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Can I get some help please? It has been 12 days since I posted my request.

Thank you

mattwins Purchased

Hi, my twitter feed has stopped working. Any thoughts on how I can fix this?

Hey folks, is there any way to add a description to the slider images?

edit: nevermind, sorted it out myself.

Having trouble where Jquery is breaking in the 3.5 update. Does the theme override WordPress’s built in Jquery call?

The slider on the homepage is broken as well as the recent posts slider on the post pages.

I am having the same issue as “Metrojolt”. Is there a fix for the home page slider breaking?

jselnick Purchased

Purchased this theme a while back ago. We are now having issues with the contact page. We get an error message that says, “Your message cannot be sent !”

Please help.

Allur Author

Please email us to admin@allur.co to get support. Thank you for your purchase.

HI there,

For some any reason my menu is not working, and sub menu items i add are not dropping down or displaying.

Any ideas? Jamie