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Can I add wideslider to my blog page? I tried selecting “Blog with Sidebar” selecting the wideslider and adding an image but nothing appears. please help

Hi, sorry for the late reply, the blog page isn’t working at all nothing shows?


If I set any Page to be my ‘Posts Page’ in Settings > Reading only the latest blog displays as plain text, no sidebar, nothing

Hi hudsonperalta, the only way to display a page with a sidebar is to use the template Page with Sidebar and then you can crawl the posts. I hope I was clear.


Problem with menu on mobile device The sub-menu doesn’t appear. On mobile device you can only see the top level sections of the menu but no the sub-section. I tried on Android, Iphone and BlackBerry – same issue. Here is the link to the website: http://bellefleurphysio.com/ Thanks

Hi FredS

I checked your website and tried to resize the viewport as in mobile device.

For me it is showing the sub menus:


They are aligned under About Us item.

I am not sure if I am mis-understanding you, but I think this works good.


Yes, you can see it now because I unchecked the option Enable Off-Canvas Menu. If I put it back, on mobile, you can’t see the sub menu. Right now, the client is happy with the way it’s setup but you may look into this. I tried on the version 1.3.1 of Silicon

Dear guys,

first: thanks for the great theme, I really like it and it looks pretty good, modern but not to clean.

Second: Since I bought it, I am having problems with the wide slider and I don’t know why. I tried it many times, to set the wide slider at my homepage but it is not working. The only thing I see is the moving timeline and the caption, but it is not showing the picture. It only shows the following in the left corner next to menu: wideslider_picture123.PNG. Next to the picture it shows a little button with an X inside.

I do have the latest update of your theme and of WordPress. Also I have set the page as slider page, have chosen wideslider and have selected some pictures.I tried also other settings but still I have no clue why it is not working.

Could you help me with this issue?


Hi Stefan_Collet, sorry for the late reply, have you entered the slider height? If this doesn’t seem to work please provide us the link to your website.


Hi Laborator Team,
I would like to ask how could I do to insert captcha in the contact form.

Hi lukluz, we haven’t tried implementing a CAPTCHA to our contact form but you can try it on your own by using a plugin or something.



Is it possible to by default hide the portfolio item details? Like client, website etc… if people click on the i (info) button then it has to come to the front.

Hope to hear from you. Thx.

Hi maikelvdnat, we haven’t added this feature to the portfolio item, sorry.



I’ve uploaded this awesome theme however I get the following errors in the header:

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(/home/content/80/8966380/tmp/sess_taruc755epn9gp3d7tct8d64n4, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in /home/content/80/8966380/html/wp-content/themes/silicon/functions.php on line 16

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cookie – headers already sent by (output started at /home/content/80/8966380/html/wp-content/themes/silicon/functions.php:16) in /home/content/80/8966380/html/wp-content/themes/silicon/functions.php on line 16

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /home/content/80/8966380/html/wp-content/themes/silicon/functions.php:16) in /home/content/80/8966380/html/wp-content/themes/silicon/functions.php on line 16

and on the FOOTER:

Warning: Unknown: open(/home/content/80/8966380/tmp/sess_taruc755epn9gp3d7tct8d64n4, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in Unknown on line 0

Warning: Unknown: Failed to write session data (files). Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct () in Unknown on line 0

Not sure why I’m getting these errors -

Hi chasedesignsinc,

It seems that your tmp folder doesn’t exists this means your PHP is not configured properly or you have limited access to it, so what you should do open to remove this issue is:


And remove the line 16. It should fix this.


How to I use the wide-slider ?

Hi chasedesignsinc, to use Wide Slider in a page first make sure you have selected “Slider Page”, after you have clicked Publish, now again set the Slider Type to Wide Slider, now after publishing the instructions to upload images to a slider are on the theme documentation, here: http://documentation.laborator.co/silicon/#6_1


Quick question. I’m trying to integrate WooCommerce… as far as theme integration woocommerce suggests duplicating the page.php file and making some modifications… however it doesn’t seem that silicon has a page.php file… any suggestions on integrating? I also read that I could do something with “hooks” but that didn’t seem to work real well.


Hi themarketingoutlet, Silicon does not have a page.php file, but you can start your WooCommerce integration by using any of the pages i.e. “Index.php” file, which is a general page for all.


Hi, I purshased this theme some time ago and now I need to make some changes but I couldn’t figured out how to do it. I need to include a description at each photo gallery and each portfolio photo. How can I do this? The only text that appears on portfolio and gallery single pages is the one I included on content info but I need to show the description of each photo. Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks, Fernanda

Hii Fernanda, unfortunately this feature is not available in Silicon, you cannot show the title in a portfolio item image neither in a photo in an album.


