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Hi Arlind

The theme is great, but I was wondering if it works with Child Themes? I have set up the child theme correctly, but it is still calling to the parent style (in this case skin-green.css). Thanks

Hi, I’m wondering why I’m having trouble using the Visual Composer. Can’t seem to make any changes for the home page. Thanks.


Hi marialianoscarbone,

Even if you click ‘View Page’ it doesn’t reflect the changes?

Would be nice if you could send me the login information (via private message) for your wp then I will see whats the problem and fix it for you.

Thanks for purchasing Silicon Theme



Thanks Arlind – just emailed you. Great, clean site btw!


Still not working – any chance to take a look?

Hi! I have a question… there is a shortcode for the slit slider? Thx a lot.


Hi jorgealbertoarroyavemanco,

Actually Slit Slider is available as template, so if you select

“Slider Page” template, then choosing “Slit Slider” from options, it will automatically create the slider.




Hi, but, there is a problem, it do not show the slide… any idea?


Maybe is there any problem with integration with qtranslate or something like that?

Hello there Laborator,

Somehow in your theme update for the Portfolio Item feature. There was the ability to set a Featured image for the Portfolio thumbnails and then create a separate slideshow for the Detail Portfolio Item.

When adding a Featured Image, it also added it to the Slideshow by default, which there was a feature to remove the item from the slideshow.

Now it has gone away with the update and I liked having that feature because it enabled me to crop the thumbnail featured image in a square format while using a different cropping for the slideshow part.

Now there is no way to remove the featured image from the slideshow. It automatically adds the featured image to the slideshow for the detail view and it can’t be removed.

Please help!



Hi there Laborator,

In a project page, I have huge content to be desplayed, which is not quote great if I put it all in the box of the project.

So I need the projects details to be full width in the portfolio item page, but not boxed. Just same as a normal page in desplaying the content. it can be under the big slider and it’s ok to remove all the details in the box, project link and all staff there.

Also I need the visual composer to be in the portfolio page when I want to make new project.

How it could be?

Thank you very much.

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Hello there, Laborator.

I’m experiencing “500 Server Error” issue on my server. The theme was configured to auto updated to last versión (1.2.1), so I’ve assumed some kind of problem with this update, in fact I needed to completely reinstall wordpress and droped entire database (no problem with that, my web page is in preproduction stage, but it is hosted in a production server).

Did you noticed this kind of problem in other users? I’ve installed 1.1 version and all seems ok in my server but when I install the last versión, all the systen goes down.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Is it possible to have a non-response version of these theme? In particular, I’m looking to have a Diamond Tabs page in which the position of the diamond tabs remain fixed.

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I have the same problem that jorgealbertoarroyavemanco i set up as Laborator said, but it still do not show the slider, i add the slides or images to the slides box, and still do no show, any idea?

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Hi Guys,

I got 2 questions…

Im trying to get thumbnails with blogposts on the homepage but it isnt showing up.

Like this: http://i.imgur.com/a9G504w.jpg

And the slider (wide slider) starts at the top of the page and not like it supposed too.

Like this: http://i.imgur.com/x3Nnzpi.png

Can you help me out..?!

Thx, Nick


Hi Nick, sorry for the late reply first, 1. Try setting up again your featured image, it may be because you’ve just imported the demo content.

2. The Wide Slider shows up that way, the other type of wide slider is the Revolution Slider.


Hi i change the slideshow images of the main page but still loading the images that already had other than the ones I got, and I do not get the option of “External POst Slider”

Hi pixxsoluciones, do you mean the slider or the slider inside page, to set up the slider inside the page here you have the guide on how-to do it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqnNg7c9xqg


Hi, I like so much your theme but before buying it I need to know how Silicon behave if I install Woocommerce plugin, or maybe you can give me some advice about an e-commerce plugin you are sure will work well with your theme. Thanx in advance :)

yogamade Purchased

Hi again, i like this theme. i was reading documentation and you recommend using Visual Composer plugin which is at additional cost. Does the theme work better with the visual composer, or is it more like an accessory?

thanks Maria


Hi Maria, using the Visual Composer has a plenty more features you can’t do with the classic editor, you can create your own layout that’s the main feature we focused on.

Thank you for your kind comments, we’re sorry for the late reply.


latma Purchased

I have a problem, when i add a gallery to my “about us” page in the visual editor, images appears distorted and resized…. can you help me? thank you

Hi latma, this is the video tutorial we made for the about us page: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqnNg7c9xqg.

We’ve updated the theme and added F.A.Q., make sure you read them you might have the answer for any problem there.

Thank you, Art.

kaust Purchased

Am I missing something? Ordered and unordered lists seem to be lacking styles within pages.

mskendras Purchased

Hi …. I would like to add the photo slideshow like the demo site but it’s not working for me. How do I set that up? Also, I would like to bring the menu down. How can I add a margin to the top of the menu? Thanks!

piosite Purchased

Hi, great theme, very complete, but i have to issues.

1- When I put a strong label in text in any post the font style changes to something like times new roman or similar. Example: http://coaching-inspiracional.com/empresarios-intuitivos-una-raza-triunfadora/

2- If I use the visual composer to make a post, the excerpt in the list of post (I use blog with sidebar template) don’t show, but if iI use the classic editor it works fine, why?



Hello piosite,

1. We haven’t noticed this issue before, anyway to fix this you’ll need to log in to your admin panel and then click Silicon > CUSTOM STYLING (CSS) and here you can customize your theme for each device size (tablet, phone and pc)
.post_content strong {
font-family: none !important;


z2h Purchased

I fixed my problems regarding the slider and blog posts..

But now the revolution 99 times of the 100 it keeps loading… and doesnt work..



Wow, you must be busy or on a long holiday?

Any response on how long it takes you to respond to issues on the forum you direct people to for apparent resolutions to issues!

Hope to hear from you soon.

moliner Purchased

Hi, just a note to let you know the Theme Update option does not seem to work, at leat for me. User and API key are correct, but i received no advice. I just found out the theme had been updated while looking for something else.

yogamade Purchased

i’ve figured out that the visual composer is integrated. will be back for more questions later. thanks, Maria