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God I’m a noob. I can’t figure out how to make my short code grids to align the content with it, center instead of left. Can you tell me where to change that?



You can actually just use wordpress’ regular “center text” button

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I am total WP/PHP dummy – could you please tell me where to change certain hard-coded words, for example “All Projects” on portfolio page I would like to change into “All Designers” ?

Also, is it possible to add the current Portfolio selection to the bread-crumb navigation? For Example: Home > Portfolio > Coding

Or at least make the current selection bold?




The most effective way is to get a text editor that can manage whole projects (i.e. group all the theme’s files together) and to a search across the whole project for the words you’re looking to change.

Otherwise, the text is usually in the template named after the page you’re viewing. So for example, the words “all projects” on the portfolio page are in the category_portfolio.php template.

The current selection is already highlighted. I didn’t put it in the breadcrumbs because I prefer to only use those when you’re actually switching pages.

And I’m glad you love the theme! Reading that kind of feedback makes it worth having spent so much time on it :)

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hi, can you help i would like to justify the text on the home page widgets, how can i do this?



You can add some CSS on the theme options page, and it won’t get overwritten even if you update the theme.

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hi, I have a page set up on my site with my package details and what i would like to do is to like the home slide show image to that page.

How can i do that?


Sorry, you can only use the homepage template on the homepage out of the box. You’ll have to modify the theme if you want to use it elsewhere.

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Sorry what i mean is that i would like to point the homepage slide image to a page not to the post?

If that’s not possible is there a way for me to take the link off the slide image or slide show on the homepage?


There are some Wordpress plug-ins that can help you redirect a link to another URL . Just create a blank post in the slideshow, and have its url point to a page.

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hi all, i know this is probably a ridiculously easy question, but i’m having issues uploading my logo to the theme. i’ve tried both .png files and .gif files and nothing populates….any suggestions?

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nevermind…i figured it out :P

@luccio 13

What did you do to fix it? I’ve been having the same problem with loading the logo through the options panel coming up blank. I’ve been working around it for now by manually adding it through the css, but it becomes a pain with updates.


Have you made sure that your uploads/ directory exists and is writable? Please check out the documentation for more info. And if it still doesn’t work, sent me a message with a link to your site and I’ll take a look.

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I had initially established my permalink structure before I began tweeking the theme…somewhat of a bad habit I have with WP. Anyways, I found the directory that the theme was pointing for the logo wasn’t being found because I had my permalinks structure differently, so I simply dropped the logo in the correct directory. In my case, it was the “wp-content/uploads/” folder.

Hope this helps.

However, I do have 2 more questions now. (1) Within the single portfolio page (when a portfolio item is being highlighted), is there a way to turn off the automatic rotation while still have it activated on the home page? and (2) is there a way to do a “target=”blank”” tag to the link generated in the single portfolio page? The link I have on my is coming back as a “404 Error” because its adding the URL to the end of the permalink address. Kinda strange…


1) You can manually change the slider options in single_portfolio.php. Just set the “timeout” value to 0 (removing the php code)

2) I don’t know why it would do that, it might be a problem with your wordpress install or server settings

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I placed the WP install inside a directory folder (root/CMS/)....could that be the cause? also, is there a way to have a highlighted portfolio item display like this page? http://hyperakt.com/work-detail/231 (w/o a lightbox). is that just a matter of inserting the image directly into the post? sorry if these are elementary questions, but i’m somewhat of a noob.


Placing the wp install inside a sub folder shouldn’t be a problem if you’re using the latest version of the theme.

If you want to achieve the same layout, you can insert images into the post after the “more” tag. However, they will still automatically be added to the slideshow unless you manually edit the javascript code to deactivate the slideshow (if that’s what you want).

Two questions:

1. Portfolio subcategories not always working.

I can get to the portfolio subcategories using the drop menu no problem. When I go to the parent portfolio page however, the subcategories (as listed on the right) do not link properly. (http://markcolbertart.com/?cat=9)

2. Where it reads “Browse Project” on http://markcolbertart.com/?p=50, I am trying to make it read “Browse Collection” but cannot find the right file to edit.

