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Brandon, excellent work

On a previous post you said: “2) You could actually just shuffle the WordPress post query to do this for you by setting the sorting method to “random”. You wouldn’t get the sorting animation this way – which may or may not be what you want.”

Can you please tell me how to implement this option for showing random posts on the home page ?


Hi Brandon,

I posted this query 2 months ago:

Hi Epicera,

Bought this theme a month or so ago, great theme, got it looking exactly the way I wanted. Just one minor little niggle: When I launch a gallery through lightbox_gallery_link I’m unable to control the order in which the images appear. For example in the ‘Personal’ gallery they show up in this order: 021, 015, 014, (and from hereon in correctly) 001, 002, 003 etc. Odd huh? You can have a look here if you like: http://finnrichards.com/?page_id=717

It’s the same for all of the four galleries on that page, but there doesn’t seem to be an obvious pattern. I’ve tried looking at the site in both the latest Safari and Firefox on Mac. Not sure if it helps but the images are hosted outside of the wordpress eco system but on the same server.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction!


Any chance you could help me out on this? It’s a really annoying quirk! I’m certain there must be a way to force a gallery to display images in a user defined order but I’ve gone through every possible way I can think of and nothing works. Surely a key feature of a gallery is that the images can be ordered?!

Hoping for some acknowledgement of this problem?


MDNW Author

Heya Finn – checking it out now, although it may be simply something that you need to re-order manually by removing/deleting items because it’s simply going through those in the order that they were uploaded to the post.


Brandon- What is the font that is used for the title SIDEWINDER ? Thanks! t

Hi Brandon, I’ve had several customers report that my plugin is broken in this theme. You’ve got a javascript error related to vgrid.js on every page which breaks other javascript plugins. Please take a look into this. I fixed it for a client by loading the vgrid javascript conditionally in the header rather than loading it on every page.

Cheers, Dalton

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Hi Brandon,

A simple question I hope.

Can self-hosted videos be shown in the lightbox? I’m having trouble working out how.



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My search bar and Pages are not showing up correctly, it appears as through the CSS is disabled for them ( http://www.mascotcostumessale.com/ )

How do I fix this?

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Actually, don’t worry I figured it out.

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Hello, I bought the sidewinder theme a few months ago. I would like to make some changes: - I wish I had the top horizontal navigation as the theme “FLEX”. - I also have a slide “featured” horizontal before the vignettes as the theme “Classic” OrmanClark on ThemeForest.

Can you help me? thank you cordially

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worked mine out too eventually. Just have to be .mov files

I recently migrated my site. the lightbox stopped working. how can I get it to work again?

MDNW Author

Hmmm… you can try re-downloading and re-uploading the theme, but there’s no reasonable explanation for why the lightbox would be disabled from a simple migration unless some files went missing.

does this theme come with sample data? As seen in the DEMO

MDNW Author

Yep ;)

cool – thanks

will order today

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I thought to add google adsense at startup. add an announcement of the same size as a post box and add it to the side to make believe it’s a post. Anyone know how?

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Great theme, thank you!

Question though: Is it possible to filter what displays at the root index? When people visit my site I don’t want them to be bombarded by all posts and would rather be able to filter what is displayed down to one category.


Thank you again!

Hi! I got your sidewinder theme and figured out how to display the custom fields, but how do I go about making a lightbox image popup when clicking on my posts from the homescreen like the demo does??! PLEASE HELP !!

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I have a question. What can I do so the classic blog posts dont show up on the portfolio and main page?


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Can we randomise the post excerpt heights (e.g. like in theme IMBALANCE 2 ), so every thumbnail fits in like a jigsaw?


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Hey just wanted to say that this theme is amazingly easy to work with and truly cool. I’m happy i bought it. and i recommend it.


When setting up my site, the previous post and next post buttons are in the middle of the page, overlaying a thumbnail, rather than being located at the bottom.