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When I try to install the required plugins I get an error. It looks like they weren’t included in my download? Is there a way I can manually download them?

There error I’m getting is: Download failed. A valid URL was not provided..

It looks like they are trying to install from a local source: /wp-content/themes/silicon-child/inc/tgm-plugin-activation/plugins/js_composer.zip

but the /inc folder doesn’t exist in my child theme nor my parent theme.

Hi hiledesign,

You can do this process manually then, just extract the contents of silicon.zip then browse to inc/tgm-plugin-activation/plugins/ and upload the plugins you see in that directory. This is the same and would work perfectly good for your case.

Thanks for purchase


Hi, i’ve purchased silicon theme, Love the theme but have problems with the lightbox of images. it open an iframe with mi webpage in it and not the image. can u help me with this problem? have a email for private contact?

Hi bitage, please provide us the URL of your site so we can check what’s the problem with it.


you can see the problem opening an image og the gallery here: http://www.efmp-hq.com/2010/10/ferrero-sweeten-competition-partner-business/

Hi bitage, when you put an image into the post there is an option to change the destination of the photo popup, select Media URL to get the desired result.

I hope I was clear, Art.

This theme don’t work in wp 3.9.1 ??? any problem

Answered you in the other ticket.

web work but admin don’t work… update theme to wp 3.9.1??? i need now…

We haven’t updated the theme for the current version of WordPress, please wait until our programmer will release the new update compatible to the WP version, also never update WordPress before checking if plugins and the theme is compatible with it.


hi just wonder how come whgen i update this latest version of theme .. my rev slider and the visual composer doesnt work

Hi jikey,

1. Please deactivate the Envato Plugin and unistall it, try installing this recent version of Envato Toolkit Updater:


2. Add your API key (see how http://bit.ly/1gSxT0b )

3. Then go theme updates and you will be able to get the lastest version of Silicon

Hopefully this works for you


Hi guys!

on the preview of this theme, under the menu “Pages”, there is “Slider + Blog + Sidebar”, but when I click it, I can view no slider. Is it correct? I’m using safari.

Actually this is the configuration that I’m looking for, and your themes are the most well crafted, in the sense that their design is so polished…. they’re like precious stones….!

Another question, on this theme, can I use other widgets, for example, from Jetpack?

Thank you!

Hi aberusky

We forgot to configure the slider on this page, here look again:


For your second question, I am not sure about that, we have provided the CSS for wordpress default widgets.


Hi, I tried to customize the contact page, starting from demo page, but in front end the google map is not displayed correctly. Please can you try check this page and tell me what’s wrong? http://www.cattozzo.it/multiservice/contact/


Can you please add this css to style.css and see if it works for you:

.map_and_address .map_env {
float: left;


Hi Arlind, Great! it works fine. Thanks!

I got your theme as part of an Envato bundle. It does not show up in the Envato Tool Kit for update. Do you know what to do?

Hi lackmaster,

As a part of Envato Bundle theme updates are not available, the license code of Envato Bundle doesn’t work for updates of each items you have there. So in order to get the latest version of this theme you must purchase it separately.


Hi, have been using this theme for a site and it’s been working fine for the past year or so. I recently moved server, everything works fine after moving except the slider on the homepage and other pages as I tested – images are not coming up. Just showing text ‘wideslider_image_100’ or some other numbers at the end.

Please advise. Thank you!


Hi uchijjang,

Can I see the site url? Have you changed the domain name?

Also make sure you have imported all the wp-content/uploads/


I recently updated theme. I’m still running WP 3.8.3

rows inside rows don’t seem to be working with the visual editor. What i have is (2/3) <1/2> – <1/2> (2/3) | (1/3)-<1/1>(1/3)

hopefully my example above makes sense lol.

the issue i’m having is that the content in the <1/2> isn’t lining up side by side but rather on top of one another as if it was a single column.

I’m running version 4.0.3 of the visual editor. Any ideas?

so basically only the outer rows are working? what I’m trying to achieve is setting the .container to 100% width and the outer rows to 100% width and then setting the inner rows to 960px with auto left and right margins. that way I could do full width backgrounds per section that can be edited easily via the visual editor. I had it working beautifully and then all the sudden everything broke.

Can you show me one screenshot how you want it to be?

I can figure out a solution for you.


Thank you! I just emailed you.

Hi, is there a way to ad phone number to the contact form?

The only way add that is to edit the contact.php file and modify the code.

Thank you for the reply. Has any one done it, and can share the code?

Well, its easy you can achieve it even if you dont edit the code.

