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How can I create the Portfolios Horizontal (Cropped) ?

pass: webiwebi2014, no worries with this pass in here, is just to test this plugin

Your images are not large enough. They need a height of at least 1000px. Or you can get around the size limit by uploading images that are all the same dimensions so they are up-scaled the same.

working now! thanks!

The CONTACT page is empty, no google map no form fields at all. I set the page according to the Template CONTACT FORM. The Page anyway remains all dark with nothing in it. Is it possible a plugin was not activated yet. required by the Contact Template?

I reuploaded the page-contact-form.php anyway, but no changes.

In page-contact-form.php replace this line:

include( trailingslashit( get_template_directory() ) .'raw_framework/raw_contact_form.php' ); ?>

with this:

require_once( trailingslashit( get_template_directory() ) .'raw_framework/raw_contact_form.php' ); ?>

Eugene..I tried your new instruction line. Well now all the Contact Page became Pink Colored and the Monitor started jumping on the desk right and left, I barely can catch it!!! AH AH ! All Works now, of course – THANK YOU, I am valuing your theme so much!

Is this theme included in the already purchased older Sideways Themplate? Or a new to purchase theme?

These are two completely separate themes. Sideways 2 is based on the same layout as the original Sideways theme but is completely new code and the two are not compatible with each other.

Allright. Good to know. I like the compatibility for mobile and other devices but want to keep a MENU like in your old theme. Is this still possible in the new v2? Can you show me an example maybe? Willing to purchase the V2 then!

No it is not possible. The only menu that is possible in Sideways 2 is the fullscreen responsive menu that is opened by clicking the menu icon in the top corner.

Hi, on the portifolio pages we are using videos form youtube and vimeo , how can we setup that to fit the video box size on mobile? I remember to use something like 100%.

Would you have the code?


Videos on video format posts and video format portfolio item are resized by the theme.

To make videos embedded into the content area of pages, posts and standard porfolio items responsive you will need to install a plugin. If you are only using YouTube and Vimeo videos I would recommend the Fluid Video Embed plugin.

Hi there — I’d like to purchase this theme but wanted to get a sense of how easy a couple of customizations would be:

1. I love the horizontal (not cropped) layout best, but for my client’s needs, I’d want to have margins around each image (top, bottom, and between images) so that they aren’t 100% full screen and don’t touch neighboring images. How doable is this?

2. Change things like background color, etc. (I assume this isn’t a big deal at all)

1.) To add a border around horizontal gallery images I would do this:

#horizontal-scroll .portfolio_item, #horizontal-scroll .gallery-image {
box-sizing: border-box;
padding: 50px; 
background: #191919;

Instead of adding a border to the image you are adding padding to the image container.

2.) Changing the background colour is just a matter of making the change in the CSS. There are dark and light presets. Anything other than those would need to be changed manually but it would only take a couple of seconds.

1. Sounds great, thanks! 2. I figured as much but didn’t want to find out it would be more of a headache after purchasing. I appreciate it!

If you use the dev tools in chrome or firefox its really easy to identify which elements background colours are being set on. Here are few that would need to be changed:

body {}

#content > .primary,
.single-portfolio_item.password-required #content .primary{}

#horizontal-scroll .post{}
#horizontal-scroll .post:nth-child(2n) {}

.single-post #content{}

A few seconds might have been an exaggeration but its not difficult to go through each page and find the elements using the browser dev tools.

Where can I go to add the Copyright label on my site?


There is no footer therefore there is nowhere to put copyright text. You own all copyright on your content regardless of whether there is a copyright symbol in the site footer.

I was thinking about putting it at the bottom of the navigation menu in the next update. It is the only place on the site where it would look good and would be in the same position on all pages.

Just another pre purchase question about that menu. As there is non but only the 3 horizontal lines. Is there an option to put some text above it? For me it looks like viewers on a webpage with only that will not notice the menu button?

No there is no option to put text by it. The tree lines is the standard recognised icon for a menu and is very common. How visible the icon is will depend entirely on what you have as you website’s background when using the full screen slideshow template.

