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Great work, GLWS!

Awesome theme! ;)

Gorgeous theme. One of the better photo portfolios on here.


1. Is there a way you can make the sideways scrolling more noticeable and intuitive to the user to scroll?

This is something that I would like to improve but I don’t want it to come at the expense of “busying” the layout. I’m open to suggestions if you have any.

There are three approaches that I can see:

1.) Make the scroll bar always visible instead of only displaying it when the horizontal content is hovered over.

2.) Increase the size of the scroll bar so that when it is visible it is more noticeable.

3.) A right arrow in the bottom right corner of the screen indicating that there is more content to be scrolled to.

3rd option makes sense, possibly with an accent on the arrow to make it clear. I don’t know if that’s the best route, but it does help.

Great theme. As I saw, you are planning to improve scrolling. I would suggest to check this website, maybe it will inspire you :)

It’s an interesting idea. I would have to look into how well/easily it can made touch device compatible.

I originally had that same fade in effect when the items are hovered over but thought that photographers wouldn’t like their images to be faded out by default so I changed it to the blue overlay with the item title.

Great Theme! I have a pre purchase question:

There is way to create more categories for the horizontal gallery? Maybe also filterable? And a social share option for the single image? ^^

You can create as many portfolios as you want but there is no filtering effect. I’m not sure where the filters could be placed that wouldn’t clutter the layout.

I plan to add social share links to the single image page and blog posts.

Excellent theme! I have a couple of questions:

1) Is there any way to swap the logo and the menu icon around, ie. put the logo on the left and the menu icon on the right?

2) No tabs shortcode?

3) Is there any way to return to the main portfolio when browsing individual portfolio posts? ie. a portfolio icon with the arrows rather than having to back to the menu?

4) Is it possible to post regular audio files rather than Soundcloud embeds?

Many thanks.

It is possible but would be some work because you would have to move the entire left sidebar which has the toggle effect on portfolio items and the logo, sidebar button positioning on the responsive layouts.

Looks very good :)


Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)

Aloha, great work! I have been using horizontal scrolling themes for years. I had previously considered sideways, but it lacked certain key features. Sideways 2 is great, I made the switch to this theme last night. Love it!

I have a few issues that are of concern.

1) When I make the horizontal gallery full screen, the images get blurry. The images I am using are high enough resolution to easily accommodate full screen. They look crystal clear when I extend the window within a millimeter of the screen edge, yet the moment I make it full screen they become noticeably dull and un-sharp. My screen resolution is 1920×1200, and the vertical resolution of the images are 1440.

2) When I open the theme in a small window (or on a mobile), the portfolio information tab is open by default. On a phone you have to scroll down to reveal the images, it should be closed by default. When I resize a small window the information tab remains open and covers the fist image. It creates confusion. It should always be closed by default.

Besides that I love this theme! is there a way to fix the above issues?


1.) All images used in horizontal layouts are limited to 1000px height. This is to maintain the same aspect ratio when the crop images option is enabled. This will be corrected in tomorrows update.

2.) On mobile devices the portfolio info can not be toggled, it is always open, and I will not be changing this. When a browser window is resized and the responsive layout is triggered the portfolio content is opened but when it resized to the desktop layout it is not re-closed. This was in part because I do not think it is common occurrence for desktop users to be regularly resize content like that. If I can close the portfolio content with simple code then I will add it but I can’t guarantee anything.

Thank you!

I forgot to mention;

3)When I create a page and use the “full screen image” template, it forces you to use a colored overlay. I don’t want ANY color laying over the full screen slideshow on the homepage. I also don’ want the title to automatically display on the “full screen image” template. Is there a way to disable these features? Maybe you could add options to disable these features?

Thank you!

I’ve fixed the issues you highlighted and added all your suggestions. I will be uploading an update tomorrow once I have an opportunity to test the changes on the live preview.

Amazing! Thank you!

I’m extremely particular when it comes to my own website. Sideways 2 is great, and I appreciate your willingness to address my concerns. I am so excited to finally have a website that suits all my needs :-)


Simply fantastic! After the last update I can honestly say this is THE BEST THEM I HAVE EVER USED!

The images look amazing in fullscreen now! The homepage fullscreen template looks stunning upon entering my site!

Its perfect!!! I just rated it 5 STARS!

Thank you so much!!!

Thanks for the positive feedback. I’m pretty happy with how the theme functions at the moment and hope to be able to continue to make it better.

Can you post a link to your site. I would be interested to see how it looks.

Could you please add a video example to see how it gets?

Thanks! Renato

I mean a page with any video, I just want see how a youtube or vimeo is presented on this layout, not instructions. Thanks!

There are already examples of the video post format and YouTube and Vimeo video portfolio items.

Portfolio Items:

Video Format Posts:
If you add a video to the content area on a normal page it will display the same as on any other theme using WordPress built in oEmbed output. You would just need to use a plugin to make the videos responsive.

Hi, I can not find the tutorial on how I can set up the home site just as in the original preview of the theme: Please enter me how I can use the same page as the link.

Documentation is included in the main download. Alternatively refer to this link explaining how to setup a static home page:

On the live preview I have used the No Content template.

My mistake. I thought you were using the original sideways theme. The home page of the live preview using the Fullscreen Image template. The background slidershow images must then be attached to the page. Refer to the documentation for more information about the page templates.

Great theme it’s just the UX is difficult, I got lost several times, if you redesigned the navigation I’m sure this would be a hit because the way content is displayed is great

The live preview is far more complicated then a live site would be using the theme. Unforunatley the live preview has to show every single template, portfolio and post format type which makes things more confusing then it should be. I originally planned to setup the live preview as a real site but I quickly realised a lot of the theme’s features would go unnoticed.


Great theme, by the way. Something small I am not getting… I provided the links to all the social networks sites I have (from the Social Network Profiles tab), but when I go to click on any of them from the navigation menu nothing happens… It does not take me to whichever social network it supposed to take me to…

That’s a bug. Thank you for pointing it out. I’ll get it fixed and upload an update today.

Great theme, had sideways and now updated to sideways2.

I have the same question as lehmi. I tried to setup the homepage exactly as in the live preview, with no success :( I do not quite understand what you meant with “no content template”. There is no such thing in the template selection. (Did you mean standard?)

Sorry for this newbie question :)

That was my mistake. I thought they were using the original Sideways theme. The home page of the Sideways 2 live preview uses the Fullscreen Image template. The slideshow images must then be attached to the page. There is a little more information about each of the page templates in the documentation.

Thanks for the quick reply, I’ll try ;)

HI Eugeno, Your template is great , really, but for my homepage , modele fullscreen image, i cant to addict a button like your demo sideways website? Can me help please ? thanks a lot

Aloha EugeneO!

I am loving this theme! It has taken me a few days to get my site live… Still needs a huge amount of work, but everything is coming along fantastic!

1) I have found one bug that I can’t seem to work out. I am using the latest version. When on my homepage (using fullscreen template) If I open the website in a small browser, than resize it to fullscreen, the image aspect ratio changes and the images appear smushed. It’s fine when I open the browser in fullscreen, and than reduce the browser to a smaller window, the aspect ratio remains correct. -I understand that you specify 1440×900px dimensions for the fullscreen images, however the problem remains no matter what image size I use. Often times people browse in a smaller window, input the URL, than resize to fullscreen in order to see the images large as possible.

2) Is it possible to put a back to top button at the bottom of the vertical mobile layout?

Again, many thanks!

Your site is looking great.

The back to top button is a good idea which I will look into adding in the next update. I will also investigate the image issue you pointed out.