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Hi EugeneO. How can I make my text and button visible on my homepage? I created a page, used the fullscreen image template, put in a little text and a button shortcode and loaded 2 photos. I see the photos but no button nor text is visible. Do you need to add the photos first? Thank you for your help.


Hi EugeneO. I must be missed something. When I do the above “the_content():” is what shows up on the page—not the content from the page itself. I can hardcode in the title of the site but would like to have more flexibility. Any ideas? Thank you for your help.

There needs to be php tags around the_content() like this:

<?php the_content(); ?>

Thanks EugeneO. I had a featured image messing up the page. Now everything looks great. Thank you.

Hello EugeneO, first thank you for the nice theme:)

OK, I would like to have the actual name of the portfolio in the urls of its different sections, instead of the annoying “portfolio-item”.

So for example if I have a portfolio called “photography”, it only makes sense to have the different galleries in it have a url like:

http:// xxx. com/photography/ xxx/

instead of

http:// xxx. com/ portfolio-item/ xxx/

How is that possible?

When I want to edit the url of each gallery I can only change the last part but not substitute “portfolio-item” with the actual name of the portfolio…

Thank you for your help.

Unfortunately I’m not able to provide the code to do that. You could try a custom post type permalink plugn like this:

hi i have a problem with import of dummy content. i used the sideways2-dummy-content.xml file – it works but it imported only text content without images!

in this xml file are many links that begin with “http://localhost/...”. is it correct? why i can’t load content with images?

regards m

There are no images in the dummy content file as you do not need them.

Hello EugeneO.

Thanks for your help yesterday. I have been working with Sideways2 for about a week and have the following questions. Thank you very much for your help.


1. I’d like to have the portfolio items/images all show full screen. Right now everything that should be full screen (1440×957) is confined to less than that, even though I changed some the max widths in the Stylesheet. Any recommendations? 2. Can I make the left sidebar/panel that is static in the site (pre-expansion) narrower so that it allows more space for the image? 3. My homepage looks like your demo now using the fullscreen image template, except there is some white overlay that comes and goes which looks like the homepage is fading in and out. It is particularly prominent on the Ipad. How can I disable that function? 4.Finally, any updates/tips on improving the scroll function on non-touch screens would be great.

Thank you for your help!

1.) As you can see on the live preview portfolio items with the image layout are never shown so that they fill the screen. This is to prevent the image from being obstructed by the logo and to ensure the image is not cropped. There is a box around the images (created by padding) that the image is scaled to fit inside.

If you want to remove the padding us this:

#portfolio-content-holder { padding: 0; }

2.) To change the panel width you have to edit the width of these two elements in the CSS.

#button-holder > span {}

And then using the uncompressed version of the jquery.custom.js file in the developement folder of the theme download replace this:

var margin = $("#panel").width() - 100;
with this:
var margin = $("#panel").width() - $("#button-holder").width();

3.) Provide a link to your page.

4.) Non touch devices can use mouse wheel scrolling of the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen.


Refering to jinsalaco’s 4th point, a lot of people are still not happy with the scrolling but the solution could be simple, if there is just a way to enable scrolling using the keyboard.

Most people on laptops do not use a mouse (and often when they do it doesn’t always have a scrolling wheel in it either), so they often scroll using the up and down keys.

Since this theme is sideways, after getting the scrolling sign, the first thing people do is click on it thinking it will slide the gallery like in other themes. When nothing happens, their next reaction is to click the right arrow button on their keyboard, when nothing happens they just give up and change the page.

On regular pages, the up down keys on the keyboard work, but for some reason on sideways pages, it doesn’t. Is there a technical reason why the right left keys don’t move the page?

Thanks again.

The main issue was with touch devices where it was impossible to scroll the content because of the hover effects. This has now been addressed. The scroll bar is available on laptops so it is possible to scroll the content.

The jQuery plugin used to allow horizontal scrolling does not support horizontal keyboard scrolling so that is not an option. There is one other alternative I will experiment with.

Thanks EugeneO! Looking forward to hearing where you come out with your alternative.

In the meantime, we could change the scroll indicator to “scroll below” or some other descriptor that is more indicative of where the user can actually find the scroll, along with a bigger/brighter scroll bar. The current indicator “scroll” with the right arrow makes people think they should click on the arrow, not look down and scroll. Thoughts?

On a related note, Is the current scroll functionality on portfolio-items or just on posts, portfolios and pages? Would like it to be consistent once this is all sorted.

Separately, is it possible to navigate between pages or portfolios using the current navigation scheme with the > and < indicators on the left side panel? Right now you can go previous or next portfolio-items, but those indicators are not available on portfolio post and page, pages.

Thanks EugeneO!

Thanks EugeneO. Looking forward to seeing the scroll buttons!

