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Hi there.

Thank you very much for such a nice theme!

I wonder how can I add a menu title not linking to any page in navigation section? It seems like I can only add a page or a category liking to some other pages.

Great theme…. We used it here:

but we cannot find how we can get the + at the left bottom corner! in the nextpage.

greetings! jolanda

whoooop :-) found it, thnx anyway

i am almost done, my final question:

Can i control the order of the images in gallery mode (i would like to see the picture of the person holding the Huge ipad first, and then the site printscreens.


Yes you can reorder images in galleries. Go to the portfolio item’s edit screen and click the “Add Media” button to open the Media Library window. In the Media Library window select the “Media Library” tab at the top, this will show all images you have uploaded to your site. From the drop down selection select “Uploaded to this post”. This will show the images attached to that Portfolio Item. You can then drag and drop them into order.

Hi, sweet theme, I’m glad I fought through my desire for instant gratification to figure out all the options you’ve included.

One that I can’t figure out easily… is there a way to keep the site logo that appears in then upper right corner to be persistent? I am using the grid gallery and when I scroll down my site logo scrolls up with everything and dissapears.

I’ve only tested this quickly so I don’t know for certain what knock-on affects this will have but first impressions are that it works okay.

Put this in the child theme’s style.css.
.logo { position: fixed; }

Awesome. Thank you! And thanks for the super-quick reply!

Hi EugeneO! Theme is working well. THANK YOU! Wanted to see if you have any ideas to improve my site speed. I optimized the images, added WP 3 Total Cache and Max CDN, etc, but it still is little slow. Is there javascript that holds the page rendering for some reason? Thank you for any help you can offer.


The standard pages are loading in less than 3 seconds for me. The portfolio items are taking longer because of the images. The images are between 250kb and 1mb each, so combined they are adding up.

This portfolio item has 2 broken images that are 5.9mb and 5.6mb.

Thank you EugeneO. I will check out those broken images. Is there a way for the portfolio item to start loading before all images are ready? Would that speed up the process? Like making some javascript inline or is that not the issue…???

Thanks again!

That’s not the issue. The preloader hides the screen until the images are fully loaded. This is so visitors do not see the page before horizontal gallery has been created as it would look messy.

That page I linked to in my last reply is more than 15mb in total because of the images. You need to better optimize the images and reduce the total page weight.

Hello, is it possible to have configuration file same like your example and simply to upload on wordpress, I am really lost I don’t know how to add portfolio, I try to read documentation but confusing for me I never used wordpress before.Thanks in advance

There is a xml file in the download that includes the live preview content but without any images. You can use that as a starting point.

Thank you very much for fast reply, just how and where to upload, sorry but I am first time wordpres user. Thanks

Great theme. I’m having trouble with the homepage. I’ve attached an image to the page (not inserted in to the post). Selected Fullscreen image but all I get is the spinning wheel.

Also there’s no settings within the login that allows me to specifically create a slideshow (i.e. plugin) but I assume that happens when you create a gallery by default?

I’m basically trying to create a homepage like your online example.

can you see what I’ve done wrong?


ahaa just found out…the files downloaded from theme forest contained the sideways2 folder for upload (which was uploaded and all fine) BUT what I didn’t notice is it contained the same entire theme folder (sideways2) within it. Once I deleted this from the server and selected full screen template it was fine. obviously confused and trying to target js from an extra folder down.

You would be surprised how often that happens. I’m glad you got it sorted and your site look like it’s coming along well.

many thanks for your support on the issue….the theme is working very nicely for us

I’d like to know if the drop down main menu can be given a transparency w/ CSS so that I can still see gallery/images through it?

I really like having a ‘static menu’ and would love to have a left justified menu instead of the drop down. I feel like I read in the comments that the menu is built to be drop down but wanted to be sure.

I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t use an rgba value for the background-colour of the navigation menu to adjust the transparency.

I don’t know how you would make the menu static as the theme clearly wasn’t designed for a static menu.

I meant fixed instead of static. My bad. I think you answered my question though. a fixed width/justified left/transparent menu. thanks

Hi Eugene,

Hope you are well… It seems like there is some problem when using Links for Menu. Go to and click Praxis. it loops within the website but it should take it to

Would you let me know what’s causing this?

I’ve tested this locally using Sideways 2 and on the live preview of Sideways 2 and in both cases the link works as it should. From that I would believe the issue is a result of how you have your WordPress sites setup or your server configuration.

One thing you could try is using a redirect plugin for WordPress. Create a praxis page on your main site ( and then redirect it to using the plugin.

ok. Thanks for the info, I will look into the problem a little deeper.

hi, i need to change the value of resolution that change the view from 768px to 769px. my question is – which file i have to modify to change the values in widow of width 768px from

div id=”navigation” class=”mCustomScrollbar _mCS_x” & div id=”horizontal-scroll” class=”mCustomScrollbar _mCS_x”


div id=”navigation” class=”mCS_destroyed” & div id=”horizontal-scroll” class=”mCS_destroyed”


You will need to edit the width values in responsive.css and jquery.custom.js (the uncompressed version is in the development folder in the main download zip file) you download from ThemeForest.

thx, it works fine

Hi, If I purchased the theme would I then be able to hire you to customise it to have a fixed left menu instead of the drop down menu for the desktop view?

