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I cannot register on your forum. It is not accepting my purchase code for some or other reason My problem is. How do I get the gallery to display on the home page as per example. The documentation does not describe this.

I have tried the Nextgen image slider but this only displays in the page content and not in the background.



Only those users who have purchased this theme may access our support forum. Your comment is not showing the “purchased” badge. Are you sure you have purchased this theme? If so then its not from this account.

If you have purchased this theme , but form another account, please log in using that account and contact us via our profile page so we can confirm your purchase. Once confirmed we will help you access the support forum.


My client purchased it. The reason I do not use his account is that email notifcations goes to my client and not to me, which does not help since I am the person installing an configuring. I have the purchase code, what more do you need?

question, I purchased your template and its active now but the mobile version doesnt look like the demo mobile version with pics showing. What must I do to fix?



please head to our support forum and create a new thread there, also include a link to your site. Our staff will help as soon as possible (mon-fri)


Hi, I bought this theme in 2012 V1.1.

I want to upgrade to the latest version what is the process?

Do I uninstall (Loose all setup) and upload the new version zip? OR is there another way of updating the current without loosing my setup?

Kind Regards ALlan



download the theme again from themeforest, you’ll get the updated version. Easier way to update is to unpack the theme zip on your pc and then replace old theme files on your server (wp-content/themes/shutter folder) using ftp.

You won’t lose content (theme options, posts, etc) this way, only changes you’re going to lose are customization you may have done to theme files (like editing a theme php or css file)

When i install theme, I see version 1.3 in screen theme photo. Why? I want use 1.4 version.


Hi, We’ve just checked and indeed it appears that the latest version is not the one on TF, please head over to our support forums, register and open a thread there, we’ll provide a link to download the latest version. (We’ll submit an update here on TF too, but it may take a little while for it to be approved, so getting it via the support forums is the fastest way.) Thanks.

I’m trying to register my purchase code on your support site however it keeps saying it’s invalid, I have checked my download and the licence sheet the code is what is on my sheet is there a problem it’s not accepting my code?


I don’t recall registering for the forum is there a way to check

Will you be bringing out a high resolution retina version of Shutter



Unfortunately, there are no such plans.