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Laborator does not currently provide support for this item.

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This is the comment for bundle buyers

(3) For the users who wanna display the header on Archives page.

1) edit blog-sidebar.php

2) add the code below after ”#header” section( line 24 ).

get_template_part('tpls/blocks', 'header');

3) Then update the file.

4) you will see the sticky header on the archive page.

I hope you can make it!!!!!!

Hi, the big problem with the issue is the lack of explanation. Have to improve it. When I saw the topic in love but can not even change the shades of gray in the footer css file. I also tried to change the language translating all arquivo.po and gave nothing. You need to leave my website as thin as I want. The theme is worth but has to improve communication. I bought a bundle package Envato and then bought the theme for knowing of my interest. Help me with this, ok!

The highlight of my BLOG does not work. How can I resolve. Look at my website. Give me answers

Hi there,

I am using the light orange skin,

I would like to change the colors of the links.

Examples are as below.

a:link {color:#FF0000;} /* unvisited link / a:visited {color:#00FF00;} / visited link / a:hover {color:#FF00FF;} / mouse over link / a:active {color:#0000FF;} / selected link */

However, I tried it with the options and also pasting it in the style.css, both didn’t work.

Please advise.

Hello net-guru, you have to overwrite the css in the options page for almost every element not general for example:
#homepage_posts .post_entry .post_title a:hover {
color: orange !important;



I sent a mail monday about my header, can you please check the mail and help me out?

thanks Maureen

Hi Maureen, we do not give support by e-mail, for all your questions feel free to ask to the support forum.


Whenever I try and add photos to a gallery, they simply will not add. Any thoughts as to why?

Hi nungvung22,

We are fixing this issue, and I will send you the link of the updated files asap as this gets fixed.

Has this been fixed yet? It’s been a month and I really need to be able to add items to my portfolio :-/ Thanks!

Can you help me? I just purchased Revolution Slider via CodeCanyon today and installed the plugin in wordpress.

But when I wanted to activate it, there is a fatal error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class UniteFunctionsRev in /home/sgbowlin/public_html/wp-content/plugins/revslider/inc_php/framework/functions.class.php on line 3

Please help me with the fix!

Hello ainun_rock, the revolution slider is included in the theme so you need to disable the plugin you installed because it conflicts with the one that we use in our theme.


Hi, I can’t uninstall it cos it won’t work if the plugin is not installed. I tried.

By the way, I would like to know how can I use the the “Extra class name” box? How should I type the code?

Another question is how can I resize the Feature Tabs box? Cos when I write the short description, the box does not increase in height to fit all the text in.

Please help. Thanks!

Hi, you will need to de-activate the plugin you installed because it is integrated in the theme itself, we have tested it and it works perfectly.

2. Each visual composer element has it’s own class field, type in the class you want then on the CSS custom style on the theme options change the class parameters.

3. To change the height of the featured tabs apply this code to your theme options css:

#features_blocks .features_blocks .feature_block {
height: 250px !important;


Hi there, I love the theme but I have two or three issues. One is that I don’t have the code to your support lab cause the code from the corporate bundle isn’t working. Two is that I would like to update but i guess if I’m not in the support lab I don’t get the link to the update. Three is that I had a previous insatallation with the sidebar and footer sidebar. Unfortunately I had to setup everything again and since then there are no sidebars. Thanks for reply

Hi again, you didn’t buy the theme, you bought a pack where Silicon was included, it was clearly written on the bundle that you can’t count on the support for each theme because it was not even included in it.

If we would give the update for 15.000 bundle buyers that would be unfair for the ones that bought the theme directly, we’re sorry but these are the rules.


hmm, 25$ x 15’000 bundle buyers = it seems that you really have made enough money allready;-). and believe me no regular buyer would be upset by such an update because it’s absolutely common that there are special deals from time to time. that’s called marketing or advertising or whaterever people usually have in mind when they go out to present there work and to find some customers. and by the way, I bought a theme ( http://rockythemes.com/creativo/ ) a few minutes ago at mighty deals which also was a special offer. but with lifetime support and updates included. now guess from which theme/company I will speak better?

Are you here to get support or count the earnings we’ve made? Really, I don’t know why I am loosing time with you, speak what you want these are the rules, the next time be more careful to read the description of the bundle.

Hey, my project manager bought this theme, i uploaded it and it renders everything blank! Even the dashboard.

Whats going on? Wordpress 3.5.2

Hello iamola, are you sure you uploaded the theme files correctly to the website?


Yes i did. Drag and drop pretty much.

