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I have the theme Sideways. Version 1.8.7.

Can I change my theme to Sideways 2 without having to configure it?

Is it any easy switch I guess is my question?



Although Sideways 2 is the successor to the original Sideways theme the two themes are not compatible with each other.

Sideways 2 has greatly improved usability and code which makes it easier to setup and use compared to the original. Despite that, however, if you chose to move to Sideways 2 you will have to create your site again from scratch.

Love the theme! Is there a way I can get you to send me or install the demo content? I am not development savvy (YET) and find it easier for me to edit and maneuver my spin on the theme if there is demo content set up. Thanks!

There is a xml file included in the theme package that includes the demo content (excluding images).

You can import the xml file using the WordPress import tool to get the demo content and then follow the instructions in the documentation to complete setting up the theme (setting navigation menus,etc).

Hi EugeneO. I bought this theme again for another client. Everything is going fine except that I have created a bug it seems. The client wanted the images to be smaller than full screen so I changed the content to be 85%. Everything works well but the color overlay on hover is buggy not. It won’t stay in place but for a portion of a second and then it is hard to get it to show again. Since it goes away, it makes it hard for the user to know where to click to see the gallery/portfolio. Can you please take a look and let me know your thoughts?

Thank you very much. Jessica

I’ve looked through the page code and I can’t see and obvious cause of the problem. I’m sorry I can’t be more help.

Hi EugeneO. I fixed this problem. I deleted the theme and then reloaded it and the bug went away. Thanks for taking a look.

I do have a question about the color overlay. As you can see at , I have sized the images on the page to be 85% of the page which is fine. Where can I adjust the color overlay accordingly? It is still going full length and pushing down the scrollbar. Also, do you know if the horizontal scrollbar is enabled for keyboard scrolling, horizontally? It works on my mac vertically only. Thanks for your help! Jessica

You should change the height of the image holder rather than the image itself. This will limit both the image and the over lay to the 85% height.

#horizontal-scroll .portfolio_item { height: 85%; }

Hey Eugene,

My portfolio is no longer working. Can you help?

take a look from here.


What do you mean it is no longer working?

The portfolio is working fine when I view it.

Hi EugeneO! Hope you are very well. Thank you for the recent update of this theme.

My client wants his logo below the content but I can’t get the logo to link back to the homepage anymore. I think it is because I have it position: absolute. When I change it to relative it messes up the whole site.

Any ideas? THANK YOU!


Hmm. I put these changes in the child theme’s custom css area. Still not “live” Even changed the logo’s z-index to 900 from 3. Does not make a difference. Have any other ideas? Thank you!

The styles are not being applied. You will have to put them in one of the stylesheets. I would put the CSS changes in the child theme’s style.css.

I deleted it and tried again. Now it works! THANK YOU !!!!

Hi Eugeno. I am having some sizing issues on my laptop in Safari, IE and Chrome. In Safari and IE, an image won’t resize according to the screen size. I tried some @media css but nothing is working. In Chrome, the color overall works but the image sizes are off in the laptop view. Take a look. Would love any ideas that you have. Thank you!


There is only so much help I can give because this falls outside the scope of free support. The code you are asking me to bug fix are your own customizations. The code above does work in Chrome as that is where I tested it.

Thanks for your help EugeneO. I appreciate it.

If you have any ideas I would be happy to compensate you for the work. Thanks again!

Hello, I have a small question. Regarding the share buttons in portfolio (currently showing Facebook, Twitter, google+), how can I add other icons such as Tumblr, pinterest etc..? And is there a way to hide them/turn them off. Thanks :)

Thank you for your continued support! Will update to the latest version first, then will get to work :) Thanks again.


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The share buttons only seem to pick up the one featured image from each gallery only, am I doing something wrong or is that only whats possible with this theme given that the images are not really inserted into the portfolio pages but rather just linked to them? It’s unfortunate if so, because most photographers and artists using this theme would want people to be able to share all their images not just the featured ones :(

The share button on a portfolio item shares the portfolio item page, not specific images on that page. The portfolio item’s feature image is used as the image for the shared link. The same goes for posts with the gallery post type.


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Hi! Is it possible to have a help to customize the site? Any tutorial, or something? I can’t pay someone to do it for me .

I am not able to offer customization services. If you have any general questions I will do my best to point you in the right direction but I will not be able to provide exact code.

Hello! A big fan of your original Sideways theme. I’ve just purchased Sideways 2 and attempted to install it per your instructions in documentation, and this is the response I get when attempting to activate: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare cmb_initialize_cmb_meta_boxes() (previously declared in /home/redcolobus/ in /home/redcolobus/ on line 251 Can you advise…? Many thanks!

Let me know what info you might need from my end… (again, thanks for your response)

There is a conflict with a plugin that is using the same metabox framework. You have two options:

1.) Deactivate the Pixtypes plugin.


2.) Replace these lines of code at the bottom of raw_framework/template_optons/raw_page_options_config.php:

add_action( 'init', 'cmb_initialize_cmb_meta_boxes', 9999 );

 * Initialize the metabox class.
function cmb_initialize_cmb_meta_boxes() {

    if ( ! class_exists( 'cmb_Meta_Box' ) )
        require_once 'raw_page_options.php';


With this:

add_action( 'init', 'sideways2_initialize_cmb_meta_boxes', 9999 );

 * Initialize the metabox class.
function sideways2_initialize_cmb_meta_boxes() {

    if ( ! class_exists( 'cmb_Meta_Box' ) )
        require_once 'raw_page_options.php';


Many thanks!!!