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How to enter multiple “Portfolio Permalinks Base”?

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Is it possible?


Unfortunately no.

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THX :)

Hey there, Im having an issue with my NextGen Gallery Plugin.

I updated my WP, your Theme and my NextGen Plugin, however I keep getting this error when trying to get to the gallery upload page: “RuntimeException thrown

/home/ohdagyo/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/products/photocrati_nextgen/modules/nextgen_addgallery_page/templates/upload_images.php is not a valid MVC template”

ALSO, when I run a “Check” on the Plugins Overview page I see this:

“Check theme compatibility Missing the call to wp_head() in your theme, contact the theme author”

As this is a very urgent matter I would appreciate a response as soon as you can please!!!

Thank you! Jason


Hi, actually the first error shows a plugin issue, I mean the issue is related to NextGen plugin. Did you try use the plugin with the default WP themes? Did you try to contact the plugin author?

The “Check” message also weird since the theme isn’t missing the call to wp_head(), if you opened “header.php” you will find the call clearly in the line #75.

Try to use NexGen with the default WP theme as I told you, mostly it’s a plugin issue since you have updated it recently, if it’s not, get back to me.

hi there, i just purchased your theme, great job man, but there are some issues , i hope you would explain the reasons why. 1. when we enter the website`s main page all the font`s are way too big, but after visiting a page, the fonts size go back to normal. why is that? 2.is there any way to have photo preview on top of the blog posts? 3.what should be the size of the image background to exactly fit the monitor display again. like your theme so much


you can visit my web site on this adress: www.anarstudio.com



1) I visited your site, but can’t see anything abnormal with fonts. Which font you’r talking about?

2) Not sure I understand your point, if you mean a featured image for every post, I see that you figured it out.

3) It depends on the visitor ’s screen size, 1300×900 could be nice but make sure to optimize it for web.

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Hi! I used this theme and had a problem. When I use portfolio – I set 9 items on page. And when I click to the next page (jr click 2 page, 3 page etc) – I have 404 error. How can I resolve this problem?


Hi, I’m now finishing my new theme which takes all my time recently. then I will resume updating my old themes. Hopefully very soon.

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Hello! We’re waiting for half year. I think you need to fix errors. Please. We pay for these theme and it’s really big problem for my clients. They can’t see all my works when they choose some category.


Hi, in case your still interested, the feature is implemented now in v1.8.4.


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Where you can set the length of posts on the first page? Posts are too long (110 words). http://beSlow.pl

Have you modified any of the theme files? Looks like you changed the excerpt length in “functions.php” file. Or maybe you’re using a plugin that caused this (maybe SEO plugin or something else).

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I use SEO. I also use other plugins. SEO turned off but the problem has not gone away. Can I improve something ‘functoions.php? Where? THX :)

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Hi, I can’t seem to find how I can enable comments on my portfolio posts. When I went to enable comments, like I usually can, I found that I didn’t have those options. So I am wondering if I can enable comments on my portfolio posts?

Hi premitheme . well i guess the font problem is just on my pc. i have 2 more questions from you 1.how can change the font type to something that i want. you see we have an official font type and we want to use that in our website. the is a space underneath the menu bar on the home page which is the site description , how can i change the font size ? it`s way too big. thanks again for this great theme

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Hi !

I have a “portfolio 3 columns” home page. Is it possible to link a blog article with this template ? In concrete terms, I want to go to a blog article by clicking a picture in the portfolio home page. Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately that’s not possible by default.

Hey, great theme! Just one quick question: Is it possible to show 4 pictures instead of 3 in the recent work section on the home page?


Not by default. Needs core code modification by a skilled WP theme developer.

Can someone tell me how to fix this: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare has_shortcode() (previously declared in /home/content/01/7093801/html/wp-includes/shortcodes.php:153) in /home/content/01/7093801/html/wp-content/themes/showycase/functions.php on line 251


Update to the latest version.


I can’t even log in to my Wordpress site.


Use your FTP account to manually delete the old theme and upload the new version.

Let me know if you need further help.

@unboundpixel: the theme doesnt work with wp 3.6 yet. You need to downgrade


The theme has been updated, and is WP 3.6 ready.

