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Hello Eugeno,

Your theme is awesome! The UX and UI are exactly what i was looking for! This is the most perfect portfolio for any artist of any discipline.

questions :

1- Is it possible to have a fullscreen video background in the homepage.

2- How i can disable the links in the grid portfolio; so that they would only show the thumbnails and a title on mousehover without being linked to another page.

3- Is there a possibility to change the menu titles ( home-about etc ) positioning to be in the center of the page and to remove the lines in between? Also can i have an image background for this page.

4- Is there a possibility to have the video as a slide.

thank you in advance,

1.) Video backgrounds are not possible with the theme.

2.) You would have to create a copy of the portfolio-grid.php template in a child theme and then edit the links out of the new template file.

This is the link code in the template file:
<a class="post-permalink" href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" rel="bookmark"><?php the_title(); ?></a>

3.) They should already be centered. What browser are you using?

The line between are just CSS borders. Disable them in the child theme stylesheet.

#primary-nav > li {
border-top: none !important;

There is no built in way to add a background image. The easiest way would be to create a large background image and set as the background of #navigation using the background CSS property.

4.) No video slides are not possible with the theme.

Congratulations, you have some great work! Wish you the best sales :)

Hey EugeneO, Great Site! I love the template and its focus on the images. Just a few questions…

1)How can I make the image slider bar more apparent possibly by using color or increasing the size – i’d prefer not to use the ‘scroll >’ indicator and have it pop up right away? Any ideas?

2)What is the easiest way to create minor separation (lets say of 3px.) between the images in the slider gallery as well as the portfolio grid?

3)Will the site rotate vertically and horizontally on mobile devices?

I am very new to designing so apologize if this should be straight forward.

Thanks so much in advance!

1.) I would recommend making the scroll bar bigger by editing it’s height in the CSS. The scroll bar will not display until the images have loaded. There is no way around this behaviour.

2.) Adding a right margin to the images in the gallery should do it.
#horizontal-scroll .gallery-image { margin-right: 3px; }

3.) The theme is responsive so will adjust to fit the display’s dimensions.

Probably very easy, but I can’t seem to find the info on how to get the “see our work” button at the center of the home page and how to link it to a specific portfolio. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Aloha EugeneO,

just checking in to see if there has been any progress with regard to this problem:

When on my homepage (using fullscreen image template) If I open the website in a small browser window, the first image loads and appears with the correct aspect ratio, however, any images after 1st image, the aspect ratio changes and the images appear smushed.

The same behavior exists in your demo.

The problem does exist in a fullscreen browser window, however the natural 16:9 aspect ratio of the screen makes it less noticeable. Strangely, if I open a new fullscreen window, then reduce the size to a smaller window, the aspect ratio seems to auto correct itself.

-I understand that you specify 1440×900px dimensions for the fullscreen images, however the problem remains no matter what image size I use.

Often times people browse in a smaller window, input the URL, than resize to fullscreen in order to see the images large as possible.


I downloaded the new update, but the issue still persists. Really hoping for a fix for the smushed resizing on desktop. The first image always looks perfect, but the rest of the image ratios are incorrect. The homepage is REALLY important. Its the first impression. When clients look at my site it looks very unprofessional. Please look into this issue asap.

I didn’t have a fix for it yet. I will post a fix when I do.

Good news. After hours of playing around with this I think I’ve fixed it. I’ll upload the new version this afternoon.

I know this sounds kinda crazy and maybe Ill get slapped for his but, is there any way that the menu icon button on the top left can open up a panel on the left hand side

Similar to this :

The ONLY thing stopping me from buying this theme right now is that menu… but obviously its personal taste. GREAT work, I bought your first theme too and it is fantastic - Keep up the epic work.

There is no built in way to do it but you could probably change the width of the menu and the direction of the animation to achieve a menu that opens from the left and doesn’t fill the screen.

It is all down to your CSS abilities.

Hi Eugeneo, is there a way to change the fonts of the theme?

You change the font using @font-face like with other websites.


Quick question. I noticed that most of my images in the gallery setting format (when you create a portfolio) are filling the screen but not showing the images in its entirety. I have a 27” iMac and I notice that the bottom part of my image is always not seen. Is there an option where you can force the image to be shown in its entirety?

The only time the images would be cut off is when you are logged in and the admin tool bar is displayed at the top of the website. The content area is set to the window height but the admin tool bar height is then also added meaning the images are forced down and the bottom is cut off. This will not happen when the site is seen by visitors.

Many thanks. That is right…

Hi Eugene,

I have been a completely satisfied user of your OG Sideways.

If I purchase Sideways 2, will I have to completely re-do my website or did you integrate a seamless transition from 1 to 2?

Unfortunately you will have to remake your portfolios as the code for the original Sideways theme wasn’t easily switchable between other themes.

The good news is that this is an issue that I identified and have since worked hard to improved. All of my latest themes are made to WordPress standards meaning if you do decide to go to Sideways 2 and later change theme you should have no issues switching.

Setting up Sideways 2 is really really easy so switching shouldn’t be difficult.

Hi there - I had a pre-purchase question: is it possible to set the menu to always be fully expanded on the left hand side (for desktop) instead of having to click the menu icon?

No there is no built in option to do that.

May I know how to make a ENTER BUTTON (see our work) as in your example? I just like that kind of button.

nono, when the plugin is disabled no errors at all.