Have a nice week. J

Hi EugeneO. I would like to allow users to move from portfolio to portfolio or page to page, from a portfolio or from a page, respectively. Is this difficult to do? The portfolio item scroll function is inconsistent for me and the ability to have portfolio items hold a number of images is also inconsistent. Any ideas? Take a look at Thanks for your help! Jessica

The version of the theme you are using is out of date you should update to the latest version (v1.5.2).

I don’t understand what you mean by “the scrolling is inconsistent” and “the ability to have portfolio items hold a number of images is also inconsistent”.

If you update to the latest version of the theme your site will have a preloader which will prevent visitors seeing the page before the horizontal scroll is activated. One of the problems I see in your portfolio is that some of the images are huge (1mb+). You should resize them before uploading but I will also be adding a size limit in the template file as a fallback.

Gallery portfolio items will display all images attached to that portfolio item.

I am having a problem where the last image flickers and does not always show up on the horizontal portfolio. It depends on the height but sometimes the last item shows and sometimes it doesn’t, it’s really weird.

I am trying to figure out why that could be but I don’t have any idea how to tackle it. You can test it yourself here:

The last item is black and sometimes shows up, and you can see what happens when you resize the screen vertically.

Flickering issues like that are usually due to the element having a percentage width or height. Because the total widths / heights of the elements do not round up correctly to fit inside the container the last element can flicker or become misplaced.

Do you have any suggestions for achieving the grid layout I have set up (in fact, with percentages) in any other way?

No I don’t sorry.

Hi Eugene.

So I pulled the trigger and purchased ‘Sideways 2’!

Might be a dumb question, but is there a way to keep Sideways active whilst I work on Sideways 2?

The background slideshow has not randomize function. Instead you would have to randomize the order the images are output onto the page by changing orderby=menu_order to orderby=rand in page-fullscreen-image.php.

Hi E.

I am having issues with Portfolio Items not “cropping portfolio item thumbnails to the same height and width”

As you can see here,, the first few pictures are larger than the thumbnails at the end of the portfolio.

I just installed the latest version of your theme and cleared my cache. Anything else you could advise me to resolve this?

Nevermind! The vertical res has to be at least 1000.

Hi EugeneO. Wanted to let you know that everything is working really well after optimizing my image sizes and uploading the latest version of Sideways2. Thanks for the tips.

Until you update the scroll changes, I wanted to see if/where I could change the horizontal scroll color to something brighter/easier to spot, like the bright blue in the hover state, and/or to make it a bit bigger—again so it is easier to see and use.

On a style point, I wanted to see if I could replace the menu icon (the three stacked dashes) with a small logo. Doable?

Thank you for your help. The site looks really great!


Its been process so you can download it from the Downloads page of your themeforest account.

Wonderful news! Thank you EugeneO!

HI EugeneO. The new version is GREAT! Great fix on the scroll. Anyone can figure that out now. THANK YOU so much for a great theme and for your wonderful support. Go EugeneO! I am looking forward to using your themes for other clients. Thanks again!

Thanks EugeneO for fixing the scroll thingy! xoxoxoxo

Is there a way though I can make the gray squares surrounding the white scroll arrows more transparent so that just the white arrows are showing? This way it matches the minimalistic look of the rest of the theme.

Use this:
.mCSB_horizontal>.mCSB_scrollTools .mCSB_buttonLeft, .mCSB_horizontal>.mCSB_scrollTools .mCSB_buttonRight { background: none; }

Thank you dear.

Hi EugeneO, Sorry to bother you again, I know we are driving you crazy hehe

But now that the scroll buttons are there on the bottom right, I feel the scroll bar doesn’t have to be that large anymore and honestly I preferred the way it was in the previous versions, thinner. I guess I need to add that in the css section?

Basically what I am trying to say is can you please provide the code to get a scroll similar looking to the one we had before:)

Thankssssss again for all the support xoxoxox

You can use Chrome, firefox, IE or Opera browser developer tools to identify HTML elements and their CSS properties. I find Chrome dev tools are the easiest to use. Right click on or near the element and then select “Inspect Element”.

You want to reduce the height of this:

.mCSB_horizontal.mCustomScrollBox>.mCSB_scrollTools { height: 8px; }

The scrolling on images is still very jerky and slow was this issue resolved at all in the latest release 1.5.3

The scrolling animation is handled by the Custom Content Scroller third party jQuery plugin and has not changed since the theme was released.

Hi EugeneO. I have a really stupid question: How can I update the theme?

