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WAOn.. its totally amazing :D

Thank you, sir. 8-)

Nice work! Good luck :)

Thanks, louiejie.

Thanks metro! :sunglasses:

Hi pjtops,

Nice, very nice.

It’s like an extention or inprovment of your shuffling script.

Question before i buy.

The home slideshow is not working with ie 8. It it possible to get the slideshow for picture and text on same time Can i use twice on the same page. I mean i would like to put one on the sidebar and one on the content side Can you include the psd Does it work with jquery 1.4.4



Thank’s for your quick reply pjtops, i understand everything, but i think, i didn’t explain my self properly.

What i would like is to get two vcard on the same page, one will have 320px for the sidebar and another one will have 670px for the leftside.

I beleive it’s possible regarding the fact that they were tree exemples on the same page in your shuffle script demo.

Sorry for my weak english.

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Yes, that can be done.

Hi claudeabandonato,

A new update for the item just went through, which includes all the PSD source files, and a slideshow fix for IE 8.

Nice work, good luck with sales !

Thank you sir! 8-)

Nice template, good idea. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Great! Thanks JF

It doesn’t scroll in Google htc phone

same problem with the scrolling

Cool. It looks like the HTC Nexus One, I’m assuming the phone’s still running on android 2.1? I can’t test and debug for that exact phone, but I can run an emulator for the android 2.1

I found the same bug testing on an ipod 4, so maybe its an issue with webkit mobile. The item has been updated with a fix for this, and I also got rid of the iframes in the live preview. Please have another a look on your htc phone, and let me know if its scrolling properly now.

Hey Mate,

There is some aligment problems under Chrome Version 25.0.1364.97 m

You should check it out :)




Hi, Yes, I’ve seen that before. Its a weird bug, as it appeared just once before on chrome a few weeks ago, and I’ve not been able to make it re-appear again, so its hard to figure out why it appears. I’m on the same version on chrome. If you’re able to reproduce the error all the time from your side, please let me know, as I’m trying to figure out why chrome randomly does that

Was finally able to consistently reproduce this bug, and once the problem was known (chrome sometimes has rendering issues with the svg version of a custom font), fixing it was the easy part. An update with the fix has already been uploaded and approved. Thanks for the heads up, cheers.

Can this template be used with Wordpress?

hi Parahat90, Not as is. You’ll have to convert it to a wordpress theme, or add it as a static page in your wordpress installation.

If not compatible, is it gonna take long for me to install it on GoDaddy. Once I install it, will I have to update it with every Server updates?

I loved this template. Good job.

Hi, Its a HTML template, so it will work on any hosting service or plan. Just edit & upload the files and its ready to go.

very well and pro design , Congratulations :*

Thanks Cloudtheme.

How do we change the color schemes?

Hi Parahat90,

Edit the colors.css file, or replace it with one from the ‘assets/color-schemes’ folder. Please read through the provided documentation, as it explains all these things more clearly than I could in a forum post.


Style.css seems to be missing. Tried changing styles.css to style.css, didnt solved. Uploaded as a zipped and unzipped folder in both “Manage Themes” and “Install Themes”, and nothing. The file just isnĀ“t there.

Any ideas? Thank you.

Hi, That error message is usually displayed in WordPress, but this is not a wordpress theme. Its a HTML template, which means you dont need wordpress. Just edit the HTML files content, full instructions are provided in the item’s documentation.

really good job!;

hey! thanks grafas.