Killer theme! is there a way to make the last portfolio uploaded output last instead of first?

1.) I’ll fix this in an update.

2.) The images in a gallery need to be attached to the post/page but not inserted in to the content.

Hi just wanted to know if there are any updates to the issue of the order in which the portfolio images load.

I have tried several ways of uploading each image in the desired order, both individually and multiple at one time into a gallery. I also tried renaming the images with _1, _2, etc; but some of the portfolio items load out of order.

Can provide some insight as to where the setting for ordering the images by upload date can be changed to the user’s desired order?

You reorder images output in the Fullscreen Image template, Page Gallery template and Portfolio Gallery by drag and dropping them into order in the media library window on the post’s edit screen.

Click the Add Media button. Select “Uploaded to this post” from the drop down and then drag and drop the images into order. The images will be displayed from right to left.

Nice theme,

But I can see here lots of user are asking the same: THE SCROLL is really hard to undertand. Just launched a website using your theme and I got in ONE day more than 12 e-mails sayung the same: I didnt understand the scroll button…

Could you please consider a update or a css code to fix that?

It would be really nice and useful.

Thanks a lot Renato

The scroll is not activated until the page has loaded. There is nothing I can do about that.

Once the page has loaded the scroll indicator appears in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can then use either mouse wheel scrolling or the bottom scroll bar. If you are on a mobile or tablet you can use touch scrolling. Aside from this I’m not sure what else you could do.

You can very easily increase the size of the scroll bar if that would make scrolling more obvious.

Hi there,

Thanks for a fantastic theme.

Loving using it so far.

Just quick question regarding the Portfolio ease out and colour overlay on mouse over.

Is there a way of removing these effects?

Couldnt quite find in the stylesheet.



This will remove the color overlay but it will effect all areas of the theme where the overlay is used:

.post-excerpt-bg {
background-color:  transparent !important;

Otherwise search the portfolio templates and remove this element:

<span class="post-excerpt-bg" />

The image scaling effect is this:

#item-grid .portfolio_item:hover img, #horizontal-scroll .portfolio_item:hover img, .post-feature-content:hover img {
-webkit-transform: scale(1.1);
-moz-transform: scale(1.1);
-o-transform: scale(1.1);
-ms-transform: scale(1.1);
transform: scale(1.1);

Add that to a child theme style.css with the *-transform: scale(1.1); property values changed to

*-transform: scale(1);

so it does not scale.

Hi there,

I can’t seem to add portfolio items to the main menu content.

Is there a certain config for this?



I don’t understand what you mean.

Hi there :) great looking theme you got here. 2 of my clients bought it and they are very happy with it. question: i want the logo on the right end of the screen to direct to an inner portfolio page rather than to the home page (which should be shown only as a welcome screen). could you please assist me?

You would have to manually change the logo link in navigation.php.


This is a great theme, I have two questions:

1.) I wanted to know on your live preview page you had a full screen slideshow with a button in the middle say “see our work” I want to do something similar but it isn’t letting me put any pictures in it. 2.) I already have blog posts up but can I put that “parent category” format?

All changes should be made in the child theme. The idea is that the core theme files are never changed so that the theme can be easily updated.

Got that, but I seen the editor and there’s nothing there besides the code for using the parent theme as the layout. I don’t know specifically how to make the archive into an index in the child theme

Rename archive.php in the child theme to index.php.

Me again,

I looked on the templates and there’s no “No Content” template..

Where did you hear there was a “No Content” template? The fullscreen slideshow template is “Fullscreen Image”.

THANKS! I’m just messin sh*t up right now but I’m doing it with a better understanding on how I’m messin up! Appreciate it!

I changed the navigation so it shows up as a black bar on top of the pages like this: so I want to edit the script that gives the images their size – to subtract the height of the navigation block. Would you mind letting me know where in the scripts I can find that function?

Thank you!

Figured it out! Thanks :)

Hi Eugene!

I placed two buttons at home page. They’re set as Red + Center aligned, but even I place them at the same line, they appear one besides the other, and also red color it’s not applied.