Also, I’m having problems with the contact form: This is what I get on the page:

Warning: include() [function.include]: Sorry, an internal error occured. Please report this immediately! (2) in /users/marcomarco/www/wp-content/themes/sideways2/page-contact-form.php on line 18

Warning: include( [function.include]: failed to open stream: operation failed in /users/marcomarco/www/wp-content/themes/sideways2/page-contact-form.php on line 18

Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘' for inclusion (include_path=’.’) in /users/marcomarco/www/wp-content/themes/sideways2/page-contact-form.php on line 18

Greetings from Germany, Marco

Ok, after the update (yeah, I found out how :) I get the following after trying to send myself an email over the contact page:

error occured. Please report this immediately!

I would recommend using the Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin. It is more flexible and has more features than the basic contact form included in the theme.

In future themes I am removing my own contact form in favour of the plugin.

Hi E.

Is it possible to remove the link box that appears at the bottom right of the screen when hovering over Portfolio Items?

It ruins the clean look of your design and impedes viewing of the sleek scroll bar.

That’s the browser not the theme. The same thing happens when you hover over a link on any web page.

Hi EugeneO,

is it possible having the menu sliding out instead of abruptly popping in when clicking on the top left button?

Thanks and keep the good work up!


The menu does slide out unless you are using an older browser that does not support CSS3 3D transform or animations.

hey eugene…

It’s been great using Sideway now I am also moving to Sideway 2 and would like to know how to move all old portfolio items to the newer version, is there an easy way to do this?

If not it’s cool. I will just save all items onto a document and put it back

Unfortunately your portfolio content can not be moved between Sideways and Sideways 2. However, Sideways 2 is a lot easier to use so, depending on how many portfolio items you are adding, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty.

I’ve got a lot…haha!

It won’t be difficult it just might take some time.

Hi EugeneO. I was trying to customize the site title today and the whole customize section is behaving very strangely. The pages just keep automatically reloading, quickly, so you can’t make any changes. Any suggestions?

Thank you!


I’ve tested the theme in WordPress 3.7 (I have no yet tested the theme in 3.8) and I am not seeing any issues with the customizer. The preview screen reloads after each option is updated as it is supposed to.

Have you recently installed any plugins or made any changes to the theme code?

Hi Eugene

two questions. 1. Are you planning to add categories like the old one 2. this has been asked before but are you planning to provide anyways to change portfo-item to any customizable name without using custom permalink plugin?


a request…

It seems like social icons are using your icomoonfont…Will you kindly add the following in the next update?

Behance Soundcloud

Thank you for your consideration!

found another glitch. If you try to use columns as a toggle content, it messes up the format.

Click the top toggled content for your reference.

Shall I not use this?

Columns are not intended to be nested in the toggle content shortcode. However, put [clearboth] after each row of columns and it should work.

Just a few questions before I purchase.

1. The logo in the example is text based, can this be changed to an image?

2. Can the logo be added to the Menu/Navigation screen?

3. When viewing a project, the text window is only accessible by clicking the “”. Can the “” be changed to text or the additional information screen be added to the end of the scrolling section.

4. Anyway to add a Project Filer?

5. When view a project, a button to jump back to all Projects without click the menu then loading a Profolio Template.

Some of these probably require editing the template files which I should be able to do as long as its possible with the way you have written it.

1.) You would have to change the link in navigation.php. Best done in a child theme.

2.) The logo, navigation menu and all the slide-out content are in navigation.php.

navigation.php is then used in all the template files via the get_template_part() function so that it can be overwritten by child themes.

3.) Yes you can have as many portfolios as you like. You can separate one portfolio from another using the taxonomy hierarchy.

Cool. Will you be able to provide some support if needed?

I can offer guidance but I cannot provide code snippets as that goes beyond the scope of support.

Hi there, I’m uploading videos directly to the site so all my videos are local vids. I’d like to change the default video player from the stock wordpress one to the this plugin’s video player – – basically I need all the videos to autoplay on page load. This plugin allows me to do that. Unless you can suggest another way to make the stock wordpress video player autoplay on page load.


Try placing this function in a child theme function.php.

if ( !function_exists( 'raw_embed_feature_content' ) ) {

     * Return the oembed code for the first URL found in the post content.
     * @since Sideways 2 1.0

    function raw_embed_feature_content() {

        global $wp_embed;

        // Find first URL
        $url = raw_get_first_url( get_the_content(), false );

        // Check if a URL was found
        if ( $url !== false ) {

            $embed_code = $wp_embed->shortcode( false, $url );

            if ( 
                preg_match( '#\[video\s*.*?\]#s', $embed_code, $matches ) 
                || preg_match( '#\[audio\s*.*?\]#s', $embed_code, $matches )
            ) {
                str_replace( '#\[video', '[video autoplay="on"',  $embed_code );        
                echo do_shortcode( $embed_code );
            } else {
                echo $embed_code;




The above function overwrites the same function in the parent theme. It returns the embed code from the video URL and then if the default video player is being used it adds the autoplay parameter.

Please note that this is untested and might need tweaking.</pre>