

Sorry for any inconvenience and your patience.

The new support site is available :)

kyesos Purchased

Hi there ! First, few words about your work : bravo. Simple, clean, efficient, <3 it. Now 2 little questions : 1/ any simple solution to use multiple sliders with there own different image lot ? I would like my slider from a certain part of the website different from the one displayed on Home. 2/ sliders are making hard the display of vertical images ; is there any way to choose the zone I wish to show on specific pictures in the slide ? #THX


Thanks so much :)

1) Do you mean the different slider themes, i.e. arrows and pagination style?

2) Do you mean cropping location for each image? If so, unfortunately no. You have a global cropping location option in the theme options panel under “General settings”, which will affect all the images. But even this may be removed in the next update as I will replace Timthumb resizing script with another script using the native WP resizing abilities and will override all Timthumb known issiues.

almanzar Purchased

Hello: my website is in spanish language, and i have problem with some caracter like: ñ, á é í ó ú, do you know some solution about this issues?

Thank you very much.

Some conflicts found between WP 3.6 and ShowyCase. An update in the way within few hours.

Hi Premitheme,

The theme I purchased from you (Ultymighty) no longer seem to be on here, so I’m commenting here.

Based on your last comment it looks like Showcase might be having the same problem!

I get this message:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare has_shortcode() (previously declared in /.../wp-includes/shortcodes.php:153) in /.../wp-content/themes/ultymighty/functions.php on line 383

Please can you let me know how you fix this theme and if it can be done to Ultymighty?

I’ve partly fixed so I don’t get the error, but none of my shortcodes are working now so the site still looks a bit of a mess!




I’m not using Showycase, I’m using Ultymighty which seems to have been removed from your portfolio which is why I’m posting here!

So I need to do this fix manually myself. Please can you let me know how to do this.



Oh sorry,

Try openning “functions.php” and find all the instances of “has_shortcode” and replace them with “premitheme_has_shortcode” using any code editor.

Then let me know if this works with you.


That worked, thanks!

esaias27 Purchased

I was wondering if it’s possible to add comments back into a portfolio item? And how should I go about it?

Dowolny Purchased

Is it already updated ShowyCase for WP 3.6?


Uploading the theme update, just waiting for Themeforest approval.

Theme update v1.8.2 available. Fixed WP 3.6 conflict.

How to update – No need for permissions setting or “cache” folder any more :)