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loial Purchased

Bought your Simpla admin and will use it for basic custom CMS . Would also love to use it for WordPress 3.1.x. But I believe that would require the creation of a new plugin as this admin skin does not not seem to have a WordPress version, or does it?

rxa Purchased

I love this theme and have had some excellent comments from its users.

I have an issue with IE7 + though.

The content boxes do not resize to window width, they continue on and require scrolling.

How can I fix this. I’m using the supplied css only?


One word: WOW . Great job, ponjoh.

Is there any way to get the text areas to be resizable?

Any plans to update this theme? Possibly with data tables or visualize?

clembo Purchased

There is a way to stop accordion reset after postback?

jkhehra Purchased

LOVE this template! Excellent job on it.

Is there a calendar or date picker built in?

What can i do with this :)?

How can i integrate this to a website already created?


Is it possible have the menu on the left expanded by default without the scrolling-like animation? If so, what do I need to disable in the css to make it so?

Hi. I´am running a web service (can not say the name) and i want to make the control panel much more simple for the “not so high tech” users ;) – But im a bit confused if i need the extended license or regular one.

Users create an account and then they get access to a controlpanel, they cannot download the panel in any way, 1 site / domain and only one installation of the template.

Regular or extended?

Hope you can help with this :)

And one other question. Do you do custom designing and what is your price per hour? Could use a calender design for this and maybe some other stuff too.

Hi there, if i buy this template, how i install the theme? where i put the file? directory? i have see others admin templates, but i don’t know where i can apply it

thanks in advance Alberto


Great template! one question: Is it possible to open the message box by defauld?

Kind regards,

Robert Baelde


Looks good, can i use this template for asp.net website?

Regards, Raju

DougT Purchased

Excellent admin template – nice work!

thorek Purchased


I have just one simple question: how to start with the above template. Just to clarify I know something about html and working with it, but know I am confused.com.

Sorry about my silly question.

Kind regards,


sorry am i being a complete idiot or are there a bunch of missing files in the current incarnation of this template? all i have is one page and there’s hardly anything on it!


So far i like the theme. But i cant browse, i am curious how the other pages look like ? Or is it like, its only that one page that is available the rest needs to be coded ? Is there a documentation on how to do that ?

In short, in would be great, if i could getter a deeper look into the theme

Thanks !

lamis Purchased

Hey, thanks for the simpla admin, really beautiful but I was searching for upload file styling, does it have any?