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hi in the contact form no emails arrive me. what could be wrong?


Just ask them that you have a PHP contact form in your site and you can’t receive emails from. Mostly it’s just a server settings issue, getting the green message means the form works properly but the problem with your SMTP server.

Please keep me updated.

St3ff3N Purchased

fixxed it, as you telled it me !!!


Great :D

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How can I select the items shown in the “recent work” in the template showycase?

One has the option of ordering by date or random. I wish I could select the items shown.

Can you help please?

mmn1989 Purchased

Can you answer please? I dont speak english, i speak spanish but i can understand with my traductor


Hi, sorry I missed your first post.

The “recent work” section automatically shows the the items in your work portfolio ordered by date or randomly as you stated, but there’s no option to select specific items to show.

Hi there,

I have a strange problem with the time. Please look at the photo’s on the end at: http://www.mroosfotografie.nl/portfolio-items/96/

Greetings en thanks,



If you mean the overlapped thumbnails, you can reduce the thumbnail size (which is defaults to 150×150) to something smaller. You can find this setting under “Settings > Media” in the WP admin panel.

Notice that the portfolio item has a side bar by default which should be filled with some meta data like date, category, client, skills …etc.

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Hello, I built my website on a temporary server without any inconveninte, but when I inserted my web page at the server end ma get the following problem when I want to edit a page or create a post:

I would really appreciate it if I can help with this.

Fatal error: Class ‘WP_Posts_List_Table’ not found in /home/blo/public_html/wp-admin/includes/list-table.php on line 51

Thank you very much.


If you switched to another theme (maybe the default WP theme), do you still get this error?

Hi there, i have a problem with videos, although i paste the link in portfolio, nothing happens, what should i do?


Hi again, would you please explain how can i add a widget? i have the code but i dont know what to do with it


Hi, sorry for the late response.

1- Not sure what is the problem with videos you mean, details? Maybe you can read the documentation that comes in the downloaded package, it will help.

2- Adding widgets is a matter of general WP usage, you can find good info and tutorials if you google a little. here is some … http://wp.tutsplus.com/tutorials/wp-101-video-training-part-12-widgets/ http://wp.tutsplus.com/category/tutorials/wp101-training/

Hi, nice theme! I’m interested in buying this theme – could you tell me if the embedded video controls can be modified? For example, I want to put a vimeo showreel on the home page but want to declutter its poster frame so there’s only a play button – so that the image looks presentable as a landing page.

Also, is it possible for me to remove the footer?

Kind regards, David


For the video, you are able to insert a normal embed code, so you can customize it with supported parameters as you need.

For the footer, you can remove it by a minor code modification, if you’re comfortable with doing that.


Thanks! Purchased :)

hey man! you really need to visit this page sooner, last time it was about 10 days and this time it is about 6 days that i`m waiting for an answer. i really am in a hurry man :(


Hi, replied to your post.

Hi question guys, is this theme WP Ready for 3.7? I’d just like to know of any known conflicts or issues before making the update. Thanks,


Hi, no problems updating to 3.7, go ahead.

Hi, nice theme!

I’m interested in buying this theme – could you tell me:

- is it possible to add a widget (for exemple to display a facebook LIKE ) under the menu ?

- is it possible to display more then 3 elements in recent posts? (for exemple 6 would be awesome)



Hi, thanks for your interest.

- You can choose between right or left sidebar in the theme options panel, but you cannot have both at the same time. Notice that this isn’t available for home page, however you can add footer widgets in the home page (or any page).

- The recent posts/work area shows up to 9 posts scrollable horizontally (3 appears at the same time).

Let me know if you need more clarification before buying.


Hi and thanks for very fast answer

1 i understand. do you think it is possible to hack and manually integrate widget under menu? from my expererience that shall be relatively easy.

2 The recent posts/work area shows up to 9 posts scrollable horizontally (3 appears at the same time).

the homege look very good. but i need to display more news. is it possible to hack to display more then 3? don’t want to use another layout for homepage.


Sorry for the late response this time :)

1- This is possible but you will need first to deal with code and add a new sidebar. This is possible and easy for someone experienced with WP theme development, but not for every one.