@Collins95. The theme works with 3.6. Download the latest version 1.8.3.

How can I update the theme?

1- Update the default WP themes to the latest version.

2- Activate the default WP theme (you can use one of “coming soon” WP plugins before that).

3- Update WP to the latest version if it’s not already up to date.

4- Delete the current theme (backup first if any custom code modifications have been done).

5- Unzip the downloaded .zip file from ThemeForest.

6- Use WP admin theme uploader to choose and upload “theme.zip” inside the unzipped folder resulted from step #5. OR use FTP client to upload the theme folder (called with the theme name, not the zip file) to upload to your server/hosting space.

7- Activate the theme.

8- Reapply any custom code modifications if any.

hi premitheme. you have not answered my questions! 1.how can change the font type to something that i want 2. how can i change to page`s title? and can you provide some information on how to bring my my website ranking in google?


and there is another Q for you. in each portfolio Items in usually upload 728*408 pixel images . but there is an ability to click on each image and a window with that image opens up. is it possible to have the same image but with higher resolution? or even different dimensions?


Hi, so sorry for the VERY late response.

1. You can change the font of headings easily from the theme options panel, watch this tutorial, it’s for “FullScene, but the same goes for “ShowyCase”...


2. The question i not clear, could you clarify?

3. It’s really depends on your website’s content. Of course I did pay attention to SEO in the theme structure, but this is nothing if you didn’t add rich content and followed all the SEO best practices for more SEO “Search Engine Optimization”. Google for SEO best practices and you will find a lot.

4. What permalinks structure did you try? Try putting /%category%/%postname%/ in “Custom structure” text field and save.

5. Could you post a link to your website to check it?

6. This is already the the behavior. When you click the image, it opens the original one with full size (bigger or smaller, it depends on what you originally upload). Note that you don’t have to upload exactly 728*XXX, if you did, this will be the original size. Just don’t go down 728 and you can upload bigger images, i.e.upload your desired biggest/original size, and it will be resized down to 728 but when you click it the original will be opened. if you uploaded images smaller than 728 width, they will be sized up which will cause pixelation.

Let me know if any of my answers was unclear, or if you need any further help.


Sorry, regarding #6, there is a bug causing your problem (the light box opens the same size), and I will push an update very soon for this.

Hello Premitheme,

My Google Maps on the contact page is not working. You have an idea?

Thank you!


Could you post a link to your page?

hi there. been waiting for answer long time now. i`m gonna add another one in my wassup plugin i`m getting this <</index.php?cat=1>> as page view, but i don’t have a page like this, do you have any idea wat it means?


I just attempted to update my wordpress to the latest version, while doing so my website now only displays this error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare has_shortcode() (previously declared in /var/www/website.com/public_html/wp-includes/shortcodes.php:153) in /var/www/website.com/public_html/wp-content/themes/showycase/functions.php on line 263

What can I do to fix this?


Fixed! Just needed to re-download & re-install the theme.

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Hi, I love your theme, I have 2 questions, 1- Is there a way that I can use one portfolio page as a home page? http://www.yildiz-yachting.com/portfolio-items/yildiz-yachting/ or I want that slider and text for my homepage, is there another way for this?

2- Can I make all site a little larger, content part is 726px, how can I make it 1000px for example? sorry for bad english :) thank you

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Here is my problem with your axesome theme.

I will post on my website a lot of portfolios with only one picture in it. But when, I post a portfolio with a unique preview image, when I click on the header I’ve got a rezize image of 726px width, and not the original one.

On your theme preview, it is possible to get the full image size on click :


Here’s a captures to explain my problem (my website is on localhost for now) On my website : http://www.ludimaginary.net/perso/full-size-image-726px.jpg On click I’ve got a rezised image of 726 px !

On the live preview :


On click, you got the original size image…

So what I do wrong ?

Thanks for your answer.


Thanks, there is a bug causing this and I will push an update to fix the bug very soon.

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Just updated the theme and I seem to be having a minor problem.

On the home screen the height of the latest posts (under the slider) are changed based on the amount of content they have. Any chance to make them a fixed height? www.fhlfitness.com

which php page and line do i have to change in the code?

Make more themes! Your support and themes are super awesome and super easy to mod.


Thanks so much :)