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i need it for an arabic RTL wordpress. and it cost me too match time ended up to purchase a new theme.


Sorry to hear!

Hi Bebel,

I have a client that will be purchasing the theme soon and they were asking about the photos included in the site example. Do those photos come with the theme and by purchasing it do they get rights to use those photos? If not, do you know where the photos are from and if they can be licensed for use?

Thanks, Wil


the photos are not included (only some dummy content). They can be purchased here: :)

hope that helps. Let me know if you have more questions!

Hello, recently purchased this theme, looks realy good. I was wondering which code line in css controls height of the logo (same thing, it goes on top of the menu), and space between menu and logo? also question regarding menu row width, i could not find were can i make it bigger? check this out. i need answers asap. Thanks.


thank you very much for your purchase!

You can get faster and better support by asking your question in the forum. But since you waited already ;) :

change the menu size from styles.css by changing the max width of the, .menu ul ( @ line 574 )

change the .slogo margin from margin: 63px 0 0 40px; to margin: 40px 0 0 40px; ( styles.css @ line 594 )

Hope that helps!

hello, if I want to change the home page, and I want to connect immediately to the About page. How you doing?


If you go to “settings”-“reading” you can chose a page of your choice as the homepage, for example the about page :)

Hello again, i have some problems. On Android platform website shows blue questionmark and text is not recognised as utf-8 . How can i improve this? website is


we got your forum message and are still working on it, trying to recreate the issue. We will come back hopefully within this weekend. Sorry for the wait!

Silviu, Root Menu Width Size I have more itens in the menu than supported, which makes one link jump to next row.

How expand a little bit the menu area to make it fit all same line?

2- When I have two menu with subitens, i have overlay mpg.png for the second which is bigger.

That is very bad-your post slipped through, I am very sorry!! I asked the programmer to get back to you asap!

Can you give me attention, please? Thanks

We are at it! Super sorry the first answer didn’t solve it-will be back shortly

Hi, How can i disable auto slide on team carousel? If it’s from the code its ok too, just need file name and line number. Thanks! (BTW – theme purchased by client :)

Hey intigo!,

would you mind asking your client to give you a purchase code and sign up on our support forum? That’s the place the programmer of the theme can answer all your questions. I am sure he will be back quickly with answer :)

hello, I wanted to ask before you buy an information. Since I have so much work to be included in protfolio, Does the theme not display the pagination? I noticed in the preview. Or is it a setting of the theme option? Thank!

Hey – thanks for your interest! There is a pagination when you have many items. We don’t have as many on the preview, that’s all ;)

Hi Bebel,

I have few questions before purchasing the theme (I am also interesting by “Brainguys” but I would like to see with you what can be done first:

1/ How could I change the font for the navigation, body text and headings? 2/ Could I change the rollover state for the navigation? I would like get ride of the background box and just have the text colour changed) 3/ Is it possible to change the speed of the background slideshow on the Homepage? 4/ Could we have different images but only one quote (on the Homepage) ? 5/ Could I add a toggle on a Normal page with scrollbar? 6/ Could I remove the “Contact” box on the top right of the “Contact” page? 7/ Could I have a normal top right corner for the background of all pages? 8/ Could I add a “News” feed plugin (“WP Frontpage news” plugin) on the Homepage?

Thanks guys for helping me. I really need to know if these settings are possible ASAP. I am meeting with my client shortly.



As for all the questions: they are all possible with small changes in the code but not through the WordPress backend. So if you are willing to dick a round in the CSS file you are good to go :)

Hi Bebel,

Please help me with the following: i have already posted these questions in support forum and by e-mail but unfortunately did not receive a response to it yet ;-(
  1. What is the most efficient image size for the background images?
  2. Or is it better to set the background image size on width 100% and height: auto? so that the images will appear on full screen even on a 27” inch Mac screen?
  3. Linking back from a page to Home, through the logo does not seem to be working when viewing the website on FireFox browser.
  4. Where can i set the slider time?
  5. Hope to hear something soon. Thanks!

Hey Simone,

I only found one question of your in the support forum and answered it already :) It takes around 24 but sometimes also a bit longer for us to answer. We will have a look at the Firefox issue. As for the slider: open the file inc/scripts.php. The data you want to modify is

slide_interval : 6000, transition : 1, transition_speed : 700

Hope that helps :)


Hi again!

Can you tell me how to modify the featured image size?



would you mind posting your question in the forum? There the programmer can lend a hand :)


Would love to…. but can’t sign in the forum! Sign in button does not work :-(((


nothing happens when you click on it you mean? :( You should be brought in the backend… We changed something so hopefully that fixed it!

Hey, Am really interested on purchasing this theme… my question is does the portfolio support image preview (enlargement like fancy box) and can it support video (YouTube).


not at the moment, sorry

Would love to but can’t sign in! Sign in button does not work :-(((


nothing happens when you click on it you mean? :( You should be brought in the backend… We changed something so hopefully that fixed it!

Hey, Am really interested on purchasing this theme… my question is does the portfolio support image preview (enlargement like fancy box) and can it support video (YouTube).


that feature is currently not supported, sorry :(

I have a client who wants to purchase this theme, but I’m wondering how many background images can the template rotate through?



you can add as many images as you want but every image will increase loading time of course :)

I’m still not able to access the support forum and I’m considering contacting Theme Forest for a refund of this theme.


we have problems with the support forum but you are welcome to ask any question in the comments. As for the previous question you asked here I can say that you can have as many images in the background as you want. If you have more questions please feel free to post them here :-)

I can not upload images to the background. I have thats error TypeError: Argument 1 of Window.getDefaultComputedStyle is not an object.

Any info ?

Hey, sorry for the long wait. There seems to be a problem with the wordpress install or the server. At least for me I am getting many errors when trying to sign in. I alreadysend a mail to the coder – maybe he can help you telling what’s wrong with it. I guess your host doesn’t offer newest PhP version or something :(

oki i install on new php 5 server

Hello! Verry nice Theme!! I have a problem with multilingual content! In the categorys Team and Portfolio, the integration of two languages seems not to be working!? the rest of the site is fine…its only in these two!? Please can you help?

Hey there,

would you mind telling us with a bit more detail what won’t work correctly?


How do I change how the page titles are displayed? I only want the page name …NOT whom it is created by (i.e. About Us …not About Us/byJoe Smith)

Hey kjeliuk,

please sign in for the support forum – this questions has been answered there before so you can just follow the steps given in the forum.


Thanks – I got in today (I had previously been having problems accessing the support forums)!

I am glad you found it :)

Heads up – your live preview is broken

Hey – thanks, working on it :)

Hallo. Sorry, i just know some english words. I want buy this WordPress Theme. And i dont uderstood, can i use russian language or not.


you can but you need to translate it (there is only the english version included). But all texts that you write in Russian will be shown of course!