2- Unfortunately this is not easily possible.


i’m trying to upgrade the showycase (1.5) to wp 3.6v or 3.7v and i have a fatal error (something with the shortcode). should i upgrade my theme?


Hi, To update to WP 3.6 or higher, you need first to update your theme o the latest version. This will take care about the fatal error.


and there is a need to buy it again, or that this is a part on the maintenance of showycase?


No, just re-download it from your “Downloads” tab on your Themeforest account.


Could you please tell me how to remove the footer copyright box all together? Just trying to make it as minimalist as possible :) Thanks


Hi, still waiting to hear on this, thanks

I have the same problem as Hubez above, I bought your theme, and now just upgrading WP, i have the same fatal error – PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare has_shortcode()

So now you want us to buy your theme again?


Use your FTP account to delete the old theme folder, then upload the latest theme folder and you should be fine.

Let me know if you have any troubles or need further help.


Thanks for your response. The theme is no longer showing up in my downloads section. that is the reason why i came to comment on here.


Are you talking about “ShowyCase” theme?


is there any help in your forum????? I posted about 3 weeks ago a Thread and never get a answer to my problem.


Sorry, the support forum doesn’t have good activity from me lately, sorry again for that. I will take care about it ASAP.


Hello????? Will there come now any help in the Forum or not?? I am waiting now nearly 2!!!!! months for resolving my problem!


Really sorry emitremmus. Please check you post on the support forum. I have posted a quick fix for your problem and will be added to the next update.

Hi, could you please tell me which line of code I need to alter to remove the copyright footer box altogether? Thanks


Sorry for the late answer.

Open “showycase/footer.php” file and find the highlighted code block and delete it … http://cl.ly/image/1o330H263o1W

It would be excellent if configured for a responsive version?


Hi, I’m now Trying to finish my new theme which is responsive theme, then I will be working on developing a responsive update, but no date available for that yet.

hi if i put content in a home page the background of the page becomes white. how can i change it to the default grey?!


Hi, could you post a link showing problem?

coliff Purchased

Great theme with lots of options. A few suggestions for an update:

  • On the contact form change the email input type from type=”text” to type=”email.” Using type=email is 100% backwards compatible but is helpful on newer browsers with helpful email keyboards on mobile devices and email address validation on some desktop browsers too.
  • Update the twitter icon – the one being used at the moment was changed about 18 months ago. https://about.twitter.com/press/brand-assets
  • Optimize all the PNGs using PNGGauntlet (Windows) or ImageOptim (OS X). File sizes would be reduced dramatically.
  • Change Contact Settings icon from headphones to a letter might make more sense.
  • Remove ms-linear-gradient prefixed gradients from the CSS. No shipping version of Internet Explorer ever required prefixed versions. (reference: http://lea.verou.me/2013/04/can-we-get-rid-of-gradient-prefixes/)

Thanks for your valuable points. I will take them into consideration in the next updates.

im in a pickle. I tried upgraded to WP 3.7.1 and my showcase version was not compatible. (the pickle) i can’t download the latest version as my original envanto account was registered to a now dead domain name and email along with it. which also mean i can’t get into the support forum without the envato code..

currently my site has flat lined and I’m desperate to get it back up.. let me know what you need from me.. username ‘davephaelon’ premitheme.

Thanks in advance



Unfortunately neither me nor Envato can help you without at least your purchase code. I’m so sorry but it looks like you will have to purchase the theme again with your new account! It’s good idea anyway to save the purchase license on a local storage.

Did you try to contact Envato for this? Maybe they have a way to get you back in access with your old account by confirming other profile information (like when you contact your bank for credit cart issue).

Please if you managed to solve this with Envato, let us know.

kiezlicht Purchased

Hi There,

I can’t get rid of the Archives and Meta Widget on the Single Post Sidebar. All three Sidebar options have no widgets enabled at all. Not sure if this is a bug? I just installed WP 3.8 and downloaded the newest ShowyCase temp., I noticed that there is no more drag’n drop on the widgets page.

Hi, not sure if this issue was addressed or not, but is ShowyCase v1.8.3 compatible with WP 3.8? Please advise, thanks.


Yes, no issues al all using 1.8.3 with WP 3.8.