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I bought the corporate bundle and this theme came along with it. The theme works fine and its awesome. but the problem is I cannot create a revolution slider.

Please advise on this issue

Thanks in advance.


I would like to know how to add team members to the “About Us 1” page.

Thank you very much for your help.


Hello mskendras, sorry for the late reply first, for any advice and how to you’ll need to view the F.A.Q. page where you can find the documentation and the videos and you’ll find the explanation of the theme modules.


I have brought the corporate bundle. Sidebar and Widget in the version 1.2.4 don’t works!


I’m having some problems with the price boxes shortcode. I have already added several to the page, but it is not allowing me to add any more. I’ve tried creating another page and adding them there too, but it only allows me to add a few rows, then when I add any more the whole table disappears. I would really appreciate if you could look into this asap for me please as we wanted to send the site live today and we can’t until this is fixed :(

Let me know if you need access to the CMS and a visual of the page, which I can send via email.

Look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Dawn

I am having a problem where I do not see the header if I am looking at my latest posts. It only shows up if I click a different page. How can I fix this?

Please disregard my previous question about the team members … I figured it out. TY


Over the last few days the twitter widget has stopped working? Tried both ways with no luck? Any advice would be great.

Hi Laborator!

Thanks for your theme! Its great but I have problem which was mentioned by iDavidDeSmet before. Problem is with showing “Feature Tab” icons (Entypo icons) in Firefox.


I would be thankful for fixing this bc it’s a main page for me.

Thank you, Kamil

I have posted a ticket week ago but still no support?

wvgh2316 Purchased

Please don’t buy this theme. It has huge bugs with IE 8,9 and 10. Images simply won’t load. On Firefox the theme works perfect.

I’ve been asking for a solution now for over 3 months.

jikey Purchased

.............. VERY BAD …...SUPPORT

Hi, I’d like to change toggle titles, making the text underlined and bigger. How can I do? Thank you

So what does it take to get some support? I purchased the theme in a package from Envato. I realize this doesn’t entitle me to support, but all I want to know is if the issues I’m having are fixed in the more recent updates of the theme? If they are, I’ll happily purchase it so I can get the updated version. I’ve tried contacting the dev through at least 2 channels and can’t get a reply. It’s been weeks. Please let me know how I can get answers to my specific questions!

Here’s what I sent in an email to info@laborator.co:

Hi, I emailed via the Envato contact form several days ago but have received no response. It was regarding the Revolution slider. I now see that there was an update around that in the next version of the Silicon theme, after the one we received in the bundle. We’d be happy to purchase the theme so we can get the update. However, we’re having several other issues that I’d like to confirm are also fixed in the 2 most recent updates, before we purchase. To view the site we’re building, go to http://dieselpirate.fiddlersites.com/client-preview. The issues are:

- The slider doesn’t seem to work. We’ve got the Slit slider setup on the home page and no matter what we do it won’t display the images added to it. It displays text from the title/caption, etc just fine, but not the image. This is on a Multisite (maybe that has something to do with it?).

- On the contact page: http://dieselpirate.fiddlersites.com/contact/ there’s no marker. The map is centered on the right spot, but no marker is shown. One shows up just fine in the Page Editor, but not on the front end. Are these fixed in 1.2.5? We’ll be happy to re-purchase if so, but if not, we’re going to have to manually fixed them anyway, so it’s probably not worth it to pay for a few updates that don’t help us (we’ve decided not to use the Revolution slider).

Oh, and one suggestion: if you’re going to include lots of sliders, especially a fairly complicated one like Revolution, you could really include it as a separate plugin, or at least an option in the theme settings to turn it off, so it’s not loading extra stuff on the admin and/or front-end for those who don’t want to use it. Thanks.

Hi! I believe we don’t get any support anymore but maybe someone else can help me…

The sidebars in the widget area don’t show up. There’s an empty space next to the available widgets. So I can’t drag any widget nowhere… How do I fix this?

Thanx, Janneke

Hi, I bought the theme in a Silicon Package Envato. My Blog just does not appear. Help me. http://www.silviadesigner.com.br/casanova2013

Webat Purchased

hi, in my site there is a strange out of control.. in the category filter I see on the top an unwanted slider…how I can delete it? I need to see only the article like your exemple http://themes.laborator.co/#theme=silicon

my site in the problem page http://www.orologeriaenricocisternino.it/category/orologi/rado/


Hi there,

What is a good cache plugin to use with this theme?


I downloaded the bundle package yesterday. But there is still 1.2.4 version.

I am really need 1.2.5 version or 1.2.6 if already. please tell me how to get it.

please send me the latest version to my email energie2024@gmail.com

thanks, Agum78


We’re sorry but the updates are only available to these who have directly bought the theme.


Dont buy this Theme! Slider is not working, Theme has a lot of Problems and Bugs and theres no Support.


It is because you have an outdated version of the theme, since that version the theme has changed a lot and we’re planning to release the new update these days, so I would suggest you not to spam over here because you did not even get the theme directly, you got it over a package or illegally.


This is the comment for bundle buyers

(1) for the users who have the problem with widgets.

The author wrote the answer before in this comment area. It takes long to find it, so I copy and paste the answer to save your time.


1.) Download this file: http://cl.ly/Ohf8

2.) Move the downloaded file “functions.php” to silicon/ folder (replace with the existing one)

3.) Login to admin panel and Go to Widgets area, and error must be fixed already



(2) For the users who want to use the sidebar in a normal page.

You can make it with visual composer.

1) change the editor style to visual composer. 2) add a column. 3) select a element “Widgetised Sidebar” 4) then you can select a sidebar you wanna use.

I hope you can make it!!!!!!