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Hi laborator,

I’ve got a question.. As I have my toplevel menu items non-clickable (no page under it) the submenu items aren’t working on mobile menu. That’s kind of a problem, what do i need to change so the submenu is working?


Hi qoorts,

Can you please give me the URL of the site so I will check it and see where is the problem.

Thanks for purchase


I installed the theme and silicon presenting this msg “Warning: Missing argument 1 for get_post(), called in /home/clickvermelho/www/site/wp-content/themes/silicon/tpls/blocks-postitemtwo.php on line 7 and defined in /home/clickvermelho/www/site/wp-includes/post.php on line 380” how can I get help

This has been fixed and it will be available in the next update


Ok when update will be available? because I’m not getting the theme set appropriately!

Hi is there a way I can make a blog post in full width? I can’t find the option any where

There is not any option that would make the post full width, but you can do it by editing the post style format in the file if you know a little of HTML.


I need to validate this site. This is the specific, is it possible? So I can purchase the theme. Websites must comply with the W3C encoding guidelines, as well as the international accessibility standards WCAG 2.0 (http://www.w3.org/WAI/guid-tech.html). Websites have to pass the W3C test for HTML 4.01 Transitional or XHTML 1.0 Transitional (http://validator.w3.org/).

Hello gilvia, if you’re a web designer or know a little bit of the web industry you would never ask this question, the website validation is just a “template” that was used 4-5 years before but not now, the site is a HTML5 and CSS3 theme so it would never give you an exact validation.

I am saying that this is not an issue for a theme to work well, to be sure check the top sellers here and none of theme is fully validated, when we submit themes here in ThemeForest we go through a strict monitoring in the code by the Envato staff so the validation issue from the w3schools is not even an issue for us.


hi, I bought your Silicon WP theme as part of the Corporate Bundle and when trying to install and activate the theme, I get a message about a lot of files that are either not found i the directory or could not be opened. It’s a lot of .png-files, font-files and Isotope-assets-files. This leads to a major error making my WP installation crash. I have too log files if you’re interested, that i can send you. It’s really too bad – especially because I did pay for this… Could I please have a non-faulty Silicon theme zip-file? thanks! best regards


Hi, i am having a very tough time on setting up the homepage for “blog-use”



Can’t find any documentation that shows the code or how to set up the slider just like that and then the blog posts.. ?


( i purchased the corporate bundle ** fyi )

First you’ll have to set the template to Slider Page and update it, after this select the Slider type to Fade Slider, update it then upload your images and the posts are set up on the Visual Composer – you can find tutorials for this on the videos we published on Youtube.


Hi, have PM’d you…

Stable Web Design…

Hi ! how to update version 1.2.1 to 1.2.5?

Hi jadanhi,

You should download the new version and replace to your server, if you have made any changes please save a backup for the current theme as there have been major changes in the theme code structure


Hi Arlind…

Did you receive my PM at all?

Thanks for your response in advance :)


Hello ADH, we’ve closed the e-mail support so for any questions please feel free to ask here.



I have a problem. The wide slider is cropping my images to 1400×629 but it doesnt show all of the picture. I tried many different aspect ratios but I had no luck showing all my picture in the slider.

hmmm. i guess the author doesn’t acknowledge bundle purchases… that is a shame…

Can I add events to the theme? Instead of the portfolio make it events page? how can i approach that? Please I love the theme and I will like to use it for this project.


You can use the portfolio for what you want and for events also, you just have to re-name the pages, that is very easy to set up on WordPress.


Will you be able to give me a little clue on how to approach this, I am a beginner but I can figure it out follow a couple of steps. Please Help me

I’m finding it hard to hit the slides … I’m using 1920×660 more is not good. Could you tell which size suitable for use in the image of the slides

Hi Arlind,

i have a couple of presale questions before i purchase a license.

1 would you may add the option to open the portfolio items via ajax to get a overview displayed ?

2 can i add different infos (single portfolio page) in the project information area? for example “skills” “client” and so on?


looks like TF has a problme to show my question…

can you may add the option to open the portfolio items via ajax ?

No there isn’t any built in app that would allow you to do that, but you can try any AJAX plugin that would make this possible.


Any ETA on the version supporting ecommerce? I will buy as soon as that is released!

How can you control the SORT ORDER of the portfolio? It doesn’t seem to respond to the ATTRIBUTES Order.

Hi Laborator. Congratulations on your theme. Io I would like to modify the paged every single post by entering portfolio slider below image and descriptive text. I set Visual composer and composed elements but I do not appear in the images and text. The portfolio page is set with model “portfolio” ... What’s wrong? thanks

Hello Sergio, as I see you tried to change the post structure, the structure and the template can only be set to the pages and not to the post, I am not sure what you mean but that’s how the post works.


sorry for the translation. I would like to have a paginated portfolio in post as that of the gallery: image slider and bottom or side of the project description … I saw that someone did that but I can not get it. I do not know if you know what I mean … but can you help me?

Here’s an example. the portfolio page is standard and the portfolio post is paginated as gallery. http://www.unoaunostudio.it/works/ http://www.unoaunostudio.it/gallery/casa-v/ Or I can have a single rectangle with the description as here? http://www.unoaunostudio.it/portfolio/tavolo-flood/


*purchased the bundle

How can I increase the number of items that are shown on the portfolio page. It currently displays 36 before it moves to the next page. I need to increase this.


Hi Laborator,

Some Users are having issues with the representation of the font on our Silicon Theme Blog. This is our Blog: www.seosweet.de/blog And this is a Screenshot of how it appeared for one of our Users: http://d.pr/i/k4lI Sadly he didn’t tell what Device or Browser he was using. But another User has the same Problem using Chrome on Windows Vista, while other Browsers were working properly. We assume that other users are having similar issues, we just don’t know why…