There is an update in the review queue with an updated version of the plugin. You should get a notification by email when the update is available for download. Reinstall the new version of both the theme and the plugin and let me know if the problem still occurs.

I did all you told me to do and everything is working, your Theme is allowing me to create my Art Web Arena online as one of the most beautiful Themes ever purchased. SPECIAL THANKX

Hi Eugene!

I’m actually trying to to figure out which theme of yours, Franklyn or Sideways 2, will fit my website the most. I already use Sideways for my website and I like the layout of it a lot but now I want it responsive. You can see the site here
1. In the update to Sideways 2 will my site automatically transform into the new layout?
2. Can you use the horizontal portfolio layout that shows when you hit the “see our work”-button as a kind of menu that will lead you to a grid portfolio layout? I work as a photographer and would like to organize the site like this. “See our work”>(horizontal portfolio category’s): wedding, portrait and so on. Hit “wedding”> (grid layout, wedding couples): Dan & Emma, Micke and Brianna. Hit “Dan & Emma” and now you’ll see the gallery.
3. If not is it possible can I have the menu as a sidebar instead of full frame and remove the “see our work”-button? (more like the current one in Sideways or Franklyn) If not, will it be possible in the future?
4. Or, maybe, will you add a scroll function to Franklyn?

I’m sorry if it’s a bit unclear what I want! :)

1.) No. Sideways 1 is over 2 years old and based on old code. It is not compatible with Sideways 2.

2.) No. It is not possible to link from one portfolio directly to another subcategory.

3.) No. You would have to code this yourself.

4.) There is no need for a scroll function. Once the menu is the active item (meaning the visitor has clicked someone on the menu once it is open) you can use mouse scrolling or even the keyboard down arrow to scroll up and down.

EugeneO – You did it!!! The re-size issue is FIXED!!!

Honestly, I am so pleased with your support and products; you have a customer for life :-)

Mahalo, Marlowe

That’s my fault. I intentionally disabled the resizing on the responsive layout thinking it wasn’t necessary. I’ll correct that.

Yay! I’m such a fan, your support is second to none. Thank you!

The image resizing caused a bug with the slider on iPhone. After a few hours of searching and playing around with the code I couldn’t find a solution so I had to resort to a fallback which is to disable the slider on the responsive layout and only show the first slider image as a fullscreen background. It’s not ideal but it’s the best I can do for now.

Aloha EugeneO

The menu no longer scrolls on the mobile layout after the last update. Effectively it only shows a portion of the menu.

Thanks for your time :-)

I’m viewing with a nexus 4, it shows fine on a desktop with small size browser.

Have you fixed the fullscreen size? The one you gave us is not correct; images get shrunk & they don’t look right.


The last update was uploaded yesterday. The change log is on the item page and in the documentation file.


is there any way of removing that dark filter over fullscreen images in the homepage?


On the page edit screen set the background overlay opacity to 0.

Thannnnkkk you!

How can add a video to the portfolio?

Already selected video type but dont see any box to inserte the emebed code of the vimeo video.

Can you help me please? Thanks!

Put the URL to the video in the content editor on the portfolio item edit screen. It can go anywhere in the content as long as it is the first link in the content.

It needs to be the url to the videos page on the Vimeo site.

Im also getting this msg error:

Can you help us? Thanks Renato

alredy solved all my questions, just waiting for the issue. thanks

In page-contact-form.php try replacing this:
include( trailingslashit( get_template_directory() ) .'raw_framework/raw_contact_form.php' ); ?>
with this:
require_once( trailingslashit( get_template_directory() ) .'raw_framework/raw_contact_form.php' ); ?>

YES NOW IT WORKS, perfect and thanks!

Hi EugeneO,

I’m having troubles with the last version of the theme. It doesn’t shows up the background image even it’s attached to the page (I can see it on My Library, and there’s just one copy of that image uploaded). It appears for less than a second and then it disappear making the background keep gray (depending on level of opacity set).

It seems like it’s not loading well the image, but I don’t know why, as it worked before the update and since the update it stoped working. Tried to make a new page with new settings but having the same issue…

I’m unable to create my home screen as I was used to… even removing the image, renaming it (for avoiding cache problems) and re-attaching it to the page. (As far I know the only way to attach the image is using the Editor (editing the page) and then using “add media” panel. Once uploaded, I select on the right column the option “Attachment page” which fills the URL for that page. Once done, I press insert into page, and then remove it. This is the right way to do this? (at least it worked with the first version of the theme).


EDIT: I have found the problem. The fullscreen image resizing assumes there is more than one image in your slideshow. I will fix this in the next update. For the time being add additional images to the page slideshow.

Thanks! and thanks for the quick support! :)

Hey! I want to change the nav bar icon on the top left from white to black. I noticed its not in the Theme Options tab and I tried looking for it in the editor, but I’m having trouble. Could you locate me to it?


On all templates, except for the fullscreen image template, the icon colour is dependent on the colour scheme you select for the sidebar.

For the fullscreen image template its set in style.css:

.page-template-page-fullscreen-image-php #button-holder > span {
background: transparent !important;
border: none;
color: #FFF; <-- Change this

Thank you so very much! You’re great at getting back.

My only complaint at this point is that sometimes the homepage full width image does not display properly even using the dimensions you suggested, and its driving me nuts.

Other than that, the site is great, you’re great!

In what way is the full screen image not displaying correctly? Can you provide a link demonstrating the issue?