Tried both upload via Transmit and upload via Wordpress, same thing. :/


I ordered this theme within the corporate bundle and I was hoping to get the update to v. 1.2.5 as it has less bugs (and I’m guessing the revolution slider bug is fixed).

I noticed on your support forum you were sending this update to corporate bundle buyers (even though I realize we aren’t entitled to updates).


I really enjoy the theme, and will most likely be purchasing more licenses to use for other clients in the future if the Revolution Slider bug works out.

I’ve sent you an e-mail as well. I’m working on a tight deadline so any and all prompt help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks very much, -Daniel


Same as above. I purchased the corporate bundle and would like to get the update if possible.

I sent you an email to info @ laborator.co but don’t know if this email is active or not.

Please let me know how to proceed. Thank you Thomas

Hello, first of all I want to apologize for the late reply, the theme update is available only for the users who have bought the theme directly also the support is only open for these users and not for everyone, we do not give support by email anymore.



Same as above. I purchased the bundle and in my theme’s version the Revolution Slider doesn’ t work. I also would like to have the update to solve other problems, if possible.

Please let me know how to proceed. Thanks Fernanda

Hello Fernanda, the update is not available for the users who got the theme via bundle.


For the two above, this makers of this theme do not seem to give consistent/reliable support. I read comments going back 3 months to find this fix. I’ll repost it for you (it says widgets area, but it also fixed the Revolution Slider for me).

Hi, We think have have sorted the problem with the “Widgets” area where sidebars does not appears and now we have created quick fix (or patch) and all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1.) Download this file: http://cl.ly/Ohf8

2.) Move the downloaded file “functions.php” to silicon/ folder (replace with the existing one)

3.) Login to admin panel and Go to Widgets area, and error must be fixed already




I have ask for help almost a month ago no reply yet, the portfolio pages aren’t showing anything need help please, or let me know the return policy.


Hello Albulushi, sorry we’ve had a problem with our support manager, we’re going to release a new update as soon as possible, there are a lot of bugs to fix.

Sorry for the late response, Art.

Thanks Arlind for your attention, but still not working. I can not create the slider. The problem with the widgets was solved.

If anyone can help: I read that there is an update v 1.2.6 and maybe can solve this and other problems. I already tried to download the Bundle again to see if it was updated but unfortunatelly is not.

Could someone , send the files described on the link (http://cl.ly/Om5z) with the last update? If possible, my email: ferdsleite@gmail.com

Thanks, Fernanda

Complete fail of a theme, so much is broken, no support. DO NOT BUY!!! pathetic that themeforest even sells this. I’ll be buying elsewhere from now on

You didn’t even buy the theme from here or did not set it up right, if it would be a fail it would not be picked up by ThemeForest on the bundle.

Has anyone addressed the massive fails for this theme on Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) yet? I assume not, since the live demo has most of them… I’m running Version 1.2.5 since I picked it up in the bundle.. but right now I can’t even show this site because of the IE problems.

Any help would be great. Thanks in advance

Hello djanosik, we have had a problem with our support section and we were not focused so much on the theme, we’re going to release a new theme update as it has been months since the last updates and we have a lot of bugs to fix, as I see you got the theme via the bundle, to get the next update you have to buy it again because we no longer give the theme update for bundle users.



I have bought the theme in a bundle an see no chance to get into the support forum? Where can I get the right Purchase code? The code of the Bundle doesn’t work. I need necessarily the update.

Best Regards

Hello, the support forum is available only for the customers who have bought the theme from here, the bundle didn’t have the support included in it, if you need the update for the theme, you’ll have to get the theme from here.


Hello, I have bought the bundle here an I can give you the purchase code of the bundle. Ok, if there is no support. But it’s a pity if I cannot get not even the update to make my site work.

Best Regards

I know but that’s the rule, the bundle had over 15.000 buyers and we have a large number of e-mails and tickets that require the latest version of the theme, it would be unfair for the other users to give it for free because it was included in a package.

Thanks, Art.


Just purchased your theme and I can’t get the gallery page to work. I’ve uploaded multiple images however when I navigate to the gallery page the title displays as archive and the content area shows a row of months of the years whilst on the menu the Blog link is active.

Any help regarding the setup of the gallery page is welcome as there is currently no documentation as to how to set it up.

Thanks, David

Hello, can you send us an e-mail via the contact form containing your own site login credentials.

Thank you, Art.

Hello, is there any possibility to show the Page Title in the Header area? Maybe it could be an option on the left side of Header widget?

Hello vils, could you be more specific in which part of the header you want the title?

I thought it could be like an option in Theme options / Header drop-down – to show the Page title in Header widget – instead of Search form or Social Networks.

That’s not currently as an option but if more people want this as an option we would consider adding it in the next update.