What I want is to have both buttons at the same line and being able to choose colors.

Seems that while it’s set up like this:
[button align="center" url="xxx" color="red" ][/button]
*Any color, seems that something relating “center” style is not working properly as if you put “left” on align it just works fine.

its behavior is not fine enough.

PS: I’ve removed the radius from buttons, that’s myself, not a mistake.


Make sure there is a space between the two button shortcodes in the editor. Maybe even try putting them on seperate lines.

[button align="center" url="xxx" color="red" ][/button]

[button align="center" url="xxx" color="red" ][/button]


[button align="center" url="xxx" color="red" ][/button] [button align="center" url="xxx" color="red" ][/button]

Hi there, AWESOME LOOKING theme!

Just wondering before i make the purchase: 1. Is it possible to disable ‘right click’ on images (if not built into the theme do you know of a plugin that would play nicely with the theme?) 2. What is the maximum logo size supported?

1.) Portfolio items are ordered by date with the newest first. The date isn’t shown on the front end so you can order them by changing the published date.

2.) I don’t know why that would happen. The Fullscreen image template uses the same the_content() function as all other pages to output the page content. Provide a link to your website so I can take a look.

3.) That is intentional. The slider used for the background did not scale or perform well on mobiles so the first image is shown as a static background instead on the responsive layout. I will be looking into this in the next planned update.

4.) All the icons are displaying on the live preview. Have you tried clearing your browser cache?

1. That’s an easy workaround, I can live with that

2. No idea either, my website is:

3. Didn’t realize that

4. I cleared the browser cache and no change. Blank space between the 2 icons on mobile device running latest version of Android. However if i click on the blank space between facebook and Google+ it actually highlights something there and takes me to twitter, just doesn’t show the icon that’s all

Thanks for the reply

Can you email me login details so I can see how you have the page setup? You can use the contact form on my profile.

Hi Eugene

Loving the theme. Hopefully a quick one for you. I’ve been trying to edit the portfolio content space (the togglable part) for 2 things:

1. To make this take up a smaller part of the page. Like 25% of the width

2. To have it open when you open the portfolio page but still with the ability to hide it.

I’ve been playing about with the navigation.php and am getting nowhere.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Before making any changes wait for the version 1.5 update that is currently being processed.

These changes are best done in a child theme.

To change the width of the portfolio slide out content you need to change the width of #panel .primary.

To set the content as open when the page loads add this piece of CSS:
.has-content #panel { left: 0; }

Then create a copy of header.php in the child theme and add class="info-open" to #portfolio-item-info-toggle.

Finally, in navigation.php change this…
<span class="icon-plus" />
to this…
<span class="icon-minus" /> that the toggle button icon is correct.

Some of this is untested so you may need to experiment further yourself.

Brilliant, that has sorted it. I had to edit the width for both entries of primary panel in the style.ccs.

Don’t seem to need to change the header.php. Would there be any reason why not doing this will create problems later?

That was my mistake. It should have read navigation.php and not header.php.

I get this error on contact page

function.include]: http:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_include=0 in /home/jakebuic/public_html/fashion/wp-content/themes/sideways2/page-contact-form.php on line 18

Warning: include( [function.include]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /home/jakebuic/public_html/fashion/wp-content/themes/sideways2/page-contact-form.php on line 18

Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘' for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/jakebuic/public_html/fashion/wp-content/themes/sideways2/page-contact-form.php on line 18

No worries after the upgrade the site is fine, but it is to un user friendly for the gallery as it would be hard for clients on the iPad to go through the images smoothly – this is clearly not smooth responsive design. Is there a work around?

I agree the horizontal scrolling needs a work around for touch devices. I know what the problem is but I’ll need to experiment a little to find a elegant solution.

It’s a great theme but I’m hesitate to implement it as it will not be suitable for website upgrade

Hi Eugene

How did you create the Horizontal blog in the demo?


There are instructions explaining how to set a static front page and separate blog page here:

Whichever page you have set as your latest posts page will have the horizontal blog layout. All archives have a traditional blog layout.