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Hello. I just updated a few post and noticed that the image gallery is not showing up on any of my pages. Thank you very much for your support. (http://pinkboss.com)

Hi, My template is broken under IE all version. I got the latest version of the template and WP 3.8. http://www.wpcode-united.com


is there anyone here?

I am curious if it is possible to set the information at the portfolio as default to hide. So that the visitors have to click the i (information) button to see te information of the portfolio item. Now it is by default on visible.


Hi there,

How do I add padding to the portfolio thumbnails so that there is some spacing between them? At the moment, they are positioned right next to each other, without any padding between the portfolio images.


HI guys, happy new year!! I am needing your help as soon as possible. I got a blog with your template, but the sidebar is not working correctly. It is overlaying the content. Don’t know how to fix it. I need it working right. Appreciate you can help me solving this issue. http://ventasporcatalogo.grupobabalu.com.co/

Hi support team, If I use the visual composer to make a post, the excerpt in the list of post (I use blog with sidebar template) don’t show, but if iI use the classic editor it works fine, why?


I use your theme, and is very happy about it! But i have a problem, that I se you have solved in your change log. Where do i get the new version? I can’t download from themeforest, because I bought “The Corporate Bundle is on for 2 Weeks!”

What do i do??

I’m having the same issue that a lot of people have asked about on here regarding the blog not displaying properly. I have narrowed it down, but cannot figure out a solution and everyone else that has asked on here hasn’t been answered.

The issue is that if in Settings > Reading the “Posts Page” is set to the blog, then the blog page will only display the first post (unformatted). If you set the “Posts Page” to any other page other than your blog page, then the blog page displays correctly. Do you have a fix for this?

Hi eternalist,

I have tested it several times and was not able to see any issue with formating, here is what I did,

The Reading settings: http://d.pr/i/FIoA

The result: http://d.pr/i/WyxU

Am I missing something here? You can also send me the link of your site and possibly the password of admin (via PM) so I can see what is the issue.


I am out of time to resolve this particular issue at the moment. As long as I don’t set the post page to “blog”, it seems to work fine.

I now have a MUCH bigger issue. I have been using the feature blocks on the home page, which displays just fine on Chrome. However, on firefox and IE, it does not display at all. I believe this happened once I installed the latest version.

Can you send me the link of your page, in demo version Features tabs seems to work fine.

Do not worry, we’ll go through all of these issues and fix them asap. For me it is necessary to be able to see the browser bug and then fix it.


Can you please tell me how to change the default font color? I want to make it a bit darker.

Hi eternalist,

Sure, to change the main text color for the Silicon theme apply this CSS to Appearance > Editor > style.css

body, #wrap p {
color: #default-color;

And you are done!



I have 2 questions;

1. How can I change the height from header to the first text block? (example http://www.maakmijnprofielfoto.nl/home/) 2. How can I insert a diamond box and about us page?

Regards Maureen

Can you paste here the list of rows so I can try by myself to see what it causes that issue.


Arlind, this is the link to the page

http://www.maakmijnprofielfoto.nl/prijs-uitleg/ When i’n testing the pricing table in a new page, is works, HOW?? hahahaha http://www.maakmijnprofielfoto.nl/test-prijs/

What is going wrong in my prijs-uitleg page?

Hi Maureen,

Sorry I have lost this comment! Please try then to clone the page content, so create new page and add the same settings after that the new page accepts tables :P


HI guys!! I am needing your help as soon as possible. I got a blog with your template, but the sidebar is not working correctly. It is overlaying the content. Don’t know how to fix it. I need it working right. Appreciate you can help me solving this issue. http://ventasporcatalogo.grupobabalu.com.co/

hey guys, is there anyone here?

Hi simpl

Sorry for the delay of reply, as we have many support requests. I saw your page, it looks like you have some kind of HTML that breaks the structure of the page, have you modified anything or added any widget?

Try to deactivate any plugin that may cause this issue, because it is not related to Silicon theme, see the original version (demo): http://themes.laborator.co/silicon/blog/blog-with-sidebar/

It works good.

So i guess the yours will work fine if you find/fix the broken HTML code.


Hi! Great Template! I am lucky, because I got it from bundle pack. Anyway, how can I translate contact form and other stuff? Thank you in advance;)

Hi vojtas14, the contact form can be translated on this file:


This has the string used on contact form. Other strings are translatable with language files.

