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I’ve been testing out this theme, and it seems that certain basic HTML elements have been disabled from the editor. I cannot use my own HTML in the “text” tab of the editor and standard elements like bullets ( li ) tag’s do not work. Additionally I cannot seem to add spaces between lines, or get much of anything to work outside of ( h1, h2, h3 ) tags. Is there a reason for this? A fix maybe?

Hello, category list page have no header/menu…

category.php doesn’t exist on your theme…

Can you help me ? I would like to list blog post by category…

We have stopped giving support for users who bought the bundle.


Hi, I have a problem with the preview images here: http://marken-kommunikation.com/referenzen/

For two items they are not visible. Do you have any idea?

Thanks, Andreas

Hi Andreas,

Have you uploaded Featured Image for those portfolio items?

Please email me arlind at gmail and I will send you the fixed files for IE11 issue.


No, just a portfolio pic. For the first 3 portfolio items this works.



I need to translate the title of the fields of the contact form as well as the “Message” text inside the text field. The changelog says this should be possible, but I cannot find the settings.

Best, Andreas

Hi Andreas, I fixed the message issue.


Great. Could you pls let me know what you changed? Just in case I need to redo this after an update.

Thanks, Andreas

Sure, I will send you the list of modified files.

Help me. PLZ. Ver 3.1.2

I just install plug-in. Then,

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class UniteFunctionsRev in /home1/cafeimftp/wp/wp-content/plugins/revsliderv3/inc_php/framework/functions.class.php on line 3


I can only add 2 tabs, when I go to add a 3rd nothing happens? Can you help please?

I am doing this via:

Add element >Tabs

Then a tab box appears (with 2 tabs).

Then when I click the green ’+’ to add another tab nothing happens?

Can you help please?



Hi Rick,

I have tried to add three tabs and they seem to work fine, here is the sample shortcode:


Copy from [vc_row] ... to [/vc_row] and paste to any page, hopefully it will work for you and you’ll have an idea how.



Thanks for the reply.

When I copy and paste that code it works, however even with that code when I try to add a 4th via visual composer and the green ’+’ icon it does nothing?



Hi Rick,

I will try to update the visual composer and set the release online later this week.


Hi mate i’ve just installed silicon theme and when i try to add a new page i get this error Missing argument 1 for get_post(), called in /web/htdocs/www.battuageprive.com/home/sito/wp-content/themes/silicon/inc/gallery-box.php on line 38 and defined in /web/htdocs/www.battuageprive.com/home/sito/wp-includes/post.php on line 380

can you help me? thanks!

Hi. Great Theme! Is there an option to add a different header image to each page? Thanks!

Hi cahlabloom, every page can have it’s own header image with the Layer Slider, for more how-to’s and information read the documentation and watch the tutorial videos.


Hi, can you help me with two issues.

1) Images in the article are not responsive, how can I change this?

2) It seems the portfolio is not WPML compatible or am I wrong?

Thanks for a great theme!

Hi meetall, the theme is full WPML compatible (except in the Contact – message field), for the first issue please contact us by e-mail and send us your site login information.


Hi Art, I sent you the login information with the contact form at http://laborator.co/contact/. Didn’t find any e-mail. The testsite is updated now to the newest silicon release.


I got an error in the portfoliosites (at the bottom):

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in …/wp-content/themes/silicon/tpls/blocks-portfoliolatest.php on line 46

what can I do?

Hi sitedude,

Here is the fix for that, please just replace this file:

Download this file: http://cl.ly/SfE1

And move to …/wp-content/themes/silicon/tpls/

It will solve the problem.

Thanks for purchase


Hi, How would I change the name of “portfolio” in the URL?

I was wondering of the psd are also included? I don’t see them.

This is the link (which is actually sent you to email)


awesome thanks

You’re welcome buddy :)

Hi, http://www.lifespanhealth.co.nz/ Where should I send login details so that you can see the issue as this is under construction. Want to add one dropdown field in contact box instead of subject.

Also slider images goes invisible when viewing on small screen.

Hi merchantcreative,

1. Send me an email arlindd at gmail and I’ll respond to you.

2. Make sure you have enabled and set the Responsive width for the slider as it may causes issues when is on small screen.


Where can I set that width? Couldnt find in wide slider settings. Sent you an email.

hi Arlind,

I want to update my theme but I can not do this true the update system that u build in. I have to do this in another way you told me. How do I update the theme with the latest updates? I also send u an email, but I did not received any mail back.

Can you help me?

Hi Arlind,

thanks for your help before, it worked!

New problem: I try to translate the contact-page into german.

Where can I change the labels of “name, surname, email, message, subject”? Shown on the page.



