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Love your theme – so very adaptable, and straightforward.

I have a question about organizing the display of the portfolio categories. They default display in alphabetical order (which is nice and all) but I would like to have them display based either on my own ordering or the most portfolio pieces per category. Is this already possible? Is there a way I can do this with code (without too much trouble?)

Hi, installed theme update and wp 3.8 and twitter and flickr are not working. With twitter i see the tweets but i can’t see anymore the various twitter logos or names, and with flickr i can’t see any thumbnail. also the social buttons under the search box are disappeared also if they are active in the theme customization menu…

How I can fix these problems? thx

Hi, not sure what you mean by “various twitter logos or names”, theme widget doesn’t showy any logos or names, just your recent tweets as text (with links if any).

Could you post your problem along with your WP admin login in oder to be able to check this and see if there’s any thing wrong with your widgets? Make sure to post your login info as a private reply.

Another question – documentation doesn’t cover how to replace fonts in the style section of the theme options.

I have pasted google code into the boxes – but I can’t get different weights to function. it all just subs for the initial weight (usually the lightest).

in your font family you have light reg and bold. how do I get the same with the font editor in the style sheet.

Thank you.


I have a couple questions.

1. The home layout 4 with video option doesn’t seem to be working in firefox and opera.

2. The twitter widget doesn’t seem to be working either anywhere.

I thought this was maybe just something we did on our site but when I looked at your demo site and I saw the same issues. Can you help?

screenshot in firefox of the demo video area –

screenshot of twitter widget area –



hey there… is this compatible w/ the latest update of WP 3.8?

I just received this error message when I updated to WP 3.8 and the site went blank. I had to remove Showycase and change out to a default WP template in order for the site to work again…

[14-Jan-2014 03:16:44 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare has_shortcode() (previously declared in /home1/natureu8/public_html/wp-includes/shortcodes.php:153) in /home1/natureu8/public_html/wp-content/themes/showycase/functions.php on line 247

You should update the theme to the latest version before updating the WP. Now, while you’re on the default WP theme, update ShowyCase to the latest version and activate it. You should be fine then.

how do you make an item “featured” so it appears large above the grid on the home page?

Hello again! We’re waiting for half year when you fix important error. When my clients choose category in portfolio – they can’t see all my works. They see works only from first page. They don’t see works from second, third etc pages. I ask you FIX THIS ERROR. Please. We wait enough. We pay for this theme. We pay programmer for setup. We can’t pay second time for another theme and second setup.

Let me apologize for any inconvenience first. It’s important to know that this issue is not exactly an error. Just the filtering in the theme doesn’t work that way. I know it’s more logical to work the way that you asked for but this is what we have at the moment. However I ALREADY developed another solution for filtering all the items even in other pages, just didn’t implement it yet. But notice that this solution will reload the entire page with the filtered items and will not have the fancy filtering animation. I know you waited a lot and I apologize for this, I have had difficult times managing my work the last 2 years. Hopefully we will have an update very soon to address your request and other bug fixes. Please accept my apologizes again.

All of a sudden when i post images on my blog section, it doesn’t resize my images to fit within the page like it did on my other posts. They carry over the page margins.


Your site looks good. Maybe it was a temporary loading issue.

Testing whether compatible with 3.8.1 and on a vanilla install it appears that the current theme version is NOT compatible with WP 3.8.1. Can you confirm this?

Obviously you don’t use 1.8.3. Mostly it’s 1.8.1 or older. Am I right?

Yes – totally my fault … PEBCAK error – “Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard!!!” Somehow I was not loading the right downloaded Theme files. Thanks – it appears to be working now as expected

Never mind :)

Hi There, I have tried to access your support forum, but it requires a purchase code. I have purchased the theme 2 years ago, there was no such code at time. But anyway,

I want to have random projects displayed on the “home page 2, with grid showcase’ setup, instead of being fixed with the latest works. Is there a way to do so?

You still can access your Themeforest account and get your purchase code even if after 2 years from purchase. Here is how. And notice that this link above leads you to the new support ticket system, don’t use the old support forum to post your question.


The them is not compatible with the latest Worpress update 3.8.1 and it will give you a Fatal error. (website down)

If you already have it, keep your Worpress to 3.5.2

A topic has been open on the forum.

Are you using the latest version of the theme?

Will the theme be updated to Wordpress 3.9? I am having issue inserting shortcode using the shortcode insert tool in text editor.

Yes, actually already resolved it and here is a quick-fix until I release the update.

You will need to create an account and insert your purchase code to access the answer. Let me know how it worked.

Good night, Please, I would like to know why I can not download the theme GoGreen. Themeforest The panel displays the following message “Download not available Item removed by either staff or the author ” Some data: Item ID: 757676

Hi, GoGreen is not my theme. Looks like you posted your comment in the wrong place :) You’re welcome.

sorry! hahahaha

I got the shortcode to work with Wordpress 3.9, but the menu hover effect doesnt work. You can see it in

Checking this issue

Do you use the latest theme version? If no, please update the latest theme version. If yes, then please try to re-upload the theme again. Report back and let me know what happened.

Will this be Wordpress 3.8 ready? Thank you!

Wait until I release the new theme update. It will be available within few hours. It should have the version number 1.8.4

Has the new version been updated?

Not yet, working on the update.


My client uses this theme and is running v 1.7.1 and WP v 3.7.3. Is it safe to update?

Also he says this theme is not mobile responsive – can you confirm?

Many thanks


It’s better to wait, I’m about releasing new update within few hours. then it will be safe to update to 3.9 easily. And yes the theme is not mobile responsive.

Hiii, i want to ask… can i use the slider feature on my home page??

Great! now you need to create slides in “Home Slider” post type in the left sidebar of WP admin area. Then the home page will grab them automatically. Keep me updated with your progress.

i’ve do all of them… my slider is working :D now, i want to set some widget on my home page, can i?

For home page, you can only use footer widgets.

Hi guys, when are you realesing the wp 3.9 update? best regards

Putting the final touches. Should be submitted between now and the Thursday, then should take few hours to get approved.

Hi.. Long time ago that i was here. Did you closed your forum?

Hi I purchased a theme. However, the XML file can not be found.

Please look for

Responded to your support ticket.