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We really need the support forum back online and some author interactions, please.

Issue: Sidebar overlapping content on IPad & Iphone

To temporarily fix, you should change sidebar position from fixed to absolute. Just append the following to your css:

#sidebar { 
position: absolute!important;

I am not sure what this change entails here for the general layout, but it seems to have no visible repercussions in IE, Chrome, Opera and Firefox. Maybe Brandon can further comment :).

MDNW Author

Can I get you to file this over at our support ticket system (http://makedesign.ticksy.com) along with a link and a login for us to check out? Thanks! :)

this theme updated for 3.5? all good?

When there will be an update available?

do you think you will update soon to be 3.6 compatible ?


I have submitted a email to your via your form for a question I have on one of your past themes, I really hope you can help support me as I think its a easy fix that your probably aware of.


hi is this compatible with WordPress 3.8 and iam a little confused with the licence am i only able to use on one website or can i use it on more websites that are for my own use for advertising affiliates etc

The thumbnails in grid layout looks odd. How can I change the thumbnail’s height and width, along with changing the height of the grid box itself?

200 width is good but I need to change the height to 170-200px, which will make the thumbnails move the text down.

I just want to increase the image size along with the box.

The “Previous Post” pagination button is stuck at the middle of the page. And overlaps the site’s design.

nitrojeff Purchased

i paid for this and nothing works? i can’t edit it or anything no guide or nothing =(

nitrojeff Purchased

says there 3 hour video but i got nothing =( i am so sad i wanted to use this theme but no videos or anything

tselar Purchased

Everytime I try upload the theme it says:

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

How do I fix this?

Daveho Purchased

Hi i have just purchase SideWinder for WordPress, however i am unable to install it. It say:

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

I read through the comments and saw that several others are facing the same issue, however there was no reply on the solution

How do i resolve this?

Hey – Why does it limit me to 10 tiles at a time? I add new ones as posts, but my old ones (the 10th) one disappears. Any hints?


NWA Purchased

Hi, I purchased this theme and I put in sidebar widget for search (plugin Wordpress Meta Data & Taxonomies Filter). This plugin works with all theme, only with sidewinder it doesn’t work. The problem is that when you set up a search filter in the widget, in the body of the page thumbnails do not update ever. Practically it is as if the subject was unaware search filter. With all other themes when I set up a filter in this widget, the body of the page is updated. Can you help me please?

Any plans to make a mobile optimized version of this theme in the near future?