I do not undertake any freelance work.

Hi again E.

If I wanted to change the ‘loading’ animation, where and how would I do that?

You have to use CSS to replace the ajax-loader.gif.

hello again

theme’s working great! just wondering if there is (or is likely to be) a way of navigating through a set of portfolio images using back and forward arrows. Same sort of buttons as the arrow left and right scroll buttons but instead of scrolling a single click slides the gallery smoothly to the next image and so on?

thanks Martin

There are no plans for that.

Hello EugeneO! Hope all is well.

Do you have any tips on getting the favicon to show up in the browser bars? I loaded up an .ico file in Theme Options/Appearance Settings. It was working, but is not working any longer. Would love any ideas and help that you can provide. Thank you!


Here’s a PNG version to try:

I’m seeing your png in all browsers excerpt Chrome, same as with the original .ico version.

Thank you very much EugeneO. I really appreciate your help, as always.

Hi E,

I want to paste my Google Analytic “script” for my landing page.

Could you advise me on where to paste it, please?

Install the google analytics WordPress plugin.

thanks for your ridiculously fast reply!

Hi there, I’m an owner of the original Sideways theme. Is there much of a difference between the two themes? Is the old version 3.9 compatible? How easy is it to upgrade an existing site from the old template to the new one? Do I need to reformat all the imagery to fit the new template?

Sideways 1 and 2 are not compatible with each other. Although they share similar design elements they have completely different code.

If you switch to Sideways 2 you will have to recreate your site, however Sideways 2 is much easier to use compared to the original Sideways theme so setting up your site won’t take as long.

If you already have a full screen size version of your images images that are optimized so that their file sizes are small then you can use those images. The theme will generate all the other smaller image sizes needed but the version you upload absolutely must be optimized to a manageable file size. I would recommend no larger than 500kb and preferably much smaller than that but I realize it won’t always be possible to get the file size as small as that.

Brilliant. Thanks for the info.

Hi EugeneO.

I installed WP Super Cache and it breaks this theme. Do you know of any caching plugins that are compatible with the theme? Thanks for your help!


Caching with the theme should not cause any problems. Compressing the JavaScript can cause problems so I would advise against it. There isn’t any reason to minify the theme JS as it’s all already compressed.

I have just reinstalled this (I must say fabulous) theme onto another hosting (Mediatemple). I do not know what am doing wrong: I attached the image to the Home Fullscreen Image Page. In such page the Template is set to Full Width or to Fullscreeen Image. In either settings the image is not loaded (and we can see the loader trying to load it). I am trying to achieve the same result as in your demo. As I said above the image is ATTACHED to such Fullscreen Page by loading it in the Media Library. What am doing wrong??

There is a Javascript error on the page. It looks like you have renamed the page template file which has resulted in Javascript files needed for that layout to not get loaded.

Revert the template back to it’s original name.

It is a fresh installation with the loading of sideways2-dummy-content.xml, there is not a file which has been changed: the only that was done was to drop by FTP the provided jquery.admin.js and jquery.custom.js. —I dropped online all the files from the Zip folder and now is working, obviously something must have happened during the transfer or anything corrupted. Phheeww! Now Sideways is working YAY! Special Thanx!

Is there any way I can re-download Sideways 1..? I don’t have the file and can’t use it since it’s gone..

If you send me an email via the contact form on my profile I will send you the last version I have. Please not I will not be able to offer any support for it what so ever and I cannot give any guarantees regarding compatibility with current browsers or the current or future versions of WordPress.

I installed WPML and translated the homepage (have two languages, English and Italian) but when I go and see it (the translated one) it falls in a never ending loop Also: if this site is compatible with WPML why there is no way with WPML to make the flags appear in the menu column? I added a code manually in the header but like that looks crappie. I would like to have the flags along the Menu or on top or at the bottom. What is your experience with WPML? Where would ya suggest me to have the flags of the two languages? Please suggest me at best. Thank you.

I erased all and reinstalled Sideways with just two images as example. All works fine is when I go to the second language the Hompe Page Full Screen gets stuck. Have any idea? If is too big a problem I will just install a separate Sideways in a subdomain and link each other together. Sometimes is the best!

1.) The language selector:

The WPML plugin allows you to add language selector links to the navigation menu so there is no need to add the language link code to the templates however if you want the language selector on the page your code is fine. You just need to add some styling:

#lang_sel_footer {
position: absolute;
top: 0;
right: 150px;
background: transparent;
border: none;
z-index: 999;

You might need to add some further CSS in media queries to position the language selector on the responsive layout.

2.) The home page:

The second language home page is not loading because you have no images attached English home page. You need to add the same images to the english home page as you did to the Italian home page.

If there are no images to cycle through the slideshow JavaScript will produce and error, the remaining JavaScript will not be executed meaning the loading screen will not fade out.

how similar is the backend to your first sideways theme? i absolutely loved your first sideways one, but you don’t update that one anymore!

The original Sideways was discontinued over a year ago because it become too outdated. Sideways 2 is a massive improvement over the original in just about every way. From memory the way you use the two themes is different because Sideways 2 is much easier to use.

Hmm- Thanks for the info—Guess it’s I need to take the time for the long overhaul! Thanks for your quick response-