Thanks much.


The “browse projects” text is in category_portfolio.php

Last question,

On the portfolio gallery page, I am trying to reduce the size of the title and put it in italics (http://markcolbertart.com/?cat=9). Where would this information be?

Thanks again.


Adding a few lines of CSS should do the trick. You can use the Custom CSS field in the theme options.

I have figured out the answer to my very first question.

Two more questions:

3. Portfolio in Internet Explorer

The portfolio page in internet explorer is very sloppy looking on my site. Images in the galley overlap one another and the drop down menu goes behind the images. Is there a fix for this?

4. In the gallery page, landscape images have a white rectangular piece underneath them – I would rather it be a cropped version of the image.

Thanks again.


Which version of IE are you using? It should display ok in IE7 and 8, but IE6 is not supported.

About the white background, maybe you can try uploading bigger version of your images?


Thanks for the response.

The reason I am concerned about the internet explorer images is because the images do not appear to have this overlapping effect with other people’s implementations of this theme.

As for the white line, I have increased the size, but nothing. Are landscape images not cropped in the gallery view?


Send me a link and I’ll take a look in IE myself.

The images are not cropped. Here’s how it should work: you specify a maximum width (584px, I think) in the wordpress media settings, and leave the maximum height blank (or 0, same thing). This way if your image is larger than 584, it will get resized to that size, and the gallery frame will then automatically fit the image’s new height.

If the white background is showing through, it means either that your image is too narrow (narrower than 584), or else that you set a height and that wordpress is resizing the image based on the height, and not only on the width.

I hope this makes sense? Let me know if this helps.

The “browse projects” text is in category_portfolio.php

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I have a few questions I’m beginning to notice as I’m building my site out. (www.lucioussmith.com). (1), is there an explanation why the “Work” dropdown filters everything appropriately, but the “All Projects” section doesn’t? (2), is there a way to deactivate the lightbox on the “All Projects” section and just have them load the appropriate projects? (3) I’ve reinstalled WP as well as Silverio to see if the link issue I was having earlier in the individual projects page would be solved, and its not.

Any feedback/ suggestions would GREATLY be appreciated!



By “All projects” I assume you mean the portfolio gallery? In that case, there’s an option in the theme options to deactivate the lightboxes on this page.

And if you’re using the filtering animation (Quicksand), it only supports one category per item, sorry. But you can deactivate it (also in the theme options).

As for the link issue, maybe you’re not including the “http://” with all your links? That’s the only other reason I can think of.

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Thanks for the answers Sacha! Last 2 questions (I promise) LOL . (1) is there a way to upload feature, medium, and thumbnail images without them showing up in the lightbox? and (2) the overlay caption on the homepage is being generated by what file? I’d like to make the text a little larger.

Thanks for all the support Sacha!


1) you can prevent the thumbnail from showing up in the single project slider, but all other images will automatically appear in it.

2) I suggest you use CSS for that kind of modification. Otherwise the file you’re looking for is index.php

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Sorry if this has been asked before.

Does this theme work with WP 3 .0?


Yes, it works just fine with WP 3 .0 :)

Hi there,

Great theme by the way, and very good documentation. I have one question though, sorry if it is really stupid – How can I add Google analytics code to each of my pages/posts?

Thanks, Mark


You can use one of the many wordpress google analytics plugins, or you can just add your analytics code in the “custom footer text” theme option field.

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I would like to say that I really like your theme. This is mine first time I ever tried world press so I will ask you a question that is interesting to me.

Is it possible to make the home page slide show link to a static page – for example – about us page, or some other page that I would like to highlight.

I would like to feature a few static pages on the home page slideshow.. instead of the portfolio pages.

Ty in advance.


Sorry, it’s not possible to use actual pages. But you can use blog posts, and assign them the full width page template.

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Hi again

Ty for a quick reply. But is it possible then to use a blog posts on home page but disabe the link to the post.

I would like to display few images on the home page but I dont need the direct link to them. Is this possible?


The best way to do this is to create a separate html file, and use the “file include” slider layout for your blog post. This way you have total control over what gets shown there.

Thanks for the help, all done and sorted :)