Follow these steps:

  • Go to WordPress admin and create new Page
  • Apply “Contact” template to that page and save it
  • Go to “Google Maps” metabox and apply the setting, see example: http://cl.ly/VfLv
  • You will have something like this: http://cl.ly/VfQO


hi im having a problem, i’ve pre-selected the font from the back end of silicon customization, but still the fonts are not showing in the front end. what is the issue???

Hi maskme, please update the theme to the latest version, I see that you may have got the theme through the bundle and cannot update it but you need to buy it again directly.


HI. My visual composer isn’t working properly. When I add a text box the text doesn’t show up. Can you help?

Hi studio1004, if you have got the theme through the bundle this problem may occur because you’re using an outdated version of the theme and the plugin, since then (more than a year) the plugin and the theme have changed a lot.



why there isn’t a header with a logo when I chose to display my recent blog posts? Check it out www.golcas.lt I can’t get it to work. Any other layout is fine, but if I select the layout with right sidebar the header disappears.

Thanks, R

Hi Golcas, can you please write us an email so we can continue talking in private?


Done. Wrote an email through that contact box in your profile.

Just replied. Please check your mail.


Hi, I use an old version of silicon theme which includes visual composer now I want to delete the include files and install theme seperately. But when I delete the visual composer in the function.php the complete site is unavailible (white screen). Please help me. Which files includes the visual composer and which lines should I delete? Thanks for your help.

Hi the_websigner,

We are releasing new update for Silicon today and you will get the latest version of Visual Composer with it.

When you install the new update of Silicon, remember to follow these steps:


(These steps are described for Zinc, but also the same can be applied for Silicon theme)


Hey – I’m wondering if you guys have fixed this issue with the theme. Look at this page and check how the Teaser section is displaying :


Shouldn’t it look like the Portfolio section – grid/masonry layout?


Hi Paderigh, I checked out your site and saw it is using an outdated version of Silicon, I don’t know if we have occurred this problem before.

If you got the theme through the bundle, in order to update it you have to buy it again, if you got it directly then you can just update it regularly.


Hi, I bought this template as part of a pack that no longer exists: ‘The Corporate Bundle’ so can not update it. Would it be possible to get the updated theme? Thank you very much.

Hi Javier_Sanz, we’re sorry but it has been more than a year since the bundle so the only way you can get it is by purchasing it directly.


Help! I have Silicon updated to the latest version and wordpress 3.9. I just discovered that I cannot manage the menu, I cannot move the pages. Is there a solution?

Solved! The problem was created by a plugin. Thank you.

Good you fixed it on your own, if you need further help feel free to ask.


hi! I’ve a problem when Polilang plug-in is activated: On diamond tab style page: Fatal error: Call to a member function get_default_language() on a non-object in /home/eco/public_html/wp-content/themes/ecometal/inc/laborator_dataopt.php on line 2579

And when Qtranslate is activated the blog page is broken why?? thank you what can I do?

Hi Mambo24, we’re sorry but we no longer give support to users who got the theme through the bundle.


I think that this is very unfair.

You should have read the rules of the bundle where it was clearly written.



I have a problem with my silicon website

I can’t see any text blocks anymore, it looks like the font is white but that’s isn’t. I can’t upload a picture in to the text block anymore.

See the screenshots, its look very strange to mee

1a http://i1162.photobucket.com/albums/q539/maudacubens/Websitesupercaptionnothingtosee_zpscc085866.jpg



2a http://i1162.photobucket.com/albums/q539/maudacubens/Websitetextblocknothingtosee_zps507592bf.jpg

2b http://i1162.photobucket.com/albums/q539/maudacubens/Websitetextblockwithtext_zpsaa64961c.jpg

and this is the result (right) I copied the left blocks and edit it but as you can see, it doesn’t look the same


What is the problem with my website?


Hi Maureen

If you haven’t modified the Silicon theme files, the best way is to:

1. Backup your current silicon/ theme folder in themes/ (ie. rename to silicon-bkp)

2. Download Silicon from ThemeForest > Downloads page, extract it, and upload silicon.zip (extracted as silicon) to themes/ folder.

3. Go to WP Admin Panel > Appearance > Themes, then install the Silicon v1.4

Hopefully this will solve your issues.



My website is now unacceptable :(

The gallery and the rows are’n’t working anymore

please check www.acubens.nl

Regards Maureen

Hi Maureen

Can you please send me an email with WordPress details (info @ laborator . co) so I can see whats going on there and probably fix it.