Hi Arlind! Still got the contactform-problem: I found in the blocks-contactform.php the translation code, but the changes don’t work. It is still english

 * Silicon Theme
 * Theme by: Laborator.co
 * Designed by: Art Ramadani (www.artramadani.com)
 * Developed by: Arlind Nushi (www.arlindnushi.com)
 * www.laborator.co
 * File Date: 1/25/13

$silicon_contact_form_is_open     = get_option('silicon_contact_form_is_open');
$contact_form_is_closed_message    = wpautop(get_option('silicon_contact_form_is_closed_message'));

// For translation purpose
__('Nachname', TD);
__('Vorname', TD);
__('Betreff', TD);
__('E-Mail', TD);
__('Nachricht', TD);

if($silicon_contact_form_is_open == 'is_open'):

Hi Andi,

Here is the file where you can translate these fields, I am going to update this file to make it automatically translate these strings, but for now try to replace manually till the new update comes, and the strings will be translated easy.


See the field names here:


Hopefully it will work for you.


Do you have a support forum?

Hi hankisaac,

No we don’t have support forum, you can ask us to know more about Silicon theme.


Hi one more question: is it possible to change in the portfolio details the date to show only month + year without exact day?

At the blocks-portfolioitemdetails.php i found the code: <?php _e('Date', TD); ?>: <span><?php echo date_i18n(get_option('date_format'), strtotime($album_date)); ?></span>

But what i need to change there?



Hi Andi,

Sure, just replace that code with this:

<?php _e('Date', TD); ?>: <span><?php echo date_i18n("m Y", strtotime($album_date)); ?></span>

Where the “m Y” will output project date as for example “11 2013” or if you want to show the month name instead of “m Y” write this “F Y” and you’ll get this form of output “November 2013”.

Hopefully this will work for you.


Hey Arlind, THANK YOU! Andi

You are welcome buddy :)



My website is http://www.kickstart.my.

The template has an issue with pagination, where when a static front page is selected, the user cannot navigate pass page 1. You can refer to our home page and see for yourself.

Please suggest workaround.


Hi jikey,

It seems really strange issue. I’ve tried to repeat this on my original Silicon homepage but worked. Here is the result: http://d.pr/i/dz4

The problem with your site is because it doesn’t allow that structure of URL to be typed. Please re-confirm the settings by going and saving them again, then go to Settings > Permalinks and just click save, it will reflush the URL rewrite and it could make it work.


Hello Arlind,

I worked if I change the setting to default, there are no issues.

However, when I switch back to “Post Name”, the problem reappear.

Please help, as we want to use the Post Name option for SEF reasons.

Hi jikey,

Let me work on this case and I’ll fix it hopefully, then will let you know.


Hi Arlind,

I don’t know why you dont give a rection on my question? I purchased this theme but I get no answer…? Why is that?

So again: I want to update my theme but I can not do this true the update system that u build in. I have to do this in another way you told me. How do I update the theme with the latest updates?

Can you help me?

Can you please find what I’ve said because here are about 760 comments and its hard for me to find it.

I would really appreciate it. Thanks


Hi Arlind, this is what u wrote….

Sorry for the delay of the response as we got many many emails every day.

I checked again the site, and found this error: http://cl.ly/OMu6

I don’t know what it means, maybe your site is not supporting CURL method or anything like that (external url fetching)!

For my opinion, currently I don’t have any idea what to do with this issue, would you mind if you update the theme manually?

Also, for your information, you can install child theme (silicon-child/ folder) and start working on it rather than silicon/ folder, and all the changes will never override as you make changes (you only replace silicon/ folder)

Can I jst remove the silicon theme and then install again? Without losing my website?

Hi maikelvdnat,

Now I understand the issue. Its interesting why you cannot update the theme.

But I will tell you the alternate way to update the theme. ONLY if you have NOT modified any file into silicon/ theme folder. Otherwise you must backup the theme folder and start overwriting the customizations you have done to the new theme version which will be set.

1. Go to Appearance > Themes 2. Activate another theme, lets say “Twenty Twelve” 3. Click “Delete” on Silicon Theme 4. Go to “Install Themes” tab inside this page, then go to Upload link 5. Download the Silicon from your downloads area ( themeforest.net/downloads ) 6. In the package you will see “silicon.zip”, select this file for upload on Install themes tab and then Activate the theme.

The options will not loose as they are stored on Database. Only changes on the code will be rewritten.

Hopefully this will help you.


I don’t have the shortcodes for the homepage in the extras folder? Can you advise on how this may have occured? How do I get them?

How do I add a revolution slider to the home page manually?

Can anyone help?

Please advise,


Please read some of the documentation here:


We do not provide support for Bundle buyers anymore. Sorry.