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wow great work scott, bookmarked ;)

Nice one, and featured eh?


great look, great template.

the live preview looks very fine :D

Hey guys, thank you so much for the feedback! Check out the live preview, it should now be available. Hope you like the template! :)

really clean template. Good luck

Nice design man.

Very well done. Congrats!

About the the gallery and displaying the pictures, are the instructions on how to do included?

Thanks in advaced


Hi there! Yes, this template includes a 9-page help document and includes clear, easy instructions on how to update the images in each section. The help file also includes external links to the pages of all the jQuery items so you can find much more detailed information on how to customize each slideshow. Hope this helps! :)

Hey hi Scott nice template….

But i think there is an issue with the template when one opens it in Google Chrome…

Take a look at http://www.bulktainer.com at first the site loads without the slider. If we refresh the page the sliders works like a charm.

Is there any known issue with Google Chrome.


Hi there! Glad you like the template, thanks for the feedback! As per the template description, this template was not tested in Google Chrome so I don’t know what’s causing the issue you’re referring to. You might want to check the developer’s Web site who created the slideshow plugin as it seems that’s the source of the problem. Good luck and let me know if you find out what the issue is! :-)

Hi Scott, first time trying anything like this. Thanks for making it easy for a novice. I know i’ll figure it out but wanted to let others know that when the front page opens in ie9 the slider doesn’t work until you go to another tab and then return to the front page.

Still have tweaks to do but the site’s up and took only a few hours.

Clean design, great price, nice help file.



if anyone wants to see



Thank you so much for your kind feedback, I really appreciate you taking the time to write and let me know. Glad you’re already enjoying the template! :-)

buen08 Purchased

Hi Scott, first of all it’s a nice theme. I’m having some issues to validate css when I use embed code from vimeo. This theme have any css code to use a video instead ing slider? Best regards!


Hi there! Thanks for purchasing the template! As the issue pertains to Vimeo rather than my template, your best bet is to Google the issue. Here’s something to get you started: http://csscreator.com/topic/embed-vimeo-video-cant-get-it-validate-working Hope this helps! :-)