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Please ignore my last post. Go that sorted.

However, you haven’t replied to my earlier post.

Could you please tell me On the homepage below the slider, how do i make the text inside the Special Box centralized the way you have done in your demo site?


Just use there html tags, something like this:
<div style="text-align:center; font-size: 20px;">Simble is a creative and easy to use Premium Wordpress Theme.<br />Best suited for a small business, portfolio, personal page or blog.</div>

My bad. Should have figured it out on my own.

Thank you for your prompt reply.



I posted a few days ago, but I haven’t received a reply, so I’ll re-post. Here is my original message – please let me know if you need any more information:


First, I’m really enjoying working with your theme – thank you!

I have a few questions regarding the portfolio

1) I would like to display text under each image in the lightbox (where it would normally say the image number, I would like to display a price and image size). Is this possible?

2) Currently the thumbnail used in the portfolio gets automatically generated and often cuts off parts of the image, or generally isn’t cropped nicely, so I’ve been uploading my own thumbnails via FTP and just giving them the same name as the auto-generated ones. This would be a little complicated for my client to do himself. Is there any way to specify the URL of the thumbnail to be used in the portfolio, with a custom field for example?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!!


Hi Kelly,
1. re the images – the lightbox plugin can only display image and it’s own title. To get this thing resolved you can make your images with your own text (price or something else…) and then use them.
2. this theme doesn’t allow us to add thumbnails via custom fields. To resolve your problem I’d suggest you to crop images by yourself with proper dimensions that suits for this theme (so if it will be scaled, it would be nice to wiew) before uploading them to media library.

Hi, have you had time to figure out my problem with the main menu? Installed versions on my hosting are: mysql 5.1.58-2.el5.art and php 5.3.6-5.el5.art.




I just purchased this theme, and setting up.

Can not get anything to work in the slider – images, video, nothing.

What is the secret, can’t find anything in the help section?


Disregard above. I found it.

Wasn’t familiar with shortcodes. Thanks.

ok, great!

Hey Alex,

I sent you an email! Would be great to get an answer :)

Thx a lot,


Hi Daniel,
I’ve replied to you 3 days ago…


sorry but I didn´t get your message!

would be gread if you can send it again!

Thx Daniel

just responded to you again!

Hi! I have a problem with the categories(folio), it only displays the pictures from the last category created. Have you any suggestion? Thanks!

Hi rusoaie
can you, please, provide me with your wp-admin account using contact form in my profile? So, I’ll see what you’re doing wrong.

Cant seem to get Sorting with the portfolio to work, Is there something you need to set? i nested them like it says in the help but still doesn’t work! Thanks for the help & great theme!

Hi curse,
there is should be very main category for portfolio and then other categories which should be under the main. All the items should be under the very main category and the other one or two. For example your portfolio has categories: web, print, media. You should create a main category for your portfolio – “Portfolio”, and then web, print, media categories under it. It should look like the structure below:
- web
- print
- media
So each of your portfolio item should contain the “portfolio” category and the other one, i.e. “web”.
Please let me know if you still need support on this.

I would like to change the gray text. Where is the code that’s controlling that.

see the ../stylesheets/dark/styles.css and find there body styles.


I sent you an email saying that the site was having problems loading. The slider images won’t load and the widgets are thrown out of place. If I change the value for what slide to start on, it works for a few hours.

However, when I try to view the site in Safari it locks up my computer. I tried from another Mac and a phone and it does the same thing. Had to restart the computer. Any idea why this is happening? I need it to work in all of the major browsers – IE, Firefox, Oprah, Safari, Crome, etc.

Thank you!

just replied to your message,
let’s chat in one place, right here or via mail ;)

Hi there,

Is this theme small screen/mobile friendly?

Hi meghancs,
Sorry, it doesn’t. Because of it width of 1000px. the iPad’s and iPhone’s screen resolutions are both of 980px.


Great theme – already lovin’ it ;)

Just one thing that I don’t love: When activating the Gravity Form plugin, the menu “Slider” in the back end disappears. How can that be? Gravity Forms is a widely well known and great plugin – I think your theme has to support it ;) Maybe even with some CSS to make it match perfect – as your say yourselves – it’s a pro theme. It should support a pro plugin like Gravity Forms :)

Let me hear you solution :)

Have a nice day!

Bw. Athen.

Hi Athen,
Can you please provide me with the link to your website?

Sure, but I don’t think you can use that link, to see the error in the backend-menu? http://milsted.ondesign.dk

See this: http://ondesign.dk/screenshot/with-forms.png (when gravity forms enabled – no slider menu-point)

And this http://ondesign.dk/screenshot/without-forms.png (without gravityforms enabled – the slider menu-point shows and works perfect)

I also added the Right Sidebar (content-wrapper-sbr) to the Homepage template, which works fine – but I cannot get the right sidebar to top-align. I first shows after the slideshow… Can you see what I’m doing wrong?

Bw. Athen

Hi Athen,
you should just change the menu position for the slides item in backend, just open functions/custom_types/sliders.php and replace the line’s 19 number “25” with the other one from list below:

    (integer) (optional) The position in the menu order the post type should appear.

        Default: null - defaults to below Comments 

        5 - below Posts
        10 - below Media
        15 - below Links
        20 - below Pages
        25 - below comments
        60 - below first separator
        65 - below Plugins
        70 - below Users
        75 - below Tools
        80 - below Settings
        100 - below second separator 
Regarding the Home page template – it looks properly on your page. It have to be there, right under the slideshow.

Hi Alex,

it’s impossible for us to find out how the “image”-page of your theme work or chow it can be created.

It would be great, if you can create a little example with one categorie and a few items for us, so that we can understand the logic and functionality of your theme.

Because we cannot find the explanation in your documentation.

Kind Regards


no problem Daniel, just type me the same message via contact form ;)

Dear MixerTheme. Please answer my question about the Gravity Forms that breaks the Simble theme in the back end. It doesn’t have to do with Gravity Forms. It’s been 11 days now. Please be aware of a bad rating if you don’t provide the support you describe in your description.

Hi Athen,
Sorry for late response. Just replied to your past question.

Great, thanks.

Please help:

1.) On the sliding menu, I am unable to get the subcategories to drop down underneath the portfolio page. The best i’ve been able to do is get a gray font and it’s not hidden. These are my Category (folio) files. What do I need to do to get this to show as it does in the demo?

2.) I have a large flash banner that I’d like to place at the top of the page. Is this possible? If so, how do I do this without replacing the logo?


I’ve purchased this theme and NONE of the toggle shortcodes work for me on my page. Has anyone reported issues about this and or found a solution. No full width, or Right/Left allign accordion toggles work. can some please help me.

All the shortcodes work properly there. Can you please provide me with your wp-admin via contact form in my profile to see what are you doing wrong?

Hello MixerTheme,

I don’t find how make a table !? There’re a shortcode ?

Thx for your help :)

There is no shortcode for table, just html code. you can copy and paste it from a demo.

Thx a lot ! That work fine ! :)

Can you please tell me how I can change the font size of the navigation menu on the homepage? I can’t seem to find it in the editor.

Thank you!!!

You can edit the styles manually in styles.css for main navigation, not through editor.