Ok. Thank you. It works. Can I have another question? Is possible to add some custom links to slides in fade slider?

Hi vojtas14, the fade slider is made with the current posts therefore you can’t add additional links.


I am trying to add new slides in the “tour section” (beyond the two by default) but the ”+” button is not working, any idea?

Can you tell me where is the “Tour section” because I am not understanding it well.

Sorry, I don’t think I made myself clear. I´ve added this element with the visual composer: http://themes.laborator.co/silicon/tour-features/ which is called “tour section” but the ”+” button doesn´t work for adding new slides. I´ve managed with the classic editor for adding new slides and then editing them with visual composer but the “normal” way would be easier. Thank You for the quick answer!

Hi pedroarba, I just checked this and yes you’re right, it must be a bug of Visual Composer, the upcoming days we’re planning to update all the themes and Silicon also.



I made a stupid mistake. My home is overwrite by a plugin page form Ligthroom. So my HOMEPAGE is my portfolio page.

In the admin dashboard I see my homepage but I can’t edit anything.

What is the best way at this moment do resolve this problem.

Regards Maureen


Hi AcubensFotografie, the link to your website seems to be broken, so I am not sure what you’re talking about.


Please check

Settings > Reading

and set the frontpage readings to your desired page:


Otherwise, disable plugin, or check the plugin settings that overwrites the homepage.



I would like to buy this template but have one pre-sale question. Is it possible to create more portfolio pages?

Example: On page one: all items from category A, B and C On page two: alle items from category X, Y and Z And so on.

Please let me know, thanks in advance.

Hi originaltours, I had to check again for this option if it is available, and yes you can have a page with only items from a portfolio category, all you need to do is select the template as Portfolio and publish it, then at the bottom select the category you want to get posts from.


Is it possible to add some custom links to slides in fade slider?

Hi vojtas14, the fade slider is made by crawling the posts so you can’t add custom links into it.


Yeah, but I mean this slider which is included in template of homepage.

Yes you can add as many custom links as you want, you have to switch to Enable the links in the Revolution Slider when you edit a slide.


I am having a problem setting up my portfolio. What would be the best way to get help for this? I went to the support page but the exact issue didn’t seem to have been addressed.

Hi g7studios, to set up the portfolio is really easy, just put some items and watch this video to set up the page: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QL_RfUaFztc&list=PLnmVEXzJn2laIju3XQq5K2oBx3iWX_wZj


Im having same issue as Rickcee as below. Any Fix Yet?

rickcee Hello,

I can only add 2 tabs, when I go to add a 3rd nothing happens? Can you help please?

I am doing this via:

Add element >Tabs

Then a tab box appears (with 2 tabs).

Then when I click the green ’+’ to add another tab nothing happens?

Can you help please?



We are working on the new version of Silicon, and update the Visual Composer (that tool that supports the elements to be dragged inside page, including also tabs, accordions etc.)

You will get notified via email when the new update its ready.


Hello team !

firts : greats them you make ! Lovin’ it even if i’am totally a beginner in wp.

One question :

i don’t succed in changing text color ( in bloc text for example or wherever ).. i see i can apply color on a text but the color don’t change on my site… it’s still black !

any idea of what i should do to change text color ?

thanks for all


Hi yannisruben, the method you’re trying to change the text color does not apply to Silicon, because there is a general style of the text colors that manages all this, if you want to do this you’ll need to do it by via the Custom CSS area on the theme settings.

Thank you for your kind comments,

Hello, I’m having a problem with getting the Tour tabs to appear like your Tour page, seems like the styling is not getting through? help?

http://graebel.wpengine.com/ http://themes.laborator.co/#theme=silicon

Hi Asperion,

The Tour page in our demo contains this text:


Copy and paste the text to your page (without any template) and you will get the same structure, then you can start changing the text via Visual Composer.


Hi I think the update on visual composer have made the Tour tabs appear as such, it’s probably a CSS bug. Tried copying the code but got the same result.

Hi, I don’t know whats wrong with it I tested it and its working well, anyway try to add this on the Custom CSS area to make it work:
.wpb_tour .wpb_tour_tabs_wrapper .wpb_tab {
width:500px; !important;