I’ve uploaded the theme, but every time I activate the theme I’m getting a white screen and am unable to see the dash board. I then have to change the theme manually in my database to view the dash board. Any recommendations on to why this is happening? I’ve tried deactivating all plugins before activating the theme.

Hi anpanhead,

It seems that your server has turned of PHP errors, otherwise I would be able to detect whats the problem when activating Silicon theme.

Can you email me the details to your wordpress path (FTP) via email so I can diagnose the error and fix it for you, this way I will add the fix for future releases of Silicon theme.

My address is arlindd at gmail.


Hi arlind I sent you an email a few days ago with my ftp information any follow up on this?


How do i add two maps side by side on contact page? Can be horizontally side by side or vertically side by side

As i want to display two locations and two addresses.

Hi sharifelborgi,

We are sorry but this is not supported in current version of Silicon.

You can do this if you modify this JavaScript file:


After line 59 add Marker 2:

// Marker 2
var your_second_location = new google.maps.LatLng(123,456);
var marker2 = new google.maps.Marker({map: map, position: pos, icon: map_data.pin});

// Re-centering the map
var latlngbounds = new google.maps.LatLngBounds();

It should work for you.

hi, I changed hosting, now every image of the site does not appear, how can I fix? thanks

I’m going to check in local mode, so I reply soon when I test it. Thanks

hi, in the local server (mamp pro) works, I uploated entire project but still doesn’t work in the remote server. this is the online mysql version: 5.1.72-cll this is the local mysql version: 5.5.29 it depends only on the version, or there are also other issues? thanks for you reply

Hi flashaballaden, as you see the problem is not with the theme, also we have stopped the support for users who have got the theme via the bundle, the bundle was released about a year ago and also it was written that we ‘re not owed to give support for bundle users.



I have the following problem:

when I am in the portfolio, I click on any category it displays all items per category but, if I click on all, it displays all posts in the block and I need to display all items of all categories.

How could I solve this?

Hi simpl

Can you give me the link of this page so see what I can do, because I am not sure what exactly do you want?


Having the same problem. Already fixed? Cheers bought on corporate bundle.

Blog w Sidebar template doesn’t show header with menu on Blog, ie. menu is completely missing. Menu comes back only when the Template is changed to Blog.”

The side bar with search bar, logo, menu and social networks disappears when we are in a category but yet it’s visible on the home page and articles.


The theme has been updated many times since the Corporate Bundle was finished (a year ago), unfortunately with the rules of Envato we cannot give the update for users who got the theme on the bundle.


Love your theme! I would like to adjust font color for blog entry only. what is the css to override it without affecting the font color in the footer.

Thank you!

Hi evabrand, thanks for purchasing the theme, follow these instructions to change the color on blog, Admin Panel > Silicon > Custom Styling CSS, with a little knowledge in CSS you can overwrite the styling of the blog, but do not forget to add !important to each attribute added.


Issue on mobile browser (tested on iphone and android) – theme at version 1.3.2 Team Member section (section called Meet the team on the website), we just see the first member not the 2 others and we can’t slide! When the Off-Canvas Menu is enable, it doesn’t show sub-menu. You can go to http://bellefleurphysio.com/ on your mobile to see by yourself. Any idea what is wrong?

Hi FredS

I tested in my IOS device and worked perfectly. All items can be swiped in the Meet the team page. Please make sure you have cleared the cache so it doesn’t contains the old JS file.

Fantastic! Thank you. I will do more testing and let you know. Thank you again for the support.

No worries, you are always welcome. Good luck with theme.

P.S. We would really appreciate if you can take some time and rate Silicon theme.



Is it possible to have a full width blog post without a sidebar? Or expand the width of the container. At the moment – its really narrow.



Hi Jim,

Sure you can modify the width of the container. I have created a code that removes sidebar and creates more room for the single post view.

Get it here: http://d.pr/n/JU6q

Copy the code and paste to this file /wp-content/themes/silicon/tpls/blocks-readmore.php

Then see how it looks.


Hi excited to use this theme but its been several days since I’ve emailed you guys my ftp information. Is there any update on this? Every time i use the theme I’m still getting a white page and having to change the theme via my database to be able to use the dashboard.

Hi anpanhead,

Sorry for the delay of the answer as we have many requests during a day.

Now I am going to get a view through your problems and fix them.


I received your email and sent you my information. Thank you for responding

Hi Edward, just replied to your email.


I have two locations. I need each form to go to a specific email address. Please help!

Yes, please

I need to modify the structure of code, so I will release new update with this feature.

Okay, please do. I am very anxious to use this feature

Hello Boys,

Does Silicon support Visual Composer V.4 ?

Hi OnlineThemes,

We haven’t tested it yet but we believe it supports, there are no dependencies on it actually.

Before we release the new update, I can send to you the v4 so you can try if it fully works.