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There is a major bug on the slider in Firefox. Its shows both contents when click on the buttons.

Looks like it was only on Mac OS X Firefox. I’ve fixed it and updated Live Version. Can you please test it and see if it’s OK now.

Thanks a lot!

Cheers, Dom

Great theme! :)

nice theme – congrats…....

the font you have used for the main titles…... is that a free font? what is it called??


Hi richjohnhuges,

The font is Steinem, a beautiful free font I downloaded at I can’t find it there anymore, but the licence is still up:

I googled the font and found it downloadable here:

I see the creator, is not online anymore :(

Any chance of a .PSD for the logo?

the logo and the silver shape it’s on are both in the .psd of the home page, in the HEADER > TITLE layer groups. Their layer styles and effect are included.

Or a .PSD for the slider?

slider is also in the home page .psd, in the CONTENT > SLIDE group, the slide box, text, both vertical and horizontal phones included.

There is no drop shadow under the Home button in the menu in WebKit browsers. I tried Safari and Chrome on Mac.

Hi hvirring,

sorry about that, can you change in /css/style.css on line 60 – #menu li.home a – property “height” – from 3.3em to 3.4em

Cheers, Dom

Yup, that fixed it.

Thanks, Jesper

Hi I love this! Great work :)

What colour options are there (as mentioned but not shown in screenshots) unless I am missing something?

Cheers :)

Hi phpexe,


You can change background color, just go to /images/ and rename one background_bleu.gif or background_cream.gif to just background.gif

Hope that helps!

Cheers, Dom

Hi Itookia, I’d like to see the 3 color options that come with the template. Can you please provide me a screenshot for each one?


Hello! I went to upload this theme on Wordpress, and I got a message saying that I cannot upload it because the style.css file is not included in the .zip file. However, I checked, and this file is included. I need to upload and start using the theme immediately—please let me know how to proceed! Thanks!


sorry but SilverCorp is HTML template not Wordpress theme.

Cheers, Dom