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Another awesome file from you! Good luck!


Thank you charlie4282! Much appreciated! :)

Hey Enabled!

Another awesome mobile theme! Love the side menu :) Really nice.

Thanks for another wickedly awesome theme. You ROCK !


Much appreciated markspurs! Keep following my items, I have a few more you’ll love soon to come! :)

Great looking! Qr code to scan for phone preview?


Hey jprood! The QR code has just been added to the item description! Thanks for remind me! Much appreciated! :)

Amazing!! Thanks :D


Thanks paradisehost! Check out my other files! There are tones more and tones more to come! A new file every week! :) Thanks very much for you purchase! Don’t forget to rate 5 stars! :)


Hi, I have little doubt, I have my regular website and then buy this theme to create the mobile page of my website. but as I do that when they come to my website from a mobile device, the Route to this template?


paradisehost for that you need an automatic redirection script that sends your users from the main site to the mobile site, send me a message trough my profile and I’ll send you the redirect script! :) Free of charge for buyers! :)

Thanks :D


No problem paradisehost! Glad to have helped! Please don’t forget to rate the template 5 stars from your downloads menu! :)

Nice one :)

I like the menu ideea.



Thanks FamousThemes Much appreciated mate! :)

Great template Enabled :) And congrats on your 14th TF item!


Thanks CodingJack! Much appreciated! I’m glad my TF portfolio is slowly growing! :)

Hi there, great template. Any chance to have the naviagtion on in landscape view? If yes, I buy it right away!

Thank you


Hey there NurSharina You can make the navigation visible from CSS , but the navigation sidebar is fixed, that means, if you view it in landscape mode, you will not be able to scroll the navigation bar, which will only make you see the first 3 icons from the menu. That’s why the navigation hides itself in landscape mode! :)

me too … it is essential to have the navigaton in both orientation mode please … let me know when you do it and i wll buy it


Hey there valeriabond. You can make the navigation visible from CSS , but the navigation sidebar is fixed, that means, if you view it in landscape mode, you will not be able to scroll the navigation bar, which will only make you see the first 3 icons from the menu. That’s why the navigation hides itself in landscape mode! :)

where can I view an actual version of it on my iphone and iPad to check it out. Your Live Demo is only screen shots… not a real working type.


Click any of the color codes in the live demo or scan the QR code on the bottom of the description page! :)

I have a website with a WooCommerce store. Will the store work with this theme?



It’s a template.

This works on Android but looks really broken on anything else … ideas?

eldread Purchased

Is it possible to get the automatic redirection script? Also, I’d like help with adding another field in the contact form.


Hey there eldread... please contact me via mail please.

Hello :)

I see that you have another version which has a black background behind the text but I prefer this side menu.

Have you worked out the CSS for black and this template by any chance?

As others have noted I would need a redirect script too.

Plus I’d like to add a menu button on my WordPress site to access this mobile site as well.

Thank you.


Hey there, the inquiries you request require freelance. I am available if needed, you can contact me through my profile. The redirect script is for buyers only.

Is there a calendar that can be used with this template in a mobile view? If so I will be purchasing this straight away :)


I never tried to use a calendar in a template before. This is usually a WordPress feature.


Basically I want to show a list of events on a mobile site, and love the look of this template. Perhaps I don’t need a calendar but something else you can suggest…?


Well, for events, you can create notification boxes, custom columns, the things that are already in the code, you can customize them to suit your needs! I don’t know what else to suggest, check my portfolio, I have a lot of mobile templates, maybe one has what you’re searching for! :)

Hi really nice template.

A couple of questions regarding the side menu.

1) How many items can the side menu can have?

2) Is it possible to hide/unhide the side menu?



The side menu can have up to 6 icons. Adding more will make them not show on certain devices. The menu hides itself in landscape mode, and shows in portrait mode! :)

Hi, on my LG Optimus 2x Speed, it seems the sidebar has a margin-left. It´s not all on the right but a little to the right, i guess 10px. I guess it is because the width of my screen, because on a iPhone the sidebar fits at the left side of the screen…


That device does not support HTML5 or CSS3 … It’s a 2010 Phone! It should work perfectly though, I will investigate further! Thanks for the heads up! :)

I guess you dont check your mail :)? i sended a request for the redirect script… tnx anyway..


I’m sorry about that! I’m having difficulties with my e-mail client at the moment. You can get the redirect script at http://www.support.paultrifa.com , select the redirect script icon, and enter your buyer purchase code! The script will start downloading soon after! :)

Sorry again!

Hi, i downloaded it. I will check… thanks! Also asked for something via supportform…


No worries, my apologies for the initial inconvenience! :) I’ve replied to your e-mail! :)

ragtech Purchased

This is a direct copy-n-paste from your FAQ :

What mobile devices is it compatible with? Anything that has a resolution between 320 and 800, basically all the modern smartphones. iPhone 3, 3GS, 4, Galaxy S 1 , 2, Note, HTC … etc etc etc. The design is responsive to screen size. So it will adapt to pretty much ANYTHING !

Now tell me again how it was not listed as compatible?



Thank you for the reminder about the FAQ . It is your duty as a buyer to verify the item before purchase, needless to say, I just tested it on the latest OS on the Galaxy S2, and it’s working fine! If you require custom work for your OS version, please let me know! Freelance rates apply! I am no longer replying to your conversations. Good day! :)