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Lovely admin template :) Great work!

wow very nice… I liked the menu’s at the left. good luck

I really like this theme. I wish I had a project to use it on right now. Bookmarked for later.

Nicely done! Good luck =)

Great work ponjoh!

Nice work great. Good luck with your sales. I think may be this admin will boost your sales like crazy.

Whoh, great theme! But I suggest you to change the item preview image, it will boost traffic to this page.

I love liquid designs.. Great job.

Thanks guys! I’m glad you like it =)

@Mastergreed: Yeah I know. I forgot to make a .txt file for the image I wanted as preview. But I made one for all the other screenshots, so somehow they choose the last image with an assigned .txt file as the preview image :P I just uploaded the new screenshots, so that will probably be fixed soon.

hi there can anyone point me in the direction of how i could take this templete and create it into a CMS for a html site

ie where to start

do i need to create my on php cms or can i use an defult os one

any links to TUTS would be great



wow very amazing admin template. super clean.


To start with, you should learn PHP (if you haven’t already). After that, maybe these will help. Good luck!

I always love Admin skins. That’s where the authors’ creativity is really shown with lovely scripts.

Great work!

Really really like this. One of the few i would use myself!

a fellow sublime text editor user, good job.

@iCandy: Hehe, I actually don’t use Sublime. I’m using Notepad++ with a Sublime-inspired theme :P

@Everyone: Thanks for the good words

Bebliuc Purchased

3xNice. Very good job mate. I will love to use it on my new project.

@Bebliuc: Thanks! I’m glad you found it useful.

Brilliantly done! Will use this if i make a blog :)