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Hi, I love this theme but i am can’t get it working with the MemberPress plugin. The product and group pages when viewed show nothing. The plugin works fine with other themes. Any ideas on what the issue might be?


Has the issue where I cannot add photos to my galleries been resolved?

This is a big problem as I need to be able to add photos.


Hello I have requested several times for the refund because the updates is not coming at all im stuck. please provide with the refund I really appreciate thank you


Its something Envato must do, we can’t do this because there is no option, if there would be you would have your money.

This week we will post the new update.

When someone shares my page on facebook, randomly one of my portfolio items shows up, can I change this to a wanted 1?

Good day,

Do you have any ETA on the support of WP 3.6?

Thanks, Dave


Hi Dave,

Silicon will have new update release this week and you’ll get the fully working version for WP3.6, we are sorry for late response.

Apostrophes are being stripped from the entry in the “Site Title” field. They are in the field but don’t display on the frontend. How can this be fixed? I’d like it to display “Josh and Shawnda’s Journey” but instead it displays “Josh and Shawndas Journey”. Thanks!

elfmedia Purchased
Good afternoon, the header and footer are both broken, could someone provide assistance on getting it fixed? http://www.jewelryrepairnewyork.com/

Hi elfmedia,

I am not understanding how is this happening to you while in the demo page is not, could you re-download newest version and upload the theme to replace the files to avoid any issues that may cause you to break the header and footer, its interesting how this happens :/


First of all, I really like this theme. It just looks awesome and has a ton of features that I appreciate not having to install independently. There is just one issue I’d like some help with. This theme seems to break WP widget functionality… widget areas simply do not show.

I bought this theme as part of a corporate bundle in May, but just installed it a few days ago. I understood from the start that support was not included and I’m fine with that. However, the fact that a crucial part of WordPress does not work due to this theme, should not be considered a support issue, but a product issue, since I basically bought a broken version of the theme.

Is there a way you could provide a working version of this theme? It’s not my intention to take advantage of you or anything like that. I just want the product I bought to work.


mmaddox Purchased

I found out the hard way the product bundles are complete ripoffs. I had the same issue, and both envato and theme author basically said “you’re screwed, haha”.

Any word about the ecommerce integration with this theme?


Hi mmaddox,

Finally we are back, we have just released a new theme and now we are able to provide support again. I know you are pissed off with our support system, but we didn’t had any choice except to stop providing support (for hundreds of peoples) and build a new theme and getting more experience. Silicon its not intended to support WooCommerce, so at this point you are unlucky again, I am really sorry, if I could pay off somehow this to you by giving our newest theme for free?



I’m having issues with the theme and am unable to login to support due to not being able to find the license certificate button on my downloads.

This is the site. http://www.r-ismsalon.jp

When I attempt to go through wordpress login the dashboard is blank. Whenever I deactivate the theme throughout phpmyadmin.net I’m able to view the dashboard again. Please advise.


Great theme! :) However, the ‘Related Projects’ widget on the portfolio pages doesn’t appear to be working. For example, it does not display other projects within the same category, but just a mixture of different categories. Is there a way to fix this? As otherwise, they’re not really related in any way.

Many thanks.


Hi dhutchinson,

Yes you are right, I have added this feature and I will send you immediately (download here http://cl.ly/Rgd5) Replace it to tpls/ folder.

This will be included in the next update.


Hi, I’m very annoyed by the fact that version of the Silicon wordpress theme included with your corporate bundle was unusable!

How could a broken theme be included in such a deal? The widgets don’t work as many users have stated yet you want us to fork out another $40 to get what we should have got in the first place – a theme that actually works.

You don’t seem to be interested in helping any of your customers and despite stating on your support forum that v1.2.5 would be uploaded to the corporate bundle – that never happened…

Are you planning to respond to emails? or ignore them as well.

I really hope you do the right thing and help us out. Thanks


First of all the 1.2.5 version was not accepted by the ThemeForest because it was too late to update the bundle.

The theme was not broken, the latest updated version was broken then some user experienced some problems. We’re not fooling anyone as the theme has been updated on the original version not in the bundle and works perfectly.

No we’re not interested in helping people that want help about the theme 6 months after the bundle was closed, because even that support we used to give was not supposed by the bundle.

We replied hundreds of e-mails giving them the latest version of Silicon with the bug fixes, right after the bundle was closed, after that we closed the e-mail support.

mmaddox Purchased

Laborator has set themselves up for failure with total lack of support


Thanks in advance for your help … I am trying to get the slideshow to work like the demo Home > Corporate 2 and I haven’t had any luck.

Please help.


laian Purchased


I tried the theme and it is awesome. I’ve only seen one thing that is wrong and is a list of staff in mobile mode. You can see all. Spend on the demo page.

can be fixed??


Hi laian

Here is the fix:


Move it to the silicon/js/ directory.

We are going to release the new update of Silicon soon, this week.

Sorry for late answer.


The original file I got from themeforest appears to be corrupt, I kept getting several error messages. When I uploaded the folders via FTP and try to activate the theme, parent or child, I keep getting the following error message:

Warning: require_once(/homepages/35/d471492050/htdocs/wp/wp-content/themes/silicon/inc/js_composer/composer/wp_bakery_visual_composer.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /homepages/35/d471492050/htdocs/wp/wp-content/themes/silicon/inc/js_composer/js_composer.php on line 85

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ’/homepages/35/d471492050/htdocs/wp/wp-content/themes/silicon/inc/js_composer/composer/wp_bakery_visual_composer.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php6’) in /homepages/35/d471492050/htdocs/wp/wp-content/themes/silicon/inc/js_composer/js_composer.php on line 85

Any idea how to fix this?

http://awesomescreenshot.com/0741rs96a0 How to avoid this plugin problem? Initially it was not there but after Upgrading to latest Wordpress Version the problem started. Plugin: http://wordpress.org/support/view/plugin-reviews/wysija-newsletters

The site is http://nevales.com ( see the subscription form in the footer )


Hi sunijarishi,

I have tried the Subscribe form but it seems to have issues in the server where it sends the request: See here the Requests how they fail to get response: http://cl.ly/RgRM

I believe this is something that doesn’t have anything to do with Silicon theme! But if you think Silicon its the source of issue we may see if there is any alternative.

Thanks for purchase.


Hi, I what file can I change ‘Main Menu’ text in mobile menu?

Hi love your theme, but having an issue trying to reduce the padding between the header and the slider. Can’t find this section in edit mode and no luck with your custom css. Any idea where this can be changed? I’m not using any social media tabs or search box on the home page, so I want to make it tighter. Thanks


Hi Ourtiempo

This would be the css to reduce the margin of slider and header

body header {
 margin-bottom: 0;

It worked for me.



TY for fast response

Hi, I bought the Silicon template through the Corporate Bundle along time ago (ver. 1.2.4), I’m having some problems with the mobile version. Some things like the team members and Features are not responsive and doesn’t have navigation arrows so I can only see the first item.

Is there a patch or a way to fix that. I have my Bundle Purchase code in case you need it.

Thank you very much!