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Nice work sir.


I purchased your theme. Am loving it. Question: How do I slow down the “drop-down” animation in the navigation menu? I’ve looked and I’ve looked and well.. I couldn’t find it. :(


I find it truly beautiful. One question though : is it possible to have the thumbs on the homepage linking to a new page, where there would be the description of the item, plus a few photos?


I was looking to add some buttons and some alert boxes to the styles and I noticed that in the assets/img/ui folder there are quite a few images which don’t seem to be referenced by CSS .

There are the rounded ends of a series of buttons (in black, grey, green, blue and silver). And there are four icons (error, info, note, tip).

Is it the case that you simply didn’t create the styles to go with these?

There appears to be 2 style files and 2 js files and I can’t find in the Documentation if I should use both of them. There’s so much included that it’s almost overwhelming for something so “easy”

i likey

Hi Brandon,

I’m sorry if this sounds ignorant, but I am having the hardest time figuring out how to make the contact form work. I’ve looked over all of your instructions and can’t seem to find help anywhere..Pleaseeee help!

No worries! I’m actually leaving the contact form up to individual buyers as a lot of you guys prefer to use certain plugins like Gravity or whatnot – I’m using Contact Form 7 on the demo ( – it’s a free plugin that you can install and get working in a few minutes. Check it out when you get a sec and let me know if that works out for ya!


but I’m not using wordpress..

Not only is the design beautiful and very customizable, but the documentation and code is a joy to read as well. I’m couldn’t be happier with the template and supporting documents.

Great Design, thank-you so much. Is there any way to put dynamic content into the boxes? Like a count down timer or some such?

Thanks again.

At the moment – nope – not without custom work being done on your part ;)

Hi epicera, Best Html template ever on Flashden. One question is that possible to generate some shadow on the grid gallery on the Home menu (image lightbox example | video lightbox example etc.)




I noticed differences between the website template and the wordpress template.

The wordpress template has : - a search box in the left sidebar - comments section in a post page. - image gallery page - traditional blog page

Does the website template also include those features ?

Thank you,

i did not noticed that this is not for wp. can you make it compatible with wordpress?

great masonry theme! there an “sort by filter” (categories) option?


I’ve got a question about the prettyphoto function probably. I’ve gotten a few photos in one project so the slideshow goes automatic. Is there a way it doesn’t go, cause in a few “projects” I’ve got a video and that also stops in a few seconds and goes into the next photo, I want it to play the video and then move on to the next photo?


Just wondering before I purchase…. the images on the home page – is it possible to have more than one version of that page? For instance could I have one set of pictures on the home page, and then set another page with a different set of pictures (but in the same format/layout)?

Yep – it can be filtered by category :)

Hi Brandon, I had bought one of your other templates (the wonderful Reaction) and now i´m loocking at this template for another project I have for a Sportsclub, but I have one small question first.

Is it possible to have multiple widget settings? I need to have diffrent widget at page levels. If so, this template is perfect. If not maby you have some idea to solve it?

Thanks for another REALLY nice template


I’m using the SideWinder – Premium Portfolio Template (not Wordpress) and loving it. I am having trouble with assigning an email address to the contact form. Am I right in understanding I need a plugin/script to get this working? If so, can you recommend one and where I can get.


Brandon, I’ve just had to update Sidewinder for a buyer of one of my plugins because the theme is loading jQuery incorrectly. This is causing jQuery conflicts with plugins that are loading it correctly. If you could, please update your theme.

Im having trouble with the contact form. Im not using wordpress, i looked on the posts but you gave no answer other than for the world press. How do I